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25 Adult TV Shows With Lots of Nudity | Shows You Can’t Watch With Family


For a long time, nudity in TV shows has been the talk of the town. Gone are the days when nudity was restricted to a small number of films; today, it can be found everywhere, including on television. While ‘Game of Thrones’ coined the term ‘Sexposition’ to describe on-screen sex, there’s always ‘True Detective,’ with Alexandra Daddario at her most regal.
There’s no doubting that nudity is frequently used as a selling element for a film or television show, even when the creators don’t intend for it to be that way. For example, ‘Shameless’ has always been more famous (or rather, infamous) for its sex scenes than for its actors or writing, despite the latter being excellent in its own right.

While there is a lot going on in the world of television, and there are zillions of series to watch, this list is here to help you identify the shows that have an additional dose of nudity. Though nudity or sex is merely a filler in certain TV series (for example, ‘Game of Thrones,’ where sexuality is appropriate and integral to the storyline, whereas it isn’t in ‘Californication,’ for example), it is the primary driving in many others.
Here’s a list of the top TV shows with a lot of nudity (including Netflix), ranked from least naked (on this list) to most naked, along with their increasing popularity and ratings. And, while we’re on the subject, practically all of these television shows have been rated TV-MA in the United States, a rating that is commonly compared to the ‘R’ rating in the film industry. I’ll leave the rest up to you to decide.

Black Sails (2014-2017)

‘Black Sails,’ a historical drama television series set during the “Golden Age” of pirate, is supposedly based on fictitious events from the early 1700s. In the same way as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ included a shipwreck called “Urca de Lima,” ‘Black Sails’ features a wreckage called “Urca de Lima.” The gist of the story is formed by the table tennis that is being played while the treasure is being moved from one location to another. According to numerous popular reviews and spectators, the cast is diverse throughout several locations, as is the tale, which is intense and addictive. The reference to homosexuality in the series, with characters frequenting brothels and everyone knowing what follows next, is what raises eyebrows. Also, a number of the scenes have a lot of frontal nudity and topless moments, which are an important element of the plot. Yes, the depictions are as detailed as one could hope for.

Californication (2007-2014)

To address your query, we’re primarily discussing various sorts of “fornication” depicted in the series. ‘Californication’ covers the lives of novelist Hank Moody, who can’t get enough of his sex needs and is trying to conquer his sex addiction, as well as other addictions like as drugs and alcohol. While he battles writer’s block and seeks solace in his partner, his connection with his daughter is strained. ‘Californication’ features graphic scenes all over, save for the frontal nudes for now, and depicts sex in a borderline realistic, unsimulated style – something that also connects to the objectification of women, which has been widely condemned.

Chemistry (2011)

‘Chemistry,’ a dramedy at first, depicts the affair of an LAPD officer Liz and a corporate lawyer Michael. While the premise needs no further explanation, the show-stealers are the numerous, diverse sexual innuendos sprinkled throughout the 13-episode run, including but not limited to simulated sex, frontal nudity, oral sex, and so on. Simply said, the boundary between soft porn and ‘Chemistry’ is razor thin, which may explain why the show was canceled after its first season. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Entourage (2004-2011)

Vincent Chase, a fictional uber-popular actor, and his buddies are the focus of the show. ‘Entourage’ also featured a number of celebrity cameos, including Scarlett Johansson, Martin Scorsese, and LeBron James, to mention a few, who played fictitious versions of themselves. Though the show does not depict open nudity or promote nudity as a “asset,” it does contain numerous sexual innuendos, including female frontal nudity, homosexuality, and a variety of other subtle and clear references. The coarse language and sporadic drug usage just add to the intensity, making it one of the most intense adult-only television series available.

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Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Without include ‘Game of Thrones,’ a list of “tv shows with maximum nudity” would be inadequate. In terms of television, Game of Thrones revolutionized the way we think about nudity. This is likely to be one of the most extensively watched and talked-about shows in the contemporary era of cinema. The signature hot scenes, nudity, and sexual portrayals may be a pleasure for the eyes for some, while a little naughtiness in an otherwise severe tale may be a lot of fun for others. And there are enough of “those” worthwhile moments in this program. With some of Westeros’ most gorgeous ladies, the program never fails to deliver savagery, primal sex, and the sensuality that comes with it. And some of those sequences are a little simpler to watch and remember. Let’s not forget that many of these scenes represent significant tale milestones and have proven to be significant story turning points. A handful of instances may be the “Walk of Shame” or Khaleesi and Jon Snow’s cosying up.

