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Jackson Mahomes Arrested for Aggravated Sexual Battery: What We Know So Far

Jackson Mahomes, the younger sibling of Patrick Mahomes, has been detained on suspicion of aggravated sexual battery. The social media celebrity, 22, is charged with forcing a lady to kiss her at a restaurant in February of this year.

The alleged encounter was allegedly captured on surveillance footage, which is currently trending on social media. The bond for Jackson’s detention is $100,000. On Friday, he is expected to be arraigned.

Jackson Mahomes Arrested for Aggravated Sexual Battery

Jackson grabbed and kissed Aspen Vaughn, the 40-year-old proprietor of the Overland Park establishment known as Aspens Restaurant and Bar Lounge, before being arrested. Around 9:30 p.m. on February 25th, the incident happened. Jackson is also charged with pushing a waiter inside the establishment.

A man is seen kissing a woman while holding her face in the now-viral surveillance video, despite her attempts to push him away. According to reports, the influencer was drunk that evening. In March, Vaughn complained about Jackson.

“He suddenly and violently kissed me. And when I push him away and ask, “What are you doing?” The last time I was pushing him off, and I could see on the cameras that someone was outside the office door, I was begging for someone to come help because he’s enormous and massive,” Vaughn said. “And then he continued to do it two more times.

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Jackson Denies Accusations

Through Brandon Davies, Jackson’s attorney, has refuted the allegations. “We have given law enforcement the resources and data they require to assess Jackson’s accusers. Every human encounter must be considered in its right perspective, according to Davies.jackson mahomes age,jackson mahomes video tmz,patrick mahomes,jackson mahomes arrest

“Releasing a brief excerpt from any video without correct context is inappropriate. We trust the procedure and anticipate a speedy conclusion to the issue. Our inquiry turned up a lot of material disproving Jackson’s accuser’s accusations, including witness testimony, the lawyer continued.

Brittany, Jackson’s sister-in-law, also criticised his detractors on her Instagram story. “They lack knowledge. He is merely a person trying to navigate life, and until you spend a day in his shoes (which no one will ever do), you have no right to criticise him. It’s best to just stop talking, she advised.

The Influencer has been Embroiled in Several Controversies

Jackson has previously grabbed news for the incorrect reasons. The influencer has a lengthy history of controversy and has frequently appeared at events with his NFL star brother.jackson mahomes age,jackson mahomes video tmz,patrick mahomes,jackson mahomes arrest

He allegedly made derogatory remarks about the Mahomes family in September 2021, at which point the fan from the Baltimore Ravens was doused with water during a game. Jackson experienced intense blowback as a result of the incident.

At the moment, his brother stood up for him and said, “He takes a lot and he’s generally really good at it. He will take this as a lesson and do his best to avoid those folks going forward. Additionally, a picture of Jackson dancing was taken at the 2007-deceased football player Sean Taylor’s memorial. Later, he expressed regret for the occurrence.

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