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Gwen Adora: Where is the Porn Performer Now?

In addition to examining the birth and fall of the named erotic entertainment platform on Netflix, “Money Shot: The Pornhub Story” also sheds light on the intricate porn business as a whole. After all, it features in-depth interviews with not only current porn actors and previous backstage workers but also anti-exploitation campaigners, sex historians, and news moderators. Content creator Gwen Adora is one of those featured in this original documentary to help advance the story, so if you want to discover more about her, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Gwen Adora?

Gwen first entered the adult industry in 2016 by starting a sex blog under a different name. Soon after, her devoted readers encouraged her to start making films of herself. Although she has been making true porn since January 2018, she didn’t make it her full-time job until October of that year. After that, she joined Modelhub in hopes of getting bigger possibilities in 2019. The only challenge she first had was choosing her screen name because, in reality, she has always been a very open and sexual being, which is why sexiness as a vocation came natural to her, too.gwen age

I wanted my porn name to have the same feel as my [actual] non-porn name because my [real] non-porn name is a little retro for the year I was born. “I looked for a light and adorable last name to go with the name Gwen first. Adora satisfied that requirement and also perfectly captures my adorable personality. But most importantly, she inspires others with diverse body types to feel sexy through her name, her website, the way she carries herself, and pretty much everything else she does.

That’s because Gwen is a highly curvy woman who proudly belongs to the popular “BBW” (or Big Beautiful Women) category when it comes to explicit content with a strong visual focus. She frankly stated in the Netflix production, “The words ‘porn star’ or’sex worker’ don’t really correspond with my physical type for a lot of people. Several of them typically say, “Oh! I had no idea that obese ladies could do porn. Others think I’m doing this for the wrong motives. Without realising she enjoys her profession, they say, “Well, you’re doing something that’s taboo and subterranean and shouldn’t be talked about.gwen age

Gwen recognises that some things in her profession need to change, but she also wants it to continue, which is why she never holds back when the time comes. She concurs that in order to prevent criminal issues, only authenticated people should be able to upload movies to the internet, that moderators are necessary, and that quality should take precedence over quantity. She opposes closing down all porn websites, though, as that would essentially mean losing her career, and she has already suffered a great deal due to the Pornhub (and consequently, Modelhub) controversy.

Where is Gwen Adora Now?

Gwen has been able to continue her work as an erotic digital creator through OnlyFans, LoyalFans, Cameo, XXX Clip Sites, etc. despite the fact that she can no longer monetise her content on Modelhub. It is important to note that she is active on all of her typical social media channels, where she has recently begun experimenting with everything lifestyle, fashion, and body positivity-related. She has also been able to enter related fields with her established brand and work as a freelance model for well-known brands like Fashion Brand Company and Hayley Elsasser.


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The fact that Gwen has been featured in publications like Forbes, Vice, Wired, XBIZ, Crave TV’s “1 Queen 5 Queers,” podcast interviews, or her own blog honestly shows that she is only now starting to make an impact in the entertainment business. According to what we know about her current situation, the Canadian artist is still a resident of Ontario, where she looks to be happy with both her personal and professional circumstances at the time.

Gwen admits that she occasionally wishes she could clone herself so she could control her camera and obtain the ideal viewpoint while f**king herself. Yet in all honesty, I know it would be challenging for me to refrain from always micromanaging someone. I’m very appreciative that I can rely solely on myself to generate my work, and I’m also happy that it’s a one-woman show. The award-winning BBW diva wants to obtain a real shooting place for herself so she can leave her bedroom and work more on-location with large production crews. She knows it may be challenging to do everything alone in a small space.

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