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Halle Berry Goes Topless In Support Of Pride Month | Halle Berry Naked Trended

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Halle Berry has a history of holding our attention, and this month she wants to draw attention to Pride Month. In order to commemorate and raise awareness for the significant June occasion, the actress wore a rainbow skirt and essentially nothing else.

In specifically the last year, Halle Berry has made many stylish chances. Berry ultimately made the decision to bare it all, choosing to celebrate in a free-flowing topless outfit featuring a rainbow skirt and hair falling down her back. This is similar to many others who take to the streets to celebrate Pride in a variety of ways during the month of June. She showed off the look to her 7 million Instagram followers, many of whom left comments on the image calling it “beautiful” and giving her outfit a general thumbs up.


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Love is always the answer, according to Halle Berry, who also included the rainbow emoji in her caption. It’s also important to note that she published her article on June 28th, the day many cities choose to commemorate the Stonewall Riots and Protests that took place in New York on that day in 1969. On social media, it was a big day for messages about Pride Month, and Berry was one of many who expressed their support emphatically.

A lot of celebrities have participated in LGBTQ Pride moments on social media this month, including well-known figures like Halle Berry and Jojo Siwa, who is celebrating her first Pride after coming out earlier this year. Over the weekend, Megan Fox also had a significant event. After coming out in an interview with Esquire in 2009, the notably bisexual actress wrote a post that also went viral.


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Halle Berry, who opted to wear no pants throughout the pandemic, has had a significant fashion year. She even emulated her Catwoman days by donning a new catsuit, and although confined at home, she also famously wore a red carpet attire. (That latter action earned her high acclaim from other famous people, such as Jamie Foxx and Arsenio Hall.) I’m excited to see what she gets into next after her standout appearance during Pride month.

Halle Berry’s future as a fashion icon could still be a surprise. On the acting front, Halle Berry will next be seen in Roland Emmerich’s highly anticipated movie Moonfall, in which she will portray an astronaut-turned-administrator caught up in the effort to save the earth from impending extinction. She is now shooting The Mothership, another science fiction picture. View our complete movie release schedule to find out which films will be arriving soon.

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