Girls (2012-2017)

‘Girls’ is one of those television shows where nudity and sex form the center around which the story revolves, with lots of naked moments that have been discussed over and over on the internet. In a nutshell, yes. ‘Girls’ is mostly on Hannah, a struggling writer who has been shunned by her parents and must fight her way out of the “societal” womb, as well as her pessimism and everyday problems. She is attempting to locate new roommates as well as a life. The sexual references are very “in-depth,” and the sex and nudity aren’t there to fill space; rather, they serve a purpose. And, I assume, the goal is to elicit excitement in the audience. The show has a “plenty” to offer, with Alison Williams, Lena Dunham, Zosia Mamet, and others, as well as Adam Driver.

Masters of Sex (2013-2016)

No one has to be told how in-depth this one may be. It’s not only one of the rare television shows with the word “sex” in the title, but it also means what it says. ‘Masters of Sex,’ a biography-based television series set in the 1950s, tells the story of Masters and Johnson, two human sexuality experts at Washington University in Missouri, their relationship, and everything they share, including and especially “the obvious.” The show was a critical triumph, and it has some of the most raunchy scenes on television, including but not limited to unsimulated sex scenes and naked bodies. However, the nudity and sexuality are mostly in a medical context, which may be a turn-off for certain viewers at times.

Naked and Afraid (2013-Present)

‘Naked and Afraid,’ a reality show featuring nudity as one of its fundamental features, contains naked, nude individuals all over (however the nudity isn’t explicit and the people involved’s breasts and genitals are often censored). The concept is simple: survive in the outdoors for 21 days with a person of the opposing sex while being entirely naked. A PSR (Primitive Survival Rating) is in place to assess survival skills, such as dealing with tougher situations. Despite the fact that no sex scenes are presented during the entire television show, the nudity is promoted more than anything else.

Orange is the New Black (2013-Present)

Isn’t it true that an all-female prison would be fascinating from the start? As fascinating as this is, it also brings up the stigmas involved with jail life and what one must endure, which may be heartbreaking at times. Piper Chapman goes through practically everything inside the prison after being imprisoned for assisting and abetting her girlfriend Alex Vause in a narcotics trade. Despite having to go through a lot of hardships, such as abuse and victimization, she develops a few friends, including some very close ones. She couldn’t forget about her time with Alex, though, and the series carefully follows their connection. In this comedy-drama Netflix original, which is presently in its sixth season, lesbian sex scenes are extensively shown throughout.

Power (2014- Present)

‘Power’ is around drugs, sex, criminal gangs, illicit affairs, and the typical deaths, and it revolves around James St. Patrick, a drug dealer with many faces and many lives, who wants to live a pure and simple life but is bogged down by the criminal nexus. ‘Power,’ despite its critical acclaim for its fast-paced plot and excellent character development, suffers from overly detailed scripting and predictability to some level. Regardless, ‘Power’ is one of the most watched and followed series on television, thanks to its ever-increasing popularity and explicit imagery, not to mention the occasional but extravagant sex scenes. You’ve made it to the top.

Queer as Folk (2000-2005)

‘Queer as Folk,’ a popular television show, contains the word “folk,” which is meant to be spoken differently. ‘Queer as Folk,’ set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, follows five homosexual men and a lesbian couple as they navigate their lives and the politics that surround them, as well as their sensitivities, sexuality, and health-related difficulties. While both homosexual and lesbian sexual interactions are presented rather extensively in ‘Queer as Folk,’ what’s remarkable is the lack of any straight sequences, which in some ways coincides with the show’s cause. While it is heavy on sex and relationships, it is light on violence and gore, which sets it apart from the other television shows on this list.

