Floyd Wright obituary

Remembering Floyd Wright: An Obituary for the Late Actor

The specifics of Floyd Wright’s untimely death and how it affected those close to him were detailed in his obituary.

Floyd Wright, a.k.a. “Friendly Floyd,” was a cherished and recognisable voice in Connecticut’s radio community. Floyd passed away at the age of 72.

Given that he had a long and distinguished career, he left a space in the hearts of many listeners that will be challenging to fill.

The people of Hartford are in disbelief at Floyd Wright’s unexpected death. Many remember him as a great radio personality who had a profound influence on both the field and the individuals he encountered.

One person recalled how their interest in radio was first piqued by Floyd’s live broadcast at the Civic Center’s Frank Marrata’s Car Show.

They were stunned when he asked them to pick the next music to play while they watched him perform through the windows of the mobile studio.

It was a time that stuck with them and served as motivation for their subsequent endeavours in the radio business.

All the employees were invited to a party that was hosted following the sale of the business that Floyd worked for.

The person said it was one of their happiest nights ever and that they felt proud to have worked with Floyd.

Floyd lived in Newington, and the person periodically encountered him in the grocery store.

They remembered how he would frequently talk about his most recent adventures while he was still employed at WJMJ.

Floyd had an impression on everyone he encountered because of his love of radio and his outgoing personality.

His on-air career lasted for many years, and he was skilled at capturing his audience’s attention with his approachable style and engaging nature.

He worked for nearly 20 years in the coveted afternoon drive time slot on Top 40 WKCI (KC101) in New Haven, Country WYNY in New York, and Country WWYZ (Country 92-5) in Hartford.

He was hired by WDRC-F/Hartford and WJMJ-F, which is owned by the Archdiocese of Hartford, thanks to his charm and charisma, and he served there until his death in 2023.

Friendly It is impossible to overstate Floyd’s influence on Connecticut’s broadcasting sector. He was a true pioneer whose influence was felt not just within the state but also outside of it.

His contagious laugh and sincere friendliness won over many people, and he had a special capacity to engage his listeners on a personal level.

The innumerable souls that Floyd touched over his career will continue to carry on his legacy. His regular broadcasts were anticipated by his listeners, and many of them cherish the memories of dialling in to talk to him live.

He was a cherished member of the neighbourhood and will be sorely missed.

According to Floyd Wright’s obituary, he is survived by his devoted wife Susan, a number of siblings, nieces, and nephews.

While his loved ones are grieving his passing, they will always treasure the memories he helped them make and the influence he had on their lives.

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