Hulu’s Wreck Season 1 Ending: Who Is the Real Killer?

The British horror comedy show “Wreck” on Hulu was made by Ryan J. Brown. The story takes place on a fancy cruise ship, and it’s about a teenager named Jamie Walsh who wants to find out what happened to his sister Pippa. On the ship, Jamie joins forces with Vivian, Cormac, Rosie, Olly, and others. Soon, the group has to deal with dangerous situations. At the same time, a serial killer with a duck mask keeps killing innocent people on the cruise. The show uses parts of the slasher genre and sets up an interesting murder mystery that keeps people interested for the whole time it’s on. However, its ending delivers plenty of twists and leaves viewers needing answers. In that case, let’s talk about how season 1 of “Wreck” ended. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Wreck Recap

“Wreck” starts with Pippa, a young woman who works on a cruise ship called the Sacramentum. Next comes Danny, her ex-boyfriend. After Pippa rejects Danny, a mysterious person in a duck mask starts following her. Pippa is attacked by the man in the mask, who wants to kill her. But she jumps off the ship to keep from dying. It is said that Pippa killed herself. A few months later, Pippa’s younger brother, Jamie Walsh, who is 19 years old, joins the staff of the Sacramentum to find out what happened to her.

Jamie pretends to be his friend Cormac Kelly so he can get on the ship without being seen. Jamie meets Vivian, a teenager like him, and Karen, the chief of staff, on the Sacramentum. Karen shows the new people around the ship. But Jamie’s plan is in danger when the real Cormac comes on board to see his ex-girlfriend Rosie, who broke up with him because of a misunderstanding before the trip. But Jamie gets Cormac to say “hidden” by telling him that he will keep an eye on Rosie.

Soon, Jamie and Vivian find out about the secret staff parties where people get drunk and high. But the staff also has to stick to a strict work schedule. When Vivian finds out the truth about why Jamie is on the ship, she decides to help him figure out what happened to Pippa. Jamie meets Danny and questions him about Pippa. But Danny is killed that night by the man in the duck mask. Jamie meets Olly, a young gay teen who is about the same age as him.

Jamie finds out from Pippa’s phone that she tried to get money from a man with a fish tattoo right up until she died. Sophia, on the other hand, wants to stop selling drugs, so she begs Officer Sam to let her go. With Olly’s help, Jamie goes to talk to the ship’s tattoo artist and finds out that the man with the fish tattoo is an officer. Before making up with Rosie, Cormac sneaks out of Jamie’s room and finds out that Sam is the man with the fish tattoo. Jamie talks to Sophia and finds out about the ship’s drug business.

After Olly hurts Sophia, Jamie thinks he might be the killer. Later, he makes a deal with Sophia that in exchange for her going to the police, he will get rid of her stash of drugs. But Sophia breaks the deal when Jamie flushes the drugs down the toilet. Olly says that the Filipino mafia made him scare Sophia because the officers and the mafia were in a competition with each other. However, he denies being involved in Danny’s murder. Jamie and Vivian soon figure out that they are in danger on the ship and tell the police. Detective Martinez, who is on the ship to look into Dylan’s death, is bribed by Mr. A, whose real name is Henry Allan.

Later, Jerome, a member of the staff, is brutally killed. In the meantime, Vivian meets Lily, a ship passenger who steps in to defend a fight. Soon, Vivian and Lily start seeing each other romantically. Sam tells Jamie that he loves Pippa, and Jamie gives Sam her incident report. Jamie and Vivian use the report to sneak into Pippa’s old room and find a list of people whose names have been crossed out. As Jamie and Vivian try to figure out who killed the people on the ship, they stumble into a bigger plot that puts their lives in danger.

Wreck Ending: Who Is the Killer? Who Controls the Game?

Vivian and Lily find out the truth about Sam in the fifth episode. He is revealed to be the person who attacked Pippa and killed Danny and Jerome while wearing a duck mask. When Viviana and Lily meet up with the rest of the group, they tell them what they’ve found. Jamie and Olly find another secret room with the help of the map they found in Pippa’s room. Vivian and Lily hide in Lily’s cabin, while Karen keeps an eye out for the rest of the group. But when they meet Mr. A in the secret room, the group finds itself in the lion’s mouth. The scary things that happened on the ship are finally revealed.

The ship run by the multimillion-dollar company Velorum isn’t just a luxury cruise. It is a place where rich and powerful people go to hang out. The staff members are set up as prey for the guests, who are allowed to kill them as part of the “human” experience that the company offers on its ships. Mr. A is in charge of running the Sacramentum. He shows Jamie and his friends the room where the crew and passengers watch the staff. Also, the parties with lots of alcohol and drugs are just a way to get the staff involved in the horrible hunting game.

In the end, the wealthy people who are willing to pay to kill innocent people are in charge of the crazy game going on on the ship. But Mr. A is in charge of the Sacramentum operation and kills Sam to show how powerful he is. Mr. A also told Sam to kill Pippa because she was dangerously close to figuring out what was going on. So, Jamie and his friends are in a very dangerous situation because the rich passengers want to kill the ship’s crew.

Do Jamie and Vivian Survive?

Vivian decides to carry out her plan to kill Vivian in the last scene. Lily picked Vivian and moved closer to her to make her first hunt more fun. She wants to kill Vivian so that she can finish her part of the game. Beaker grabs Olly and threatens to kill him if Jamie doesn’t tell him the names of everyone on the ship who knows what’s going on. But Rosie and Cormace show up just in time to save Jamie and Olly. Jamie tells the rest of the group the truth and, with the help of Sophia, gets them to fight against the officers and the rich passengers.

Jamie’s allies and the officers start a full-scale war, and Olly is able to convince the Filipino gang to join Jamie’s side. In the middle of the fight, Jamie sneaks away to save Vivian from Lily. Lily sets Vivian free to make the hunt more exciting, and then she kills her target brutally with a chainsaw. But Jamie shows up just in time, giving Vivian the edge in the battle and killing Lily in the process. Even though Jamie’s side is outnumbered, he and Vivian tell the police. This breaks the chain of death and violence on the Sacramentum. But the same hunting game happens on several other Velorum ships, so Jamie and Vivian decide to keep fighting until they bring the corporation down.

Is Pippa Dead or Alive?

In the last few minutes of the finale, Jamie and Vivian agree to keep fighting. But Jamie is sad that he didn’t find his sister in the process. Even though he knew she was dead, a part of him still hoped to see her alive because there were so many questions about how she died. As Vivian tries to make Jamie feel better, the camera moves out to show helicopters flying in circles above the ship. But then we cut to another boat in the distance, where a mysterious person in a hood was watching. It turns out that the person is Pippa, and she is still alive.

The season ends on a shocking cliffhanger where we don’t know if Pippa will live or die. But because Pippa jumped off the ship, it’s likely that she lived. She also knew that her life was in danger and could have known that Sam was going to attack her. So, she planned the jump and made sure she had everything she needed to stay alive. Pippa seems to be making plans to go back to the Sacramentum and get the evidence she left there to use against Velorum. But her younger brother has already done the job.

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