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Where Is Jeff Wright Now? Following the Trail of a Missing Person

The 2017 murder of 33-year-old private eye Taylor Wright in Pensacola, Florida, is one of the most puzzling crimes the area has ever seen, according to an episode of NBC’s “Dateline: The Necklace.” The young woman had her share of problems, but when she vanished, her family and friends knew something was wrong because it was quite unusual for her to just vanish. Taylor wasn’t slain; it was later discovered; she didn’t willfully fade away. Her ex-husband, Jeff Wright, was one of the most intriguing characters in all of this. Let’s therefore learn more about him.

Who is Jeff Wright?

Given that they were purportedly embroiled in a contentious custody dispute over their kid at the time of her disappearance, detectives originally concentrated their inquiries on Jeff Wright, Taylor Wright’s ex-husband. According to sources, when Taylor first vanished, her live-in girlfriend, Casandra Waller, phoned Jeff and told him that their kid was also attempting to contact his mother but was not receiving a response. However, he then issued a caution, informing Casandra that Taylor might become irate with her for involving the police in her business.

But as time went on, nothing else seemed to indicate that Jeff had done anything improper, especially since his claim that he was away when his ex disappeared seemed to hold up. When Casandra told police that she had purchased a pistol in response to Jeff’s allegation that Taylor had physically abused him in the past, it triggered a red flag, but it had no effect. In the end, it was discovered that Taylor had put the $34,000 she had withdrew from the joint account she and Jeff used during their divorce procedures into the bank of her close friend Ashley. She was murdered by Ashley, not Jeff.

Where is Jeff Wright Now?

Jeff was one of the first witnesses to take the witness stand during Ashley Britt McArthur’s trial. He spoke about his relationship with his ex-wife and their final interactions. He acknowledged that, despite the fact that he was living in North Carolina at the time of her disappearance, he was still actively appearing in court in Florida to challenge her, among other things, for custody of their son and the financial difficulties they were experiencing. Additionally, Jeff still felt concern for Taylor’s safety, so as soon as he realised that she had genuinely disappeared, he contacted her friends in an effort to learn more.jeff wright,jeff wright nasdaq,jeff hardy current news,jeffrey. wright

Ultimately, Ashley was determined to have committed first-degree premeditated murder. As a result, Jeff is currently attempting to move on with his life while making every effort to be the greatest parent he can be for his son. Considering that Alabama was his last known base, it appears that he is still employed by the US Department of Defence. After his 10-year marriage to Taylor ended, Jeff ostensibly remarried, and it now seems as though he is still enjoying a happy marriage. We can’t be sure about anything else because Jeff tries to avoid the spotlight, in part, we suppose, due to his profession. Having said that, we do know how important his family is to him.

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