Rome (2005-2007)

There are a few cliched derivations we may make from a television show set in and around the old Roman empire, such as sex, nudity, bloodshed, gore, wars, burly guys, gladiators, and so on. All of these, and much more, are embodied in ‘Rome.’ This fictitious TV drama, based on two historical characters, went on to become one of the most well discussed and watched British dramas at the time of its initial release, however it was cancelled after two seasons. Vorenus and Pullo are two Roman soldiers who live throughout the reigns of Julius Caesar and Augustus, two of the era’s most prominent figures. The sexual and nude references are identical to those in ‘Spartacus’ — forceful and all-pervasive.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl (2007-2011)

For those who dismiss ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ as third-grade soft porn, let me remind you that this is a television show that drew over a million viewers in its first season and received over 70% approval ratings. Furthermore, the series has a British television audience comparable to the cult hit ‘Dexter.’ The British drama follows Belle, a high-end London call girl who appears to be a normal lady but moonlights as an escort, while her friends and family know her as a high-end secretary working for a multinational corporation. The show focuses on how she balances her professional life with the life she seems to have against the one she actually lives, the conflicts that develop as a result, and the abundance of steamy scenes that appear in practically every episode of the show throughout the seasons.

Sex and The City (1998-2004)

When it was on the air, ‘Sex and the City,’ which was more of an awareness campaign relating to today’s societal (sex-related) issues, topped the charts as well as the viewership. This show, maybe the most popular and raunchiest of the bunch, re-defined sex in American TV series and set new criteria long before it was cool to do so. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda are four American women in their mid-30s to early 40s who have managed to keep together through thick and thin, despite changes in their sex lives, physiologies, relationships, and promiscuity. Masturbation, frontal nudity, and simulated sex are all depicted sexually throughout the series. I suppose that was sufficient information to get started.

Shameless (2011-)

‘Shameless,’ a television show (maybe the only one on this list) that boasts of something it is in many of its forms, has also received critical acclaim and accolades for being “unique, captivating, and entertaining” throughout. With an ensemble cast and a very unusual storyline, ‘Shameless,’ which has aired for eight seasons and counting, is primarily aimed towards an adult audience, as seen by its TV-MA rating. The plot revolves around a dysfunctional family with a drunken father who has no idea what’s going on, while the eldest of his children looks after herself and her five siblings, many of whom are the result of extramarital affairs. ‘Shameless’ has to be one of the hottest television shows out there because of the graphic nudity and sex that has been featured throughout, primarily in all of the episodes. I know some of us have been looking forward to the new season, and it appears that the wait is now over.

Spartacus (2010-2013)

This fictionalized series presents a raw yet refined portrayal of the Thracian slave based on the lives and times of the infamous Thracian Gladiator Spartacus. Despite the fact that the show only lasted three seasons, it left an indelible impression on television with its portrayal of sensuality, drama, cruelty, and everything we’ve come to know as “Spartan” like never before. It had become synonymous with full-frontal nude sequences of both female and male characters, which are still uncommon in television, as well as a plethora of sex scenes, blood, and gore. Many people regard this television show as the champion of nudity on television, and with good reason: not a single episode has ever been filmed without significant nudity. Despite all of the positive and negative aspects of the show, it has received numerous honors, including nominations for the ‘People’s Choice Award’ and ‘Primetime Emmy Awards.’ And, as they say, the best judge is the crowd.

The Americans (2013-2018)

The narrative of ‘The Americans,’ set during the Cold War era, centres around two Russian spies, Elizabeth and Philip (no, not from the British Royal Family), who pose as a married couple in DC while having an FBI neighbor. ‘The Americans,’ which initially focused on the connections and subtleties of a marriage rather than being an espionage thriller, has raised eyebrows for its graphic sexual content, which is otherwise too explicit for a TV audience. The implications of sexual references are stronger than the references themselves, despite the fact that sex scenes are generally utilized as instruments of coercion and blackmailing. ‘The Americans,’ a unique concept with a lot of crossover with TV shows like ‘Homeland,’ ‘The Looming Tower,’ and others, will never fail to impress you.

The Girlfriend Experience (2016-2017)

‘The Girlfriend Experience,’ a modern take on ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ and other similar television shows and movies, is the story of Christine, a law student turned part-time escort who is to provide mental and physical “comforts” to her clients under the alias Chelsea. Her clients would enjoy a “girlfriend experience” while she is with them, according to the plan. Christine initially goes along with the “arrangement,” but she eventually succumbs to domineering clients who take advantage of her. Objectification of women is prevalent throughout the series, as are sex scenes in which actors such as Riley Keough and Anna Friel have shown their true colors. However, there’s nothing unique about this show that you won’t discover in other shows with prostitution as a central theme.

