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Duran Duran: Former Members’ Whereabouts Revealed – Find Out What They’re Up To Now

‘Duran Duran: A Hollywood High’ is a Paramount+ documentary film that follows the various members of the adored rock band Duran Duran, who recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. It was directed by Ridoyanul Hoq, Gavin Elder, Vincent Adam Paul, and George Scott. Although the video focuses a lot on the rooftop concert that took place in Los Angeles, California, we also get to hear about some of the group’s former members. We’ve got your back if you’re also inquisitive about the present whereabouts of former Duran Duran band members!

Where is Warren Cuccurullo Now?

Warren Cuccurullo, who has been a member of Duran Duran for about 15 years, is a well-known rock musician with a devoted following. The performer and many of his former colleagues were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in November 2022. Warren continues to make music, and his songs can be found on services like Spotify and YouTube. Additionally, he shares ownership of the Santa Monica, California restaurant Via Veneto. Warren appears to be largely concentrated on producing cinematic scores as of this writing. Additionally, the artist is the father of Mayko Cuccurullo, a kid he adopted whose mother is Claudia Bueno, a previous companion of his.

Where is Andy Taylor Now?

Former Duran Duran guitarist Andrew “Andy” Taylor later collaborated with artists including Power Station and Robert Palmer. He is currently listed as one of RockAffairs’ owners in the UK. Andy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November 2022, just like his old bandmate, but owing to his health, he was unable to attend the ceremony to celebrate. In a letter to his supporters, he revealed, “Just over four years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer.


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Even though Andy assured everyone that his illness was not life-threatening, he also disclosed that there was still no treatment available. He lives in Ibiza, Spain, with his wife Tracey, to whom he has been married for more than 40 years, and is making the most of life there. Along with having a grandson named Albie, Andy is also the proud father of four kids: Andy, Georgie, Bethy, and Izzy. The musician is still performing, even releasing his most recent track, “Man’s A Wolf To Man,” in October 2022.

Where is Stephen Duffy Now?

Let’s now discuss Stephen Duffy, one of the band’s original founding members, who later joined Tin Tin and even released music under the moniker Dr. Calculus mdma. His collaborations with The Subterranean Hawks, The Lilac Time, and The Devils are among his other significant associations. Additionally, Stephen is well known for his abilities in the industry and has released some amazing tracks as a solo artist. He is currently wed to Claire Worrall, a.k.a. Claire Duffy, who joined The Lilac Time after the band’s reformation.

Where is Simon Colley Now?

Simon Colley joined Duran Duran in its early years thanks to his abilities on clarinet and bass. But he and Duffy departed the band in April 1979 to start Obviously Five Believers/The Subterranean Hawks. Up until the early 2000s, the musician continued to perform, but it appears that he or she has since stopped. It’s interesting to note that Colley was not only skilled with instruments but also had experience singing for a few projects. We wish the brilliant artist the best of times even though he is not particularly active on social media.

Where is Andy Wickett Now?


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Andy Wickett, who was formerly a member of TV Eye, joined Duran Duran in the late 1970s but left the band in 1979. He then joined The Xpertz and afterwards got involved with World Service. Wickett is still a member of World Service and is still active in the music business as of this writing. For this artist, nothing is off the table, even live performances and brand-new music.

Where is Alan Curtis Now?

Alan Curtis, a gifted guitarist, rose to fame for his work with London Pride and joined Duran Duran in 1979. He did, however, leave the latter in the beginning of 1980 because of the band’s connection to the bar Rum Runner. After returning to London, England, Alan teamed up with XYZ to form Dif Juz with his former London Pride colleagues Dave Curtis (his brother) and Richard Thomas; however, the trio stopped performing after 1986. Since that time, Alan doesn’t appear to have participated in the music scene too much, but we are optimistic that he is succeeding in his chosen career.

Where is Jeff Thomas Now?

After Andy Wickett left, Jeff Thomas was welcomed into the Duran Duran lineup. He was Roger Taylor’s friend and the vocalist for The Scent Organs in the past. Alan Curtis, however, left the group once it was accepted as a Rum Runner resident band. Paul and Michael Berrow, the proprietors of Rum Runner, took over as the group’s managers around this time. Jeff left Duran Duran as a result of the regular arguments he had with Paul. Although Jeff does not appear to be active on social media or in the music industry as of this writing, we are confident that his life is doing well.

Where is Sterling Campbell Now?

Sterling Campbell joined Duran Duran as a session drummer before eventually joining the group permanently. Soon after, in early 1991, he quit the group to work with Soul Asylum, contributing to songs like “Runaway Train,” which won a Grammy. Campbell was a full-fledged member of Soul Asylum from 1995 to 1998. In addition, he began playing drums for David Bowie in 1991. He joined the iconic singer’s band in 1992 and collaborated with him for almost fourteen years until 2004. The artist has collaborated with renowned musicians over the years, including The B-52s, Cyndi Lauper, Gustavo Cerati, etc. He continues to perform as a drummer and is an activist for human rights, particularly for Chinese Falun Gong practitioners.

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