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Make My Day: All You Need to Know About Season 1’s Release Date, Cast, and Trailer

In February, a brand-new animated Greek television series called Make My Day is set to debut. The television series tells the story of a tranquil setting that transforms into a battleground as mystical animals grow weary of humans spoiling their tranquillity. You will be intrigued by the story in the horror name series because of its superb graphic designs. The soon-to-be-released play, which draws inspiration from Yasuo Ohtagaki, will incorporate all the scientific concepts as it relates the lovely yet horrifying tales of the prisoners who must break their backs in order to make one for their wrongdoings. Here is every everything we know about the next season.

Make My Day Season 1 Release Date

Netflix has confirmed that the animated series will debut on February 2, 2023, so we won’t have to wait long to start binge-watching it. To binge-watch the new series, which is only available on Netflix, you will need an account. The next series’s episode count is still a mystery, but it will be revealed when the time is right.

Make My Day Season 1 Plot

According to the Netflix logline, the Sigs hail from the chilly highlands. What seems to be a crime-free area is actually a place where prisoners are forced to labour extremely hard to mine for ores. We can already tell from the series teaser that the next season will centre on the mysterious glowing beasts that pose a threat to human life on earth. The creatures shave lived in peace in the mines for what seemed like an eternity, but after a tiny incident catalyses them, they leave in quest of their blood lust. The odd animal group, which is twice the size of the foes, is highly likely to lose some of its members, leaving the surviving with grim tales.

Make My Day Season 1 Cast

We anticipate that in due order, the limited information that is now available regarding the voice performers for the next show will change. There is no doubt that Makoto Honda will serve as the series’ executive director. In addition to directing Sakura Revolution, Honda was in charge of the 3D directing for the video game. “Studio 5” The CGI animators, who will also serve as the series animators, will design every character. Masaomi Yamahashi will portray Jim, Ayahi Takagaki will play Marie, Kazuhiro Yamaji will play Walter, and Akio Otsuka will play Akio in the upcoming anime series, which stars characters like commander Bark.

Make My Day Season 1 Trailer

A trailer for the Make My Day Season is already available on YouTube or Netflix. The one-minute series trailer gives viewers all the details they need to know about the upcoming episode. The trailer opens with a terrifying beast attacking people. Once they seize control of the mining location, the first perceived sense of safety is no longer present since the sigs attack and subdue the locals.

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