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Jim Carrey and Elon Musk’s Intriguing Public Feud Explained

The well-known actor and comedian Jim Carrey has just under 19 million followers on Twitter, making him a significant user. Carrey made the decision to leave Twitter in 2022, however, after it was revealed that internet billionaire Elon Musk had acquired control of the platform.

This unexpected disclosure garnered media attention across the board, including on Twitter. With millions of followers and a fondness for tweeting smart one-liners, insights, anecdotes that were humorously overblown, and occasionally political musings, Carrey has been one of the platform’s biggest stars for years.

Losing the irreverent comic and actor’s presence on the platform would have saddened his followers. Though the reasons for Jim Carrey’s departure from Twitter are likely personal, it is rumoured that he did so to prevent any problems brought on by Musk’s takeover of the service in 2022.

It is unknown if Carrey will return to the site, and his humorous and social commentary will no longer be available.

When Did Jim Carrey Leave Twitter?

So why did Carrey choose to leave Twitter when Musk took control?

“In November 2022, Carrey tweeted, “I’m leaving Twitter, but first, here’s a cartoon I did with my pal Jimmy Hayward.

The cartoon was described as a painting of a crazy elderly lighthouse keeper who was seen standing naked in a storm in the tweet’s further words. Jim was being led by the naked lighthouse keeper as he beckoned the angels and shone his lamp into the perilous night.

He then paid respect to his just under 19 million Twitter followers to close it out “I adore each of you so much! This was the only answer Jim Carrey gave his fans, along with a video artwork of a lighthouse keeper that matched his tweet’s characteristics (which Jimmy Hayward also published on his own Twitter timeline).

Although it’s unclear from the tweet whether Elon Musk played a role in Jim’s decision to leave Twitter, he’s not the only famous person who seems to be at odds with the business magnate.

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Prior to the historic January 6 incident that resulted in President Donald Trump’s suspension from Twitter, Carrey had already spent the majority of Trump’s presidency drawing various caricatures of him about his domestic, foreign, and personal policies.

Twitter has served as a venue for certain people to advertise their businesses, showcase their abilities, and share their ideas. However, after Elon Musk’s team assumed control, it has undergone significant adjustments.

One important example of those changes was the choice to monetize content by adding a paywall to some areas of the website and incorporating a subscription service into its business model.

Many People Criticized Elon Musk’s Takeover Of Twitter

Shortly after arriving, Elon Musk closed down many Twitter offices and fired thousands of employees, claiming that they were redundant. He then implemented a paid subscription model with a $8 monthly price tag for the blue tick verification. He received a lot of flak for this.

Jim Carrey tweeted on November 8th, 2022, “Capt Smirk sacked 1/2 his crew,” in reference to Musk firing thousands of Twitter employees. He continued by criticising his blue-tick membership plan and comparing his actions to those of an egotistical employer attempting to suppress jokes and unverified users “”$8/mo is the price of a cappuccino,” it says. True…”

The remainder of the tweet painted Elon Musk as a swindler who was trying to trick and cheat the public.

The free-flowing material that Twitter was known for prior to the reforms was a feature that some thought would be lost in the switch to a pay-to-play model.

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The challenge of preventing false and misleading information about Covid 19 then arises. The Covid Twitter disinformation policy was terminated by Elon Musk. A few politicians, celebrities, and political analysts voiced reservations about the platform’s trajectory.

In addition to these, despite Elon Musk’s advocacy of the free speech principle, many people feared free speech may promote hate speech.

The very last thing we need is a Twitter that deliberately ignores violent and abusive rhetoric directed at users, especially those who are disproportionately affected, such as women, non-binary people, and others. — Amnesty International USA’s Michael Kleinfreeman on Twitter.

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Elon Musk, one of the most well-known businessmen of the twenty-first century, has had an eventful year thus far. He has undoubtedly been generating news around the world, from his great businesses like Tesla Motors and SpaceX to his most recent political scandals.

Given the recent developments involving Musk, his decision to acquire Twitter has generated some debate. Many of Twitter’s most well-known users have left the platform as a result, including Jim Carrey, apparently infuriated by this and his recent political beliefs.

The social networking platform Twitter has had a significant makeover in recent months thanks to billionaire internet entrepreneur Elon Musk, who fired a large number of staff after controversially assuming control of it.

Jim Carrey is hardly the only well-known individual who have either left or announced their desire to leave the social networking platform. Other well-known people have also publicly denounced Musk’s actions and made the decision to speak out against them as well as leave the stage, including Whoopi Goldberg and Shonda Rhimes.

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It remains to be seen if anything is about to change.

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