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Where Are Heidi Broussard’s Kids Now: Post-Case Updates

The brutal abduction of a newborn girl from her Austin, Texas, home is the subject of an episode of NBC’s “Dateline: Abducted,” which also tragically led to the death of the girl’s mother, Heidi Broussard. As per the available accounts, on December 12, 2019, Heidi was purposefully killed by strangulation by her lifelong friend Magen Fieramusca. She was eventually apprehended, despite her apparent desire to take the baby and raise her as her own. Now that some time has passed, let’s find out the current whereabouts of the infant and Heidi’s other kids.

Who Are Heidi Broussard’s Kids?

In 2019, Heidi Broussard was happily living in an apartment complex in South Austin with Shane Carey, her fiancé, and their small family, which included Addison Carey, her stepdaughter, and Silas Carey, who was born on November 26. They were having a great time together, so when Shane came home from work on December 12 and didn’t see Margo or his fiancée, he realised something wasn’t right. Since she had called him at 8:30 a.m. after dropping off their kid to Cowan Elementary School, he was initially unconcerned, but soon the warning flags began to materialise.

When Shane returned at 2:50 p.m., their front door was unlocked, which was normal. But even when he went to pick up Silas from his after-school activities, he hadn’t seen Heidi. At that point, Shane looked over her car and saw that everything she would have needed to properly care for Margo was inside, along with her pocketbook and IDs. Shane called the police at 7:30 p.m. and they issued an Amber Alert when he started looking for the mother and daughter right away. Regretfully, Margo was under Magen’s unlawful custody when Heidi’s death was discovered in Houston on December 19, 2019.

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Where Are Heidi Broussard’s Kids Now?

Margo Two days before Christmas 2019, Elizabeth Carey was reunited with her father. A month earlier, she had gone to her mother’s funeral in Lake Charles, Louisiana. In January 2020, Shane finally spoke up about the issue, saying he wished to question Magen about the reason. “These gorgeous kids don’t deserve this, and it just aggravates me,” he said. Heidi wasn’t deserving of this. She was the greatest lady you will ever meet and the best mother. Everyone wanted to be her best friend, therefore she had about twenty-five best pals. I’m still not sure what happened. I don’t know the reason.

heidi broussard wikipedia,shane carey,heidi broussard obituary,heidi broussard husband,heidi broussard's kids now

The Carey family continued to live in Austin, Texas, and sought treatment there to manage the shock of the accident and ensure their mutual safety. Margo is a happy, healthy kid who seldom ever cries, and she is learning sign language from her relatives. She first started walking in October 2020, so things are happening to her on a whole different level now, and she has a strong support network behind her. All of them are still gradually recovering, especially now that they have looked for justice for Heidi. You can support them financially by making a donation on their GoFundMe page.

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