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Michael Corleone Blanco’s Wife: Insights into Her Life

Marie, the wife of Michael Corleone Blanco, has gained notoriety for her accomplishments and persona as well as her ties to the notorious Blanco family.

Marie, who wed the son of infamous drug boss Griselda Blanco, has persevered and overcome obstacles arising from her familial history.

As the son of Griselda Blanco, she rose to prominence in the late 1970s as Miami’s most active cocaine dealer.

Michael Corleone Blanco is accustomed to the dedication and allegiance that accompany familial bonds.

Since his father, Dario Sepulveda, was a drug dealer himself and passed away in front of him when he was only five years old, Michael was exposed to the hazardous world of drug selling as a child.

There is a widespread belief that Michael’s mother planned his father’s demise.

Michael’s current personality is a result of these experiences, which have made him value family and loved ones above all else.

The reality series “Cartel Crew,” which debuted on VH1 in 2019, offered viewers an intimate look into the lives of wealthy criminals’ offspring.

The cast of the musical included Michael and Marie Ramirez De Arellano, who was his girlfriend at the time.

Michael and Marie have been trying to put their love for their families behind them despite their love for their misdeeds.

After three seasons, “Cartel Crew” came to an end, but Michael and Marie are now married and beginning a new life together.

Let’s take a closer look at Marie Blanco, the spouse of Michael Corleone Blanco.

Michael Corleone Blance wife Knows the True Meaning of Family

Marie’s father was in the cartel, according on her bio on VH1’s “Cartel Crew” landing page.

He was able to keep his personal life and work affairs apart, though.

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He was repeatedly incarcerated and released from prison until managing to escape the cartel.

Regretfully, Marie’s father likewise made the agonizing choice to leave her behind.

But when it came to selecting a life mate, Marie did not choose to continue in her father’s footsteps. Rather, she discovered someone whose background was similar to hers.

Michael and Marie talked about their early years in a 2022 Sidewalks Entertainment interview with Lori Rosales. Marie noted that their Miami lifestyle was somewhat routine.

Her father did his best to protect his family from the wrongdoings around them, despite his involvement in illegal enterprises.

But when the authorities eventually apprehended him, their routine took a sharp turn.

Who is Michael Corleone Blanco wife, Marie Blanco?

Marie received an invitation to serve as a guest celebrity judge at the 2nd Annual Women’s Canna Awards in November 2023. The awards honor the achievements of women in the cannabis industry.

Marie had a traditional childhood, according to her Instagram profile shared by the Women’s Canna Awards.

Marie’s grandparents were exiles from Cuba and she was raised in Miami by first-generation Cuban-American parents.

Notably, her grandpa was the first immigrant from Cuba to establish a factory producing natural sponges on the Miami River.

Marie was inspired by her parents’ attitude of entrepreneurship.

She took an active part in her parents’ courier business during middle school, helping out with administrative tasks and getting ready for potential future employment.

After working for a short time as a flight attendant, Marie enrolled at a Miami private college.

where she pursued her associate’s degree in paralegal studies while working as a legal assistant concurrently.

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Marie has now entered the cosmetics industry by introducing her own makeup brand, Mia Monroe.

She sells a variety of beauty products in her store, such as colorful nail paint and shimmering lip gloss.

Notably, her distinctive lip color is a striking red, making it easy for anyone to copy her glitzy look with a few clicks.

Where is Michael Corleone Blanco Now?

Griselda’s fourth son and Darío Sepúlveda’s lone child is Michael Corleone Blanco. He is the last surviving son of the Black Widow.

Michael and his three kids resided in Miami at the time of his 2020 interview with The Mirror.

Indeed, the main character from The Godfather series is the source of his familiar name.

He is the creator of the wealthy cartel lifestyle company Pure Blanco, which specializes in fashion, music, movies, and cannabis.

He was detained in 2012 on suspicion of trafficking cocaine, the Miami New Times said.

He was accused of attempting to purchase five kilograms from an undercover investigator with a motorcycle, $10,000 in cash, and a pendant and necklace made of diamonds bearing the words “Kill All Rats.”

In addition, he was taken off house arrest and had his television debut in Cartel Crews on VH1.

What does he has to say?

In addition, he has written a book titled My Mother, The Godmother, and The True Story and has spoken candidly about his mother in a number of media outlets.

“Since the 1960s, my mother has been flirting,” he revealed to The Independent. “Forerunner s***. Never again—that was absurd.

Recalling the day he learned of his mother’s passing, he remarked, “It was a call I had been dreading for years.”

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“We had a conversation at two in the morning. “Michael, I stand over your mother’s dead body,” they stated to me.

I was with my boys when I received the call, so even today it still makes me cry. I was taking my youngest swimming lessons. “I refuse to allow these children to live the life I did,” I stated.

But in order to escape that existence, you must assure some people that there won’t be any consequences. It was handled in the former nation of Colombia.

Michael Corleone—who was named in court as Michael Sepulvedablanco—and his spouse Marie a few days prior to the Netflix series’ debut.

They are requesting an emergency interim injunction to stop Griselda’s release on January 25 in addition to damages “over $50,000.”

He gave the source an explanation of his decision to file a lawsuit, saying, “I feel that it’s my duty to do it.” Furthermore, I wouldn’t be honoring my promise to my mother, my original, if I didn’t. Simply said, I’m protecting the family and acting lawfully in doing so.

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