Is There Going To Be A Brightburn 2? Will The Evil Superman Return?

Superhero movies appear to be veering away from the sombre themes of the last ten years and toward something funnier, lighter, and more well-liked. Horror movies have a long history of frightening viewers by fusing violence and psychological horror.

However, they have also a reputation for piqueing the interest of viewers in the potential future story. What, though, is it about these two genres that seems to have a bigger effect on the audiences?

Both genres have their origins in pulp fiction tales, which were written to thrill or entertain readers with intriguing scenarios. Superhero fiction’s fundamental theme is the struggle between good and evil; it expresses optimism for those who have suffered unfair treatment in regards to the future.

Justice is embodied by superheroes, who also defend the defenseless. Superhero stories’ emphasis on action rather than character development or dialogue, however, can make it challenging for directors to translate those ideas into other styles of storytelling. This is both what makes superhero stories so popular and what makes them so difficult to adapt into other mediums.

On the other hand, psychological terror rather than physical violence is frequently the basis of horror movies.

Horror movies and super heroes have merged to form a powerful force in contemporary film. Additionally, by experimenting with unorthodox narrative structures, directors are becoming more and more eager to push the creative limits of both genres.

The wild Brightburn fanbase is one of the most notable examples of this. When the movie appeared in 2019, it turned everyone’s hopes of becoming an evil superhero on their side and raised some major expectations for the genre.

Fans have been speculating about a potential Brightburn 2 as a result of the David Yarovesky film, and we are here to reveal the possibilities.

Will There Be A Brightburn 2?

The version of the Superman origin story that is most villainous is Brightburn. What if the most powerful being in the planet intended to destroy it? That is how the Superman narrative is examined in the film Brightburn, a slasher.

Although the couple who adopts a child from the stars in the movie has no other known names and their town isn’t called Smallville, the film is meant to be a retelling of the Superman origin myth.

If Clark Kent lost his mind, wouldn’t that be terrifying? If such were the case, the writers of this film speculate on what may occur to his family, and it’s not pleasant. For instance, he would probably continue killing innocent people as well as masked criminals.

The movie ended up being rather different from what the creators had planned at the time of filming, which undoubtedly raises the possibility of a sequel or even another instalment of the same plot.

No statements or even a conversation regarding a prospective Brightburn 2 has yet been started by the production network or the actors.

James Gunn, the movie’s producer, is apparently hard at work on his future project with Sony, which will prevent him from focusing on other endeavours for a while.

Despite this, there have been a number of rumours and polarising discussions that could lead to a prospective movie sequel.

What Is The Film About?

In the lengthy canon of Superman stories, topics like red Kryptonite, mind control, and parallel universes have all been discussed. However, “What If Superman Broke Bad” stands out from these earlier plots since it leans more toward a horror aesthetic and is all the more horrifying for it.

In the hard-R horror flick Brightburn, Bernard Yarovesky executes some of the sickest things you’ll ever see on screen. It feels so viscerally real that abilities are being utilised to destroy people.

In a departure from the conventional Superman tale, Brandon is an extraterrestrial who was brought to Earth with the evil aim of replacing any humans who failed to achieve their quota. Brandon begins his existence as a human after crashing in Brightburn, Kansas, and being taken in by a couple who are oblivious of his true identity.

What Could Be A Potential Release Date?

It is tough to predict whether we will have a firm release date on our hands sooner given that there have been no official updates on the coming of Brightburn 2. We can look at the release date for the upcoming Brightburn episode around 2024–2025 while still considering James Gunn’s ongoing work projects.

Brightburn 2 Expected Plot

If you can still recall how the first movie ended, Brightburn ends with a credits scene that combines news footage of Brandon Brightburn causing mayhem with excerpts from a YouTube conspiracy theory video show presented by a figure resembling Alex Jones named The Big T.

There are several superhuman creatures residing among us. A grown man with the mental capacity of a ten-year-old, a sea creature that can both breathe underwater and walk on land, and even a witch whose skin hardens into steel when touched are all genuine, according to Big T.

Another scenario for a prospective plot has a clear setup and makes sense for a sequel to include an evil Justice League and characters from the superhero genre. There are a few directions the sequel may take from there, including a tale where Brightburn and his peers argue while attempting to agree on a strategy for gaining global dominance.

No of how you feel about Brandon’s changes, you can’t help but cringe at the mangled, gory dying sequences in the movie. There is a chance that it might occur on the subsequent one as well.

With its substance, Brightburn doesn’t actually strive to frighten or shock you. Although Yarovesky struggles to create tension, he is a skilled enough director to produce dramatic situations.

Who Would Be The Expected Cast?

We can anticipate the same celebrity cast to return in the potential sequel because everyone in the main cast has some unresolved business from the first movie, including:

Abraham Clinkscales portrayed Royce.
Played by Elizabeth Banks was Tori Breyer.
portrayed by Jennifer Holland as Ms. Espenschied.
Jackson A. Dunn portrayed Brandon Breyer. Meredith Hagner portrayed Merilee McNichol.
In the role of Kyle Breyer, David Denman
Matt Jones portrayed Noah McNichol.
As of right now, there has been no official announcement regarding Brightburn 2, but if you’re interested in watching the original, Brightburn is currently streaming on Netflix.

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