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Why Warren Cuccurullo Left Duran Duran: Unveiling the Surprising Reason

A musical documentary film titled “Duran Duran: A Hollywood High” focuses on the current Duran Duran band members. The Paramount+ movie, which was directed by Ridoyanul Hoq, Gavin Elder, Vincent Adam Paul, and George Scott, is mostly a celebration of the group’s 40th anniversary and makes reference to several of its former members. Many people have questioned why Warren Cuccurullo left Duran Duran because the musician is mentioned in the film as one particular former bandmate. If you share this curiosity, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Why Did Warren Cuccurullo Leave Duran Duran?

The role of Duran Duran’s guitarist was left vacant after Andy Taylor quit the band, and Warren Cuccurullo was sacked as a session guitarist in September 1986. To his joy and the excitement of his fans, the musician joined the adored Duran Duran as a full-fledged member when the “Big Thing” world tour concluded in June 1989. Cuccurullo was talented in many other areas as well, including songwriting, as was evident on the band’s 1993 album “Wedding Album.”warren cuccurullo instagram,warren cuccurullo trump

Cuccurullo was asked to leave Duran Duran in 2001 since the group intended to regroup with its original members. From all appearances, his breakup with the band he had been a part of for around fifteen years appeared to be amicable. Due to the contractual agreement, Cuccurullo would have received money from the sales of the Duran Duran reunion album even if he had not provided any creative input. However, following a spectacular performance by the reconstituted Duran Duran in Los Angeles, California, a few years after his departure, things started to shift.

Cuccurullo was reportedly invited to the event by the band members, but the management advised him not to go without providing a justification. The rock band’s guitarist was forced to admit that he had been dismissed after receiving a letter explaining that Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes were concerned about his reaction. I would never act violently in that circumstance. In ‘Duran Duran: Notorious – The Unauthorised Biography,’ a 2005 book by Steve Malins, he said, “Some things had to be handled properly, so that’s what I did.

Despite this, it doesn’t seem like Cuccurullo’s friendship with his former bandmates has deteriorated, especially in light of the 2013 publication of his collaboration with Nick Rhodes for the side project TV Mania. However, the guitarist rarely discusses his time with Duran Duran these days, leaving fans to speculate about how he and the other band members are getting along. However, given how favourably Cuccurullo is described in the Paramount+ film, it’s possible that they are currently amicable.

Where is Warren Cuccurullo Now?

Along with some other former bandmates and Duran Duran members, Cuccurullo was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November 2022. The guitarist, however, opted not to attend the Los Angeles celebration of his inclusion, and as of this writing, the reasons for his absence have not been made public. Regardless, lead singer Simon Le Bon recognised him favourably for his role to Duran Duran’s existence in the music industry.

Currently, Cuccurullo’s music can be found on websites like Spotify and YouTube, and he is still quite active in the music industry. He co-owns the Santa Monica, California, restaurant Via Veneto, which he opened at some point in 2002. In addition, Cuccurullo has reportedly assisted in the establishment of other Vietnamese eateries and has been connected to the founding of the Hidden restaurant. He appears to have turned his attention more recently to writing music for motion pictures. In terms of his private life, Cuccurullo is the father of Mayko Cuccurullo, a child he adopted whose mother is Claudia Bueno, the guitarist’s previous lover.

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