The Girl’s Guide to Depravity (2012-2013)

Consider phrases like “depravity,” “diaries,” “girls,” “sex,” and so on, and you’re sure to see nudity and sex like you’ve never seen before. Although numerous television shows have been accused of objectifying women and being misogynistic in character, not all of these shows are successful in terms of ratings. ‘The Girl’s Guide to Depravity’ stands out for a variety of reasons, including not succumbing to insulting men, standing up for oneself, and satisfying one’s sexual urges. Samantha, played by Rebecca Blumhagen, is the protagonist, who, with her companion Lizzie, establishes certain ground rules to get the show started while also having plenty of “fun.” The “fun” being alluded to here is obviously the sex and nudity that is pervasive throughout the show. Despite the lack of frontal or graphic nudity, the nude pleasure is what takes the award away.

Tell Me You Love Me (2007)

For the uninitiated, “Tell Me You Love Me” was once known as “Sexlife,” which reveals a lot more than we’d ever see on the show. To begin, there are four couples at various phases of their relationships, with the only distinction being their ages. May and Arthur, the oldest couple in their 60s, are also the therapists for the other three couples, who are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, respectively. The tv show was an instant success on the message boards, with sex scenes back in the news — the writhing naked intertwined bodies in various postures could’ve been a sight for sore eyes back then. If you speak or think of a sexual position, it will be found in ‘Tell Me You Love Me,’ but in a sensual, acceptable way, not in a disgusting, obscene one.

Togetherness (2015-2016)

‘Togetherness’ began in 2015 as a comedy-drama with an ensemble cast whose lives are intertwined and some rib-tickling humour, but the surprise (or rather, shock) came with the explicit nudity that it presented. Brett and Michelle, as well as Alex (Brett’s friend) and Tina (Michelle’s older sister), are the focus of the plot. While Brett and Michelle deal with everyday squabbles in their marriage, another couple moves in as their housemates (not sure if that is still a thing in the wild west) and the situation rises to a whole new level. Amanda Peet, like a slew of other characters, has bared it all when it comes to nudity. ‘Togetherness’ is a package, if you will, of fun and sexiness.

True Blood (2008-2014)

No one could have predicted what would happen next in the next episodes of the horror-fantasy television series starring Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse. Vampires, it appears, are no longer feared by the world, as artificial blood has been developed and they now live among us with ostensibly “equal” rights. ‘True Blood’ is about vampires who reside in the fictional Louisiana town of Bon Temps. Bon Temps also means “good times,” which explains the occasional sexual scenes. Sookie, a psychic, falls in love with a vampire named Bill and falls prey to the traps that come with loving a vampire. ‘True Blood’ is full of female and male nudity, sometimes to startlingly explicit extremes.

True Detective (2014-2019)

In the first season of ‘True Detective,’ Alexandra Daddario bared it all while Woody Harrelson seemed more than content as he gazed at her, and the sequence became one of the most viewed and paused moments in television history without a doubt. Despite the abundance of sex scenes and the presence of acting legends such as Matthew McConaughey and Michelle Monaghan, Ms. Daddario steals the show. The first season follows Rust Cohle and Martin Hart, two former detective colleagues who work together to solve cases while juggling their personal lives. The first season of this detective thriller drama was well received by critics and viewers alike.

Vinyl (2016)

Perhaps Olivia Wilde and Juno Temple wouldn’t have put on such a show of skin if it hadn’t been for this show. ‘Vinyl’ begins with the story of a record executive in the 1970s whose firm, “American Century,” is in disarray, and he must choose between his rock music career, his personal life, and his company’s probable sale to another record label. Aside from the story, which I assume is one of the least of the interests (given the title of this list), the nudity is in its purest form, and the nudity scenes are lengthier than typical. Nudity, for the most part, rarely goes with the flow and is more sensual than ever. It won’t be an understatement to say that the nudity and sex are overwhelming at times throughout the series.

Westworld (2016-)

This show is set in a futuristic Wild West-themed amusement park, where guests (or visitors) interact with the humanoid hosts and have the original Western experience, with the ability to go about anything fearlessly. It was created by Jonathan Nolan with the involvement of names like J. J. Abrams as Executive Producer. The show heavily features both female and male nudity in the amusement park’s laboratories as well as inside the park. While the show’s nudity and sexuality are light years away for the most part, there is still plenty of nudity. Orgies, frontal nudity, and consenting sex are all depicted in the series, but the nudity is accompanied by a highly viable and gritty tale. You’ll become engrossed in this intricate story, where nothing is totally true and nothing is entirely imagined. If you haven’t already started binge-watching, this is a must-see.

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