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Are Kitty and Alex Siblings? Unraveling the Family Connection

What transpires when an adolescent matchmaker meets up with her distant boyfriend at the same school that her mother attended? Alex and Kitty are they related? The most recent Korean romantic comedy is the ideal fusion of romance, drama, and mystery.

The newest show on Netflix, “XO, Kitty,” is a cute and oddball programme. Ten episodes make up the first season of the show.

Kitty’s desire to go to Seoul was influenced by the fact that her father and sisters were the only ones from whom she had ever heard tales about her mother.

Kitty felt that she couldn’t keep anything about her mother to herself as a result of this.

Kitty arrives in Seoul at the start of the programme to surprise Dae, her long-distance boyfriend, and to feel closer to her late mother.

Kitty suffers from jet lag, emotional tangles, and ends up with an awful new nickname in the second and third episodes of the show.

In addition, Dae, who was shocked by Kitty, begins to feel conflicted emotions as a result of a sudden change in his goals.

The show’s creators finally let viewers see Kitty and Dae’s relationship outside of school after leaving them hanging on the thread of expectation and curiosity for the first three episodes.

The unexpectedest thing happens during Kitty and Dae’s time together after school. After discovering a piece of information on her late mother, she embarks on a fact-finding and matching trip.

Over the course of the following two episodes, Kitty attempts to understand her relationship with Dae as she deals with the difficulties of attending a top school in Seoul.

When tensions during a detention session erupt into revelations and Kitty’s schoolmates begin revealing their emotions for one another, she finds herself in the heart of a dramatic situation.

The story concludes predictably with brawls, betrayals, and raging rage. When Kitty’s so-called friends decline to support her in the finals, her hopes are dashed.

Kitty takes a stance towards the end of the season as her future with KISS is in jeopardy.

Kitty’s emotions are at an all-time high as a result of grades, rankings, and mind-blowing disclosures.

Unfortunately, the season doesn’t provide an answer to the eagerly awaited query, “Are Kitty and Alex siblings?”

Yuri, the most popular girl at Kitty’s new elite school, or Dae, Kitty’s longtime, long-distance boyfriend, are likely to pull her character’s heart in two different directions at the end of the season, according to Anna Cathcart, who plays the show’s lead and perky heroine Kitty.

‘XO, Kitty’ is a story for Kitty, as the title clearly suggests, according to co-showrunner Jenny Han.

He described Kitty as a matchmaker who connects people.

She makes an effort to help others close to her escape the bubble of being the only one for themselves.

Kitty starts to promote the various forms of love and interactions that people can have with multiple partners.

At the conclusion of “XO Kitty” Season 1, Min Ho confesses his emotions for Kitty on their journey back to America, giving her three excellent romantic options.

The fans were anxious to find out who Kitty will pick, but to their disappointment, Cathcart (Kitty) thinks she won’t have to make a choice anytime soon or at all.

Kitty may have prioritised herself by choosing not to select a certain person. She preferred having the time and room to think things out before making a decision.

Cathcart hopes that Kitty keeps considering her options and “follows her heart,” as “the best choice you can make is the one that you feel is right in your gut.”

Let’s move on and consider whether Kitty and Alex are related.

Are Kitty and Alex siblings?

Kitty and Alex are not related, despite what the Eve Hospital’s records claim.

After Kitty found a bracelet that revealed her mother was a patient in a hospital where she gave birth to a child, she directed the viewers in this direction.

Before she met her father, her mother had never been in a relationship as far as Kitty knew, but the most recent finding altered that belief.

Giving birth indicated that her mother had a romantic relationship before meeting her father, indicating that Kitty may have a half-brother someplace.

Kitty was compelled to look through the hospital’s records covertly because she was curious. Kitty’s covert inquiry showed that the mother of Kitty’s child had placed the child for adoption.

Additionally, according to the hospital documents, a couple in Australia adopted the child. Because her purported half-brother was in another country, Kitty had no chance of ever finding him.

Kitty begins to take notice of her professor, Professor Alex Finnerty, in a bizarre turn of events.

He apparently relocated from Australia to Seoul to teach at KISS. He is of Korean origin. Additionally, the professor once disclosed that his parents are white, indicating that he was likely adopted.

Kitty is certain that Alex is the half-brother she has been looking for because he fits all the criteria, including his birthdate and where he went after being adopted.

Kitty performed a more thorough study into her mother’s past even though she was 100 percent certain that Alex was her half-brother.

By that point, she had learned the truth, which again dashed her hopes. Despite all the signs pointing to it, Alex was not Kitty’s half-brother.

Additionally, Kitty’s research revealed to her the fact that Alex is in fact Yuri’s biological brother.

The conclusion is that the question “Are Kitty and Alex siblings?” cannot be answered. There is nothing more to Alex than being Kitty’s instructor.

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