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Hisashi Ouchi Real Photo – Why Was He Kept Alive Against His Will For 83 Days?

In 1999, Hisashi Ouchi had a horrific accident at the Tokaimura nuclear power plant in Japan, losing the majority of his skin and beginning to bleed to death.

On September 30, 1999, Hisashi Ouchi was exposed to about 17 sieverts of radiation. Ouchi worked in a nuclear fuel processing facility in Tokai Village, Japan, which is 110 kilometres northeast of Tokyo.

Hisashi Ouchi was exposed to the highest level of radiation ever encountered by a human, and when he showed up at the University of Tokyo Hospital, medical professionals were shocked.

The 35-year-old nuclear power plant technician had almost no white blood cells, which left him immune system-free. His flesh would soon begin to dissolve and gushes of blood would flow.

Ouchi and two other employees were required to mix a new batch of fuel by the Japan Nuclear Fuel Conversion Co. (JCO), despite the appalling lack of safety precautions and the prevalence of hazardous shortcuts.

The three guys put their components together by hand, despite not having any professional training in how to do so.

Then they mistakenly added seven times as much uranium to the incorrect tank. Space was assaulted by gamma rays as Ouchi stood directly over the craft.

While Ouchi started his amazing journey, the evacuation of the plant and the adjacent villages was still under progress.

In order to protect him from hospital-acquired illnesses, Hisashi Ouchi was housed in a separate radiation ward. He lamented the loss of his mother.

Once the plant was shut down, Hisashi Ouchi and his coworkers were taken to the National Institute of Radiological Sciences in Chiba.

They were all positioned close to the fuel. They were all consequently instantly exposed to the radiation, albeit to different degrees.

The team’s supervisor, Yutaka Yokokawa, who had been exposed to three, was the only one to live.

Masato Shinohara was exposed to 10 sieverts, whereas Hisashi Ouchi, who was immediately over the steel bucket, received 17 sieverts.

Ouchi was exposed to the highest level of radiation ever experienced by a human.

He had problems breathing and was in agonising pain. When he arrived at the hospital, he was already violently throwing up and unresponsive.

Hisashi Ouchi’s eyes were oozing blood, and his body was covered with radiation burns.

He frequently suffered cardiac arrests, and his loved ones had to revive him. He had to suffer a deadly heart failure 83 long days later in order to escape.

Hisashi Ouchi Worked At The Tokaimura Nuclear Power Plant

Hisashi Ouchi, a Japanese citizen born in 1965, launched his nuclear energy profession during a pivotal time for his country.

Japan had only four years before to his birth shifted to nuclear power generation due to its expensive reliance on imported energy and restricted access to natural resources.

As a result, the first commercial nuclear power plant in the country was built.

The power plant’s location in Tokaimura was excellent due to the substantial amount of available land. A sizable campus of nuclear reactors, research facilities, fuel enrichment plants, and disposal sites were created as a result.

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