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Lori Fetrick: Life After American Gladiators

An intriguing docuseries on Netflix called “Muscles & Mayhem: An Unauthorised Story of American Gladiators” provides an unmatched inside look into the well-known reality competition programme “American Gladiators.” ‘American Gladiators’ gained a sizable following after its 1989 debut as thousands of viewers tuned in to witness amateur athletes compete against professional bodybuilders for the ultimate prize.

However, the show’s image quickly became tarnished by rumours regarding the treatment of its ensemble and the apparent usage of drugs. However, the Netflix series introduces us to a number of interesting characters, including former gladiator Lori Fetrick, alias Ice, through one-on-one interviewers. Let’s examine her biography in further detail and learn where she is right now, shall we?

Who is Lori Fetrick?

Lori Fetrick, a native of San Bernardino, California, became passionate about sports at a young age. While she was a student at San Bernardino High School, she started to thrive in volleyball, basketball, and softball; nevertheless, bodybuilding was not initially in her objectives. In reality, Lori’s determination helped her win all-league honours in all three sports for four straight years of high school because she had an ambition to compete for her country in athletics. Interestingly, Lori started weight training because it helped her stay in shape as an athlete, much like a number of her “American Gladiators” co-stars.


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However, Lori quickly realised how much she loved bodybuilding, and after graduating from high school, she started preparing for a career as a professional bodybuilder. She also dabbled in modelling on the side, building a solid reputation for herself in the field. ‘American Gladiators’ provided Lori a huge break in the entertainment business, but she was already well-known as a bodybuilder before the show.

Despite winning the California State competition, Lori reportedly only secured a podium finish at the Nationals after working her way up to become an NPC National Level Bodybuilder. Nevertheless, Lori was debuted as the Gladiator Ice in 1990’s “American Gladiators,” and she quickly earned a reputation as someone who wasn’t afraid to take the fight to the opposition. Additionally, like the other Gladiators, Lori had the chance to make appearances in additional motion pictures and television programmes, such as “CIA II: Target Alexa” and “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”

Where Is Lori Fetrick Now?

Lori Fetrick participated in their live tour and made appearances on five seasons of “American Gladiators,” as well as two seasons of “International Gladiators,” where she represented the United States. In addition, the former bodybuilder launched her fitness video, “Lori Fetrick’s Power Workout,” in 1993 after realising how the show’s viewers idolised her and wanted to know about her workout regimen. She co-authored the 1996 book “Pure Fitness: Body Meets Mind” with Robert Epstein.


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After leaving the world of competitive bodybuilding, Lori opened a gym in Orlando, Florida, and later relocated to Studio City, California, where she opened the South Beach Tan Company. She continued to work as a personal trainer when the salon closed its doors in 2010, even starting an online fitness on-demand service that allowed her to coach people all over the world.

In addition to being a fitness instructor, Lori currently makes money as a social media influencer and provides her speaking services. She is best known, though, for being the host of the podcast “Chillin’ with Ice,” in which she invites other Gladiators to speak as guests and provide their perspectives on the show. Lori has subsequently revealed publicly that she is lesbian, and we are happy to report this and wish her the best in the years to come.

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