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We typically associate our K-pop idols with royalty, but did you realize that some of our favorite Korean musicians are members of royal families? Some of South Korea’s most famous k-pop idols are said to originate from royal and powerful families. The Yangban family clans are thought to be responsible for these K-pop idols. Furthermore, during the Joseon dynasty, the Yangban family clans were the nobles and elites of Korean society. There was also a requirement to be a member of the Yangban clan’s elite group.

Three generations of a family had to pass the Confucianism-based national test. Those who held a prominent position in the administration possessed one of the highest positions in the Yangban clans. As a result, just because two k-pop idols are royalty does not necessarily imply that they are related by blood. To be a member of the Yangban clan, one had to labor hard. We’ll be presenting a few K-pop idols who have confirmed their clan and, of course, have royal blood in this article!


Nobody, not even an alien, would guess that the ethereal-looking member of Big Hit’s band TXT is royalty. Beomgyu is a member of the Gyeongju Choi Clan, which is also a royal family. We also know that Beomgyu grew raised in a very opulent environment. His father was a well-known race car driver in Korea, and the fact that he comes from a royal family further adds to his family’s fortune. Fans may see that Beomgyu is indeed living like a prince by glancing at his stuff, such as his large backyard and other images he has uploaded. Not to mention, his visuals are fit for a king, as evidenced by the freezing concept photographs!

Chaeryoung And Chaeyeon

Without the legendary sister combo Chaeryoung and Chaeyeon, the list of royal K-pop idols would be incomplete. Chaeyeon was a member of the amazing group IZ*ONE, while her younger sister became one of the major faces of K-4th pop’s generation, ITZY. The Chae sisters have shown that not only does nobility run in their family, but so does crazy talent. In the k-pop industry, the two sisters are known for their remarkable dance ability. These two also hail from a wealthy family. At this rate, their little sister may decide to become a K-pop idol as well!

Dino And Mingyu

Dino and Mingyu, two of the seventeen members, are also K-pop idols from royal families and are thus royalty. Dino or Lee Chan of Seventeen is a member of the Jeonju Lee Clan, which also includes Sunny of Girls’ Generation and Donghae and Eunhyuk of Super Junior. Mingyu or Kim Min Kyu, the group’s rapper and frontman, is from the same gwangsan Kim Clan as BTS’s Jin and V. Isn’t it fascinating to imagine them battling in a Joseon era war with arrows and swords?

Eunhyuk And Donghae

The Jeonju Lee Clan includes the primary rapper Eunhyuk and lead vocalist Donghae of SM Entertainment’s popular boy band Super Junior. Although fans couldn’t stop dubbing them absolute princes since their comeback, few people understood that Eunhyuk and Donghae are true princes. However, Eunhyuk did not benefit from the wealth that came with being a member of the royal family. Eunhyuk was able to improve his and his family’s financial situation by joining SM Entertainment early on. He’d proven his value with his incredible rapping and dancing abilities! Donghae’s financial situation prior to his debut is unknown.

Haechan And Jeno

NCT 127, NCT Dream, and NCT U’s principal dancer and lead vocalist is Haechan. Lee Dong Hyuk is his full name. Although the surname Lee is very popular in Korea, the surname Haechan is reserved for those at the top of the social ladder. He, like his elders, is a member of the Jeonju Lee Clan. Moving on to Jeno aka Lee Jeno, the lead dancer, lead rapper, and sub-vocalist of nct 127 and nct Dream. He, like his fellow NCT member, is a Jeonju Lee clan member. If these two had been born during the Joseon era, they would have been extremely fortunate!


Hongjoong, like V and Jin of BTS, is a member of the Gwangsun Kim Clan. We are confident that if Hongjoong had been an emperor or king, his realm would have been filled with delight because of his exceptional leadership qualities. Who wouldn’t be pleased that Kim Hongjoong is their leader? His followers, for example, would be ecstatic if he were our king!


Hyunjin, LOONA’s all-rounder and visual, is here. Hyunjin, also known as Kim Hyujin, is a member of the Gwangsan Kim Clan. She proves to be highly intelligent, as one would expect from someone from a royal family. She had topped the school for her Korean in seventh grade. Hyunjin was also a particularly athletic student. Can we ever get enough of this gorgeous girl?


The resolute leader of Mamamoo Solar will bring this list of Royal K-pop stars to a close! Solar, also known as Kim Young Sun, is a member of the Gwangsan Kim Clan, as are many others here. It’s amusing how some new followers assumed Solar was a North Korean. Admirers joked that Solar was a North Korean because there were few pre-debut images of her, but new fans took it seriously, and Solar had to come to disprove the claims. Meanwhile, we’d love to see the vocal powerhouse as a fearsome empress during the Joseon Dynasty. Unfortunately, we do not own a time machine with which to realize our desire. Let’s just enjoy Solar’s incredible performances for the time being!

Suga, Jin & V

We are not shocked that three members of BTS are present, given how wonderful they are all. Suga, also known as Min Yoongi, is a Yuehang Min Clan descendent. During a live stream, he disclosed his clan. The surname ‘Min’ is actually fairly uncommon in Korea, and it refers to a lower level of the Min hierarchy. Due to various factors, Suga’s family had lost all of its riches, placing the duty on Suga and his elder brother to restore the family’s legacy.

During the Joseon Dynasty, the Yoheung Min Clan produced four queens, including Empress Sunmyeong, the last empress of the Joseon Dynasty. We can see where Suga’s determination and intelligence come from!

The super-duper vocals and visuals of BTS, Jin, and V are up next. Kim Seokjin and Kim Taehyung are both members of the Gwangsan Kim clan of Kims. The Gwangsan Kim clan was one of the Yangban family’ most powerful clans. The Gwangsan Kim Clan is composed of descendants of Queen Ingyeong of Kim Sukjong, the third Prince of the Silla dynasty, Hueng Gwang, and others. Because they are literal princes, we can see why they are called princes.


Sunny from Girls’ Generation is becoming our Aegyo Queen! Sunny is a member of the Jeonju Lee Clan. The Jeonju Lee clan is descended from King Taejo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty. This clan is descended from the Joseon era’s royal family. Sunny is also a descendent of Grand Prince Horyeong, King Taejo’s grandfather. Sunny’s regal demeanor should have led us to believe she is a royal descendant from the start!


The renowned Taemin is yet another second-generation K-pop idol on our list. You could have inferred from his name, Lee Taemin, that the maknae of Shinee is a member of the aristocratic Jeonju Lee Clan. We are confident that Taemin would have used his power to promote awareness and equality, just as he does now. Taemin is a revolutionary artist with the heart of a true prince who is famed for defying gender norms.

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