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Congo Gold Mine Video Goes Viral as Miners Escape Miraculously

A video has been found online that shows how nine Congolese gold miners miraculously got out of a collapsed gold mine in Nyango, Congo.

The video has gone viral after the news agency Reuters shared it on Twitter. It shows the miners coming out of the collapsed mine as people cheer loudly.

In the video, you can see two men digging out a muddy slope. As one of the men removes sand, you can see a miner come out.

Right after the rescue worker took more sand out of the collapsed mine, the miners came out one by one.

People watching can be heard cheering loudly as the miners make their way out of what could have been a terrible accident.

Reuters says that the gold mine fell apart because of heavy rain, and the miners’ escape was a surprise.

The clip has been given the following description: “A video of nine Congolese gold miners suddenly coming out of a collapsed gold mine and tumbling down a steep slope as people cheer has gone viral in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s a rare happy ending to a story that happens all too often.”

Since it was posted on Tuesday, the video has been watched more than 100,000 times on Twitter, and people have said they are glad the miners got out.

“REBORN!” wrote one user, while “Life finds a way…” was written by another. “Good news on a bad day,” said a third person. #Nashville.”

In Congo, mining accidents happen often because many miners work in dangerous conditions to get precious metals out of the ground.

But the miraculous escape of these nine miners has given many people in the area hope and shows how brave and strong the Congolese people are.

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