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Julie Scully Murder: The Case of George Skiadopoulos’ Whereabouts

‘Deadly Sins: No Forgiveness: Model Behaviour’ on Investigation Discovery tells the story of two brutal murders, one of which centres on the gruesome killing of Julie Scully, a 31-year-old spring model, in Greece in January 1999. Her gruesome murder and subsequent disposal of her remains feel like scenes from a horror film. We’ve got your back whether you’re curious to learn more about the case, the killer’s identity, or where they are right now. So let’s get started, shall we?

How Did Julie Scully Die?

On January 3, 1968, Julia Scully gave birth to Julie Marie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia County. Cheryl Chuplis-Hood, a close friend of Julie’s, recalled, “Julie was a beautiful, outgoing, energetic, would-give-you-her-heart type of girl.” She had the charisma to “bring a party to its life” and was an aspiring model. A bikini-clad Julie was frequently depicted in the “Page Six Girl” section of Trenton’s tabloid paper, “The Trentonian,” in the early 1990s.

julie scully trentonian,katie nist today,julie scully,julie scully model,julie scully documentary

She was twice dubbed “Girl of the Year” by the owners of the daily because of her tumultuous illustrations, which were a major factor in increasing the paper’s falling circulation. She became something of a local celebrity when they even put billboard ads with her pictures up, which led to her being hired for national beer brand promotions like Coors Light. In 1991, she attended a boat party at the invitation of a friend and there she met wealthy Timothy “Tim” Nist, a 31-year-old Mansfield, New Jersey, landscaper.

The couple married in the autumn of 1991 after a brief courtship, and Julie gave birth to their daughter, Katie, in 1996. Thus, it was unexpected when she made the decision to split from Tim and relocate to Kavala, Greece, to live with her new fiance. Her fiance informed the Greek authorities that she was missing on January 10, 1999, four days after her family had last heard from her on January 6, 1999. On January 26, a suitcase containing her naked, charred, and beheaded remains was discovered in the Northern Greek wetlands. Her skull was purportedly discovered about three years after she was reported to have been strangled to death.

Who Killed Julie Scully?

Before deciding to take a romantic Caribbean cruise holiday in November 1997, Julie and Tim were enjoying a happy family life. What started off as a romantic holiday quickly turned out to be the impetus for a trip that would not only destroy their marriage but also result in Julie’s murder. Petty Officer George Skiadopoulos, who was smitten with Julie, was someone she met on the cruise. The couple offered George their contact information when their vacation was over in the hopes of staying in touch.

julie scully trentonian,katie nist today,julie scully,julie scully model,julie scully documentary

However, George and Julie struck up a passionate communication over letters and phone calls. Their passion was further stoked in February 1998 when Julie and Tim took a second trip to see George. There are rumours that Julie and George started an illicit relationship that lasted for a few months. Ten months later, she made the decision to get rid of Tim and relocate to Greece with her partner. She and Tim got a divorce in November 1998, and she reportedly earned a $800,000 settlement.

The programme claimed that Julie intended to travel to Kavala, Greece, with her daughter Katie. However, Tim was able to keep custody of her daughter in full, and on December 6, 1998, Julie moved to Kavala by herself because she was too in love. The programme demonstrated how she held all of the funds for her divorce proceedings in a joint account with George, who pushed her to utilise them to launch a taxi service. Within a month of moving, according to Julia’s mother, Julie began to miss her young daughter and yearned to return to America.

Julie was bored as a result of George’s long hours at work, and her Greek trip appeared to be stagnant. Her family grew more concerned after she stated they hadn’t heard from her since January 6, 1999. On January 10, George reported her missing to the Kavala police, claiming they had a contentious fight a few days prior and she left. Widespread coverage of her disappearance in America led to intense pressure on the Greek government.

The police started to be suspicious of George after he visited the station often to request updates. According to the victim’s family, George was “a jealous manipulator” who kept Julie apart from her relatives. According to reports, she only ever made calls to her family when George wasn’t home. Susan White, one of her friends, remarked, “It wasn’t Julie at the end. She was yanked away by him from many of her friends. Additionally, they said George had been charged with assault after reportedly choking Julie during an argument last summer. George was also accused of being the person behind Julie’s money from the start.

Where is George Skiadopoulos Now?

When the police started investigating George’s story, several details started to seem out of place. After several rounds of heated questioning, George finally broke down and confessed to killing Julie. He strangled Julie in a car on a muddy farm road outside Kavala, saying she was leaving him because he was due to be inducted into the Greek army. He lit the body on fire after dousing it in petrol. Then, after using a hacksaw to remove her head so it could fit inside a bag, he placed her remains there. He acknowledged throwing the bag into a swamp.

Reports state that George drove to a rocky outcropping around 10 kilometres west of Kavala and dove her head into the Aegean Sea. After the murder, he reportedly deposited about $100,000 into a personal account. George, who was 26 at the time, said that he committed the act out of passion rather than out of greed during his trial in December 1999.

He was convicted of premeditated murder, perjury, and providing false information in a written deposition by the court. George received a life sentence without the possibility of release. He filed an appeal to have his sentence lowered due to insanity. There aren’t any reports, though, of the Greek court granting his claim. George, who is now in his late 40s, only served an eight-year sentence before being allowed to leave. He is still a resident of that Greek little town and is married.

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