Love is Blind Brazil Season 3: Where Are They Now? Discover Who Found Lasting Love

Netflix’s “Love is Blind: Brazil,” also known as “Casamento às Cegas: Brazil,” is a Brazilian dating series that offers hopeful romantics an opportunity to find their future spouse through a solely emotional connection. It is hosted by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo. The reality series, which is a part of the well-liked “Love is Blind” franchise, is well-liked, and its just-released third season has definitely generated a lot of enthusiasm among viewers. People naturally want to know what their favourite couples are doing today and whether they are still together. So let’s all investigate it collectively, shall we?

Are Bianca and Jarbas Still Together?


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We’ll start with Bianca Sessa and Jarbas Andrade, who have quickly become fan favourites from this specific season of the show because to their on-screen chemistry. We are hopeful that the two are still together since they got married in the Netflix series. In fact, Jarbas recently uploaded images of them on his social media, much to the joy of his supporters, suggesting that they at least have a cordial relationship right now. But as of this writing, they haven’t provided a formal update on their marital status.

Bianca has held her employment as a nutritionist for Restaurante Bom Prato in Santos, So Paulo, Brazil, since 2019. She is also a proud mother of Klaus, who appeared in the Netflix series. In Guarulhos, So Paulo, reality TV star Jarbas works as a Clerk for Sesc, yet he also owns a brand of children’s apparel called Fabrico Fofura and enjoys writing. Like his on-screen partner, Jarbas is a proud father who enjoys bragging about his lovely daughter.

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Are Maria and Menandro Still Together?

Following them are Maria Carolina Caporusso and Menandro Rosa, who experienced a good deal of ups and downs before to standing before one another at the altar. Many people found it exciting that the two decided to get married, and we are hoping that they are still together as a married couple. However, as of this writing, they have not provided an update on the status of their marriage.

While serving as the CEO of Maria Carolina Atelier and an intern for the Sectional Attorney of Brazil’s Federal Treasury, Maria appears to be thriving. Menandro, meantime, runs a store and lives in So Paulo, Brazil. His daughter Helena, who is unquestionably the apple of his eye, appears to be the focus of his attention.

Are Ágata and Renan Still Together?

Another participant couple that had us on the edge of our seats when it came time for them to give their approval to get married was gata Moura and Renan Justino. The good news that they ultimately decided to approve the marriage brought delight to many people. The reality TV stars have not provided an update on their relationship as of this writing, but their commitment to one another has surely given us hope for the future of their marriage.

Both Gata and Renan appear upbeat when discussing the social experiment, and they’ve even posted numerous images from their time on the show on social media, pleasing their admirers. While gata was employed at Contact2sale as a Digital Marketing Analyst till April 2022, Renan has been a physiotherapist in Santos, So Paulo, Brazil.

Are Karen and Valmir Still Together?

Now let’s talk about Karen Bacic and Valmir Reis, whose relationship on the programme had its share of ups and downs and unquestionably did not fit the mould of a typical union. Nevertheless, their on-screen enthusiasm for being married to one another suggested that their connection worked for them. The couple hasn’t provided an update on their marital status as of this writing. As of this writing, Karen has made significant progress in her chosen sector and is a Senior Hiring Lawyer for Cassius Sociedade de Advogados. Valmir works for Banco Daycoval as a commercial manager.

Are Daniel and Daniela Still Together?

Without mentioning Daniel Manzoni and Daniela “Dani” Silva, whose astonishingly similar personalities most people around them could not help but notice, this list would not be complete. Therefore, few people were shocked when they publicly declared their love for one another at the altar, with Daniel clearly stating his agreement.

Although the couple hasn’t provided an official update on their marriage as of this writing, we are very confident that it is still going strong. One of the most notable similarities between the couple is their apparent involvement in business; Daniel owns a line of eyewear while Daniela is a businesswoman and model.

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