Logan Paul Girlfriend Video

Logan Paul’s Controversial ‘Girlfriend Video’: What You Need to Know

Recently, a leaked Logan Paul girlfriend video featuring Nina Agdal, who is also his fiancée, has caused quite a stir online.

In this fascinating video, Agdal jokingly begs for a “big fat sausage,” making the playful allusion that she has been denied intimacy for some time.

The boxer who will face Paul in London on October 14 is Dillon Danis, who posted the footage online.

Unsurprisingly, this video has sparked a firestorm of debate, leading many to question if it was all in good fun or a sincere call for help.

Who is Nina Agdal?

What about Nina Agdal? She is a popular Danish actress and model known for her roles in numerous brand campaigns and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

brands like Macy’s, Bebe, and Victoria’s Secret. Agdal has been associated with a number of well-known celebrities throughout the years, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Levine.

Logan Paul and Nina Agdal’s Relationship

Now that we’re talking about Logan Paul and Nina Agdal’s romance, the two YouTube stars recently made news by getting engaged.

The couple is still together despite the recent difficulties brought on by Dillon Danis’ internet attacks showing images of Agdal with other men.

On the Flagrant podcast hosted by Andrew Schulz, Paul showed his unshakable support for his partner.

ignoring the online bullying and claiming that “some internet troll posing as a fighter won’t come between us.”

Paul is still certain that the leaked video won’t harm their relationship and is instead concentrating on his approaching confrontation with Danis.

The Leaked Video

Let’s now examine the contentious footage that was leaked. Dillon Danis posted it first, and it quickly went viral after that.

In the video, Agdal can be heard joking about needing a “big fat sausage,” stressing that it must be clear of any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Many people are perplexed by the nature of the film and unsure of whether it was intended as humor or a sincere cry for assistance.

There has been continued talk about Agdal’s reasons for posting such private views online, according to reports.

Reaction on Social Media

The released video has sparked an outpouring of emotions on social media, most of which have been unfavorable.

It has been described by many as “disgraceful” and “shameful.”

Agdal’s motives are viewed differently depending on who you ask; some think it’s a joke, while others say she’s just trying to get attention and compromise her dignity.

There are also demands that Danis be punished for sharing the video.

Logan Paul’s Response

Logan Paul hasn’t spoken much in response to the situation so far. He did, however, make a passing reference to it when he was a guest on Andrew Schulz’s podcast Flagrant.

Paul reiterates his everlasting support for his fiance while appearing unconcerned by the footage.

Even though he showed confidence in defeating Dillon Danis in the ring, he praised Danis for his skills at trolling and laughed at memes that featured his girlfriend.


The leaked video with Nina Agdal has generated a lot of debate and elicited passionate responses on social media.

Others have condemned Agdal for posting such intimate thoughts online, while some have praised Agdal.

Despite the online discussion, Logan Paul is unwavering in his support for his fiancée, and the duo seems unfazed by comments made online as they look forward to their future together.

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