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Junko Furuta: Where Is Her Family Now?

The hardest torture a parent can go through is witnessing their child’s murder. On November 25, 1988, as Junko Furuta, a seventeen-year-old schoolgirl, was returning from her after-hours employment, she was abducted. Sadly, her parents had to undergo this nightmare. Junko was held captive by the kidnappers for more than 40 days, during which time she suffered the harshest forms of rape and torture.

On January 4, 1989, Junko finally succumbed to the physical trauma, and her body was discovered encased in concrete in a cement truck in Kt, Tokyo. Based on the murder of Junko, the Japanese film “Concrete” shows how the murderers were ultimately apprehended. But if you’re curious to learn more and want to know where Junko’s parents are right now, we’ve got you covered.

Who Are Junko Furuta’s Parents?

Junko Furuta grew up in Misato, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, where she lived with her mother, father, two other siblings, and her father, Akira Furuta. According to reports, Junko grew up in a devoted and close-knit family who always inspired her to pursue her goals. They never shied away from challenging her to achieve greatness, and they were quite proud of her academic successes. Although Junko was said to have a smile that could light up a room, she was the pride and joy of her parents, who gave her their unwavering support.

Also, Junko had close relationships with both her younger and older brothers, and her parents anticipated a successful future for their daughter. When the 17-year-old failed to arrive home from work on November 25, 1988, her parents were understandably concerned. Along with a few other volunteers, they initially searched the neighbourhood, but as each hour passed with no sign of the teenager, they grew more worried. Finally, on November 27, her parents made contact with law enforcement and asked them to look into the situation.

By this time, Junko’s captors had taken her to a residence in the Ayase neighbourhood of Adachi, where they forced her to make a call to her parents to end the investigation. The kidnapped child repeatedly called Junko’s family as a result, insisting that she had fled her house on her own. Also, Junko begged her parents to stop the search, and since that time, the probe has not advanced. Even though they hoped for Junko’s safe return, her parents started to worry once weeks went by with no word of her.

Unfortunately, the police were able to apprehend two of the kidnappers—Hiroshi Miyano and J Ogura—after a separate rape investigation confirmed the worst suspicions of the Furuta family. Hiroshi quickly admitted to killing Junko because he thought the police were looking into his disappearance. As a result, the police were able to track down and apprehend all four kidnappers.

Where Are Junko Furuta’s Parents Now?

The claim that Junko’s mother experienced a mental collapse after learning of her daughter’s ordeal has never been verified, despite various sources claiming so. The kidnappers were subsequently given apparently light terms, which saddened Junko’s parents because they felt justice had not been done. Also, they brought a civil lawsuit against the parents of the kidnapper Shinji Minato since they were aware that Junko was being kept on the first floor of their home but took no action.

In the end, the court found in favour of the prosecution, and according to some stories, Hiroshi Miyano’s mother was mandated to pay the Furutas 50 million yen as restitution. The uniforms that Junko would have worn to work were presented to her parents at the burial together with the teenager and placed next to her in her casket by her prospective employer. In addition, the principal gave Junko’s parents an invitation to her class’ high school graduation ceremony and handed them with the diploma.

But, Junko’s parents now value privacy and wish to keep their private lives a secret. Akira and his wife’s whereabouts are unknown due to their penchant for secrecy, but we nevertheless wish them luck as they work with their loved ones to battle the ghosts of the past.

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