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Echo Lloyd: Found or Missing? The Mystery Continues

On May 9, 2020, Kelsey Smith chatted with her mother, Echo Lloyd, but she had no idea that it would be their final exchange. When Kelsey went to her mother’s house the following day to celebrate Mother’s Day, no one opened the door, and it took her another five days to realise that Echo was gone. ‘Never Seen Again’ by Paramount + details the horrific disappearance and even follows the subsequent police inquiry. Let’s examine the incident’s specifics and determine whether Echo has been located.

What Happened to Echo Lloyd?

Echo Lloyd, a devoted mother of 4, was just 47 years old when she vanished. Echo had recently divorced her ex-husband (Kelsey’s stepfather) and relocated to a 10-acre estate in Edwards, Missouri, prior to going missing. The majority of Echo’s acquaintances characterised her as a kind and kind person who liked helping others and always treated everyone with care, despite the fact that she led a solitary life and rarely interacted with many people in Edwards. In addition, Echo and her girls had a remarkable bond despite still being cordial with Echo’s ex-husband.

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The mother of four actually anticipated a bright future, and nothing could have suggested such a catastrophe. On May 9, 2020, Kelsey Smith, Echo’s grown daughter, spoke with her mother before hanging up and going to bed. She then made the decision to surprise Echo on Mother’s Day on May 10 and even drove up to the Edwards residence. Kelsey left the Mother’s Day card on the porch but no one came to the door, so she was obliged to go back. Kelsey called Echo several times during the course of the following five days, but she didn’t get a response. Even though she made contact with several of her mother’s friends, nobody knew where Echo was.

As a result, on May 15, Kelsey drove down to the Edwards residence and forced entry through the front door. She entered the house to see things in total chaos, her mother nowhere to be seen, and food that had been exposed to mould. She noticed that right away because Echo had OCD and would never leave things in such a mess, she knew someone else had been there. She reported her mother missing to the police after suspecting foul play.

Is Echo Lloyd Found or Missing? Is She Dead or Alive?

Echo Lloyd is a mother of four, but no one has yet been able to find her, therefore we are unable to confirm her present whereabouts. The inquiry is still ongoing, but Echo’s family members are hoping for her safe return. Kelsey claimed that Echo’s car was not in the driveway on May 10 but that she discovered it when she returned five days later when speaking to the police about her mother’s absence. However, a few witnesses asserted that they may have seen Echo on May 10 at a Walmart in Warsaw, Missouri, and investigators discovered a receipt with that date in her shower.

However, with Echo still missing, investigators continued, and they soon discovered that she had a peculiar friendship with her Edwards neighbour. The 47-year-old felt uneasy just before Kelsey vanished and said that the neighbour had seized control of her finances and was controlling her, despite the fact that she insisted her mother had initially introduced the neighbour as a friend. Although Kelsey cautioned her to proceed with caution, Echo was equally determined to wrest authority away from the neighbour. It’s interesting to note that when this neighbour was questioned, he claimed he knew nothing about Echo’s movements and denied any role in the disappearance.

Additionally, two weeks after Echo vanished, the neighbor’s grandfather was discovered dead in the basement, and detectives also discovered Echo’s prescription medication and keys there. However, the lead quickly fizzled out and was not further explored. The results of the police inquiry also showed that Echo may have been seen on May 14 at a nearby petrol station, when she was attempting to purchase a phone so she could contact her children. She attempted to pay for it with a cheque, but it was rejected, and ever since, there has been no activity on her account or credit card. The 47-year-old’s family maintained that she was a victim of foul play despite the fact that she loved her grandchildren and would never abandon them without warning.

There haven’t been any new sightings since the May 14 update, which was the last one this case saw. While Echo’s family is offering a $7,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts, the police are still treating the case as an open investigation and are determined to bring Echo home. In an interview, Kelsey even expressed their dedication to locating Echo, saying, “We’re not given up. But we need to get the word out about her. also to assist us in our hunt outside. She is a kind and wonderful girl, and we want everyone to know that. She didn’t deserve this.

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