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Jeff Mwathi Death Case – A New Twist In The Investigation

The hour of three on Thursday, February 23, 2023, is referred to as the devil’s hour by some and the witching hour by others.

Famous Kikuyu performer Lawrence Njuguna, popularly known as DJ Fatxo, was confronted with a problematic issue on this specific day.

He had called Jeff Mwathi, a 23-year-old man, for what he thought was an interior design job. Sadly, the situation became deadly, and Mwathi died in front of DJ Fatxo’s home in Nairobi’s Safari Park neighbourhood.

Mwathi committed suicide by jumping from the 10th story to the hard concrete below, according to witness testimony that the local police received.

The official account, however, has drawn criticism from Mwathi’s family, notably his uncle Samuel Muchoki, a Kikuyu benga musician better known as Samidoh.

They are requesting that a thorough and open investigation be carried out to ascertain the reality of what actually transpired to their loved one.

Adamson Bung’ei, the head of the Nairobi County police, has guaranteed all parties that the police will conduct a thorough investigation and present the case exactly as it occurred.

He has also asked Kenyans to avoid making assumptions and passing judgement, highlighting the significance of seeking out the facts and presenting it in an honest and open way.

In the meantime, DJ Fatxo’s career has taken a serious hit, and some business associates have cancelled plans with him out of concern for bad press.

Many businesses have severed relations with the performer, including Citified Homes, Lesedi (now Tuza), Vodka Sweet Berry, a Kirinyaga rice company, and Optiven.

In just eight years, DJ Fatxo, a native of Nyandarua County, has devoted a lot of effort to making a name for himself as a successful disc jockey, performer, and brand ambassador. He is now a member of the millionaires’ club.

On February 23, 2023, DJ Fatxo and Jeff Mwathi may have experienced the witching hour, sometimes known as the devil’s hour, in accordance with its gloomy reputation.

But, the truth about what occurred can be discovered and justice can be carried out with the aid of a rigorous and open investigation.

Ndi Mang’a (I am drunk)

After the success of his song “Ndi Mang’a” (I’m intoxicated), he started appearing at lucrative Mugithi festivals in 2020.

He released “Mwomboko” alongside fellow Kikuyu singer Kamoko the following year, establishing his place as one of the best vocalists in their native tongue.

He unfortunately passed away, nonetheless, under mysterious circumstances. Mwathi and two friends were attempting to make a name for themselves in the interior design business when DJ Fatxo called to inquire about a possible contract.

Mwathi went out to meet DJ Fatxo after borrowing Sh200 from his mum. Mwathi’s mother revealed that she had gotten a video proving their relationship.

A night of wild drinking and clubbing spread across four pubs in Kiambu and Murang’a counties resulted from the meeting.

Subsequently, a scene-of-crime investigation showed that Mwathi’s body was naked from the waist down and had several fractures on his hands and legs in addition to an open head.

Mwathi and DJ Fatxo retired to the tragic house at around three in the morning, according to CCTV evidence, together with three ladies and another male. A little over an hour later, DJ Fatxo and the women left, leaving Mwathi with the two men—one of whom is a relative of DJ Fatxo—and the other woman.

Minutes before a person of Mwathi’s build fell from the window and died, the two guys were seen on CCTV cameras leaving the property and then returning.

According to the preliminary inquiry report, Mwathi suffered severe injuries to the head and extremities before passing away suddenly. When DJ Fatxo arrived back at the house about 9 a.m., he insisted that he was unaware that Mwathi was laying dead in the compound.

The CCTV footage shows him gazing at the deceased in disbelief before returning to his home. The two men who were with Mwathi, however, asserted that he committed suicide by jumping out of the window. Detectives are looking into the unconnected parties, including Mwathi.

He had only been inside the house for seven minutes when catastrophe struck, leaving a lifeless body on the concrete floor. Mwathi’s terrible demise happened quickly and without warning.

The cause of death was determined by post-mortem examinations to be severe trauma from numerous head and limb injuries, which instantly sparked suspicions of foul play.

The fact that DJ Fatxo, who had arrived home at 9 am, unexpectedly found himself in Mwathi’s company without realising it was his contractor lying there, added to the macabre nature of the situation.

As he stared at the dead body in astonishment and fear when struck with this unexpected sight, the footage showed him struggling to accept reality before opting to retire back up into his home.

The forensic teams are still looking into this case in order to connect the dots and determine the true cause of death, despite the two men who were there in the residence where Mwathi jumped to his death insisting that he had committed suicide.

Detectives have developed a plan to visit every location where Mwathi had been before his death or had been observed with specific individuals, collecting information such security tapes and witness testimony for further inquiry.

Also, a lot of effort is being made to find out Mwathi’s relationships with the two other men in the film, including how long he has known them for and their overall s*xual orientation.

It’s also crucial to figure out how these two guys reacted to learning of Mwathi’s passing and why they stayed within rather than offering assistance. The holes in our knowledge of precisely how and why Mwathi died that day might be filled by this evidence.

It is a curious coincidence that after leaving Mwathi in the home, the two came back to discover him dead in the yard.

More inquiry is necessary because this particular set of circumstances may have important ramifications that may only be discovered by a skilled forensic investigation.

It should be easy to determine what went wrong and what led to Mwathi’s untimely death by reviewing CCTV footage and other pertinent recordings.

In the end, these professionals will be able to offer crucial insights on how friends typically act in such situations, moving us one step closer to unravelling the mystery of the inexplicable death that happened outside of Mwathi’s home.

Detectives have at last become interested in the enigmatic circumstances surrounding DJ Fatxo and the deceased Mwathi.

It has come to light that Mwathi was summoned to DJ Fatxo’s house in the middle of the night and accompanied on a drinking spree under the pretence of receiving a job offer.

Officials are now attempting to piece together what happened that evening and see whether there were any underlying reasons, such as past mental health concerns or even family conflict, to take into account.

It appears that Mwathi’s mother had serious concerns about her son’s whereabouts because she even requested video documentation when he went with DJ Fatxo.

It’s still uncertain whether Mwathi’s premature death will ever receive justice as police work to make sense of this confusing circumstance.

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