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14 Incredible Facts About Ambani House Antilia | The Most Expensive Home In Asia


Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man and chairman of the enormous and profitable Reliance Industries, has built a new home that is said to be the world’s second most expensive thing behind Buckingham Palace.

Antilia, the residence, is the embodiment of luxury and excess, and we’ve compiled a list of mind-boggling facts for you. With amenities such as three helipads, airport regulation, a 168-vehicle carport, a dance hall, 9 fast lifts, a 50-seat theater, porch gardens, pool, spa, well-being center, a sanctuary, and a snow room that lets out snowflakes from the dividers, the high rise chateau is one of the world’s biggest and most expansive private homes.

Here are some interesting facts about Antilia:

The home is named Antilia after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Construction of Antilia started in 2006 and was completed in 2010.

The opulent estate was designed in collaboration with Hirsch Bedner Associates & Perkins and Will, as well as Australian construction firm Leighton Contractors. B. E. Billimoria & Company Ltd. finished the building.

Richest neighborhood land.

Antilia is located on Altamount Road in South Mumbai, which is widely regarded as the world’s most expensive address. The going rate for real estate in this area is around 80,000 per square foot. The $2.2 billion edifice, which spans 4,00,000 square feet, is said to be the world’s second most valuable residential property, after Buckingham Palace, which belongs to the British monarchy.

Ever floors is unique.

Each floor of Antilia features a separate arrangement for rooms. Through the use of unusual materials such as precious stone, marble, and mother-of-pearl in the building, there are themes of the sun and the lotus. No two stories in the Antilia are designed to be alike – regardless of the layout or materials used.

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Much classier than 5-star hotels.

The Ambani residence is equipped with a two-story entertainment center that includes a workout center, a wellness spa, several pools, a jacuzzi, separate yoga and dance studios, and other amenities.

A skyscraper with garden.

Inside Antilia, there are hanging gardens. The plants in the hanging gardens are not only decorative, but they are also energy-saving devices that absorb sunlight and keep the interior of the house cool.

Approximately 600 staff for maintenance.

With an escort room for security/bodyguards and various aids to relax. When the youngsters visit from the United States, however, it is stated that they clean up their rooms themselves.

Snow room to beat the heat.

Mumbai, as we all know, has the hottest summers in the world. The Ambanis have a specially designed snow room in which they may escape the heat. Snowflakes fall from the room’s walls.

There’s a Barjatya-style mandir in there.

The home is complete with its own mega-temple. Apart from all of these luxuries, they also have a few visiting suites, a hairdresser, a frozen yoghurt parlour, and a private theater with seating for 50 people.

The mansion has 3 helipads.

Three helipads are located on the edifice, which overlooks Mumbai’s horizon and the Arabian Sea. The lavish property has been designed to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake.

Sunlight lovers.

The entire family lives on the upper floors because they enjoy sunlight and Vitamin D. Because they frequently use the helicopter, living on the top floors is more common.

Every floor is the height of a 2 storeyed building. So if we calculate then Antilia actually has around 60 floors!

Antila’s ceilings are so high that a skyscraper of this height with standard ceilings would have had anywhere from 40 to 60 floors.

There are six floors for just cars.

There are six entire floors dedicated to automobiles, including his $5 million Maybach. Apart from the garage, which can accommodate 168 vehicles. On the 7th floor, there is also a car service facility.

The house has super fast elevators.

The foyer features nine elevators that will send visitors to their selected location within the building.

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