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18 Movies You’ll Enjoy If You Like 13 Going On 30 | Similar Movies To 13 Going On 30


13 Alternatives Jenna, who is thirty years old, is fed up with being disliked and limited by her age. She yearns for a flirty thirty-year-old boyfriend! Jenna discovers that her wish has come true the next day after chanting a wish in her closet following an unfortunate occurrence involving the popular girls and her crush.

Jenna rapidly learns that you should be careful what you want for, that nothing should be taken for granted, and that growing up isn’t as much fun as she anticipated. If you liked the movie, you might also like the following:

A Cinderella Story (2004)

While Sam’s beloved father dies when she is a tiny child, she is devastated. Her nasty stepmother and her two terrible daughters force her to live with them. The only thing that makes her life worthwhile right now is her secret email companion.
When she can articulate her feelings with him in a manner she can’t with anybody else, she feels like she belongs and that someone cares about her. When they agree to meet at the school dance, she chooses not to reveal her true identity, only to learn that she has been conversing with Austin Aimes (the most popular boy in school) the entire time.
Before Sam confesses her true identity, the clock strikes twelve minutes, and she sprints out to beat her stepmother to the diner before she realizes Sam went to the dance she had forbidden her to attend.
Austin takes up her phone when she drops it and goes off on a journey to find his disguised Cinderella. Will they be able to keep their relationship if he finds out she works at her father’s diner?

Easy A (2010)

Olive chooses to fabricate a small white lie to keep things interesting when her well-liked best friend requests that she tell her everything about her weekend. The shy, well-dressed adolescent tells her friend that she lost her virginity over the weekend.
When this knowledge enters the ears of a popular, rambunctious high school student, she swiftly spreads the rumor around the school. The rumor immediately spreads, and Olive becomes renowned for something she never did.
She realizes that lying about anything can have terrible effects, and she must make every effort to correct the wrong; else, she will remain the year’s biggest scandal.

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First Daughter (2004)

Samantha merely wants to be treated like any other college student. That’s not easy when your father is the president and you arrive in a limo on your first day of college and are escorted into the building by Secret Service agents.
That is exactly what occurred to Sam. When she asks for the agents to be brought back, her father “agrees” and hires James as an undercover agent to pose as a student and keep an eye on her.
Samantha soon falls in love with James, and she finally feels like she belongs among her peers. But what will happen to their relationship when she hears that her father has hired James to protect her?

Just Like Heaven (2005)

Soon after becoming an architect, David becomes a widower, and he moves into an apartment in San Francisco to begin his new single life. However, David rapidly discovers that he is not as alone as he had believed.
He encounters Elizabeth’s soul, who claims she lives there and is trespassing. Despite the fact that Elizabeth has no further recollections of her life, she refuses to believe he is telling her she is dead.
Darryl, an absent-minded psychic, is hired by David to figure out what happened to Elizabeth and why she is unwilling to leave the flat.

Just Go With It (2011)

Danny Macca bee, a plastic surgeon, impersonates a married man with a broken heart in order to enjoy the company of a woman without committing to a relationship. All of the women were duped by his lies and deceptions, and he is living out every man’s dream.
When he meets Palmer, the girl of his dreams, his game changes. Instead of telling Palmer the truth, he has Katherine, his assistant, play the part of his soon-to-be-ex-wife.
His goal is to convince Katherine that he was in an abusive relationship with her and that he is better than sliced bread. Palmer’s plan goes bad when Katherine sends her two children to Hawaii with Palmer and Danny for a holiday.
He does his utmost to balance the roles of adoring father, forgiving ex-husband, and best boyfriend in the world, but he quickly realizes that a new problem or circumstance has arisen. How much longer can Danny put up with the deception and lies?

Legally Blonde (2001)

Elle Woods has all she needs and wants in her life. Only one thing is lacking from her perfect world: marrying her fiancé and becoming Mrs. Warner Huntington III. Elle anticipates him proposing to her while out on a romantic date, but he instead abandons her.
This is due to the fact that she is far too blonde! Elle sets out to reclaim his affection and prove that she is more than a pretty face and stereotypical “dumb blond,” and she succeeds in getting into Harvard Law School.
However, she has a change of heart along the way, realizing that what you think you want isn’t always what you want, and that letting life take its course will bring you to ultimate happiness.

Mean Girls (2004)

Cady Heron, an African adolescent, and her parents move to the Chicago suburbs. She’s always wanted to know what it’s like to attend to public school, and now she’ll have the opportunity.
Unfortunately, it isn’t everything she had hoped for, and she quickly changes her appearance to fit in with the “Plastics,” the most popular females at school. Cady is changed into a version of herself by Regina George, the click leader, and she rejects the two people who befriended her when she initially arrived at the school.
Cady faces a moral quandary: should she continue to injure her devoted friends in order to preserve her popularity, or should she stay true to them and herself?

Never Been Kissed (1999)

Josie Gellar had a tough high school experience. She was a jerk who had embarrassed herself more times than she could count. She had never had her first kiss since she was so despised.
Her luck is about to change, though, when her boss assigns her to work as an undercover reporter in a high school to learn more about today’s youngsters. To avoid recreating her horrible high school past, Josie does everything she can to blend in and be popular.
Her heart is captured by Sam Coulson, her charming, dreamy, and beautiful English tutor. She has to pick between her job, her cool high-school adolescent status, and the potential love of her life and her first kiss.

Post Grad (2009)

Ryden Malby has a brilliant idea for her life after college. She’ll live in a luxurious apartment, work for a prestigious publishing company, and have complete control over her life. Rydan has no choice but to return to her weird family’s home until she can get back on her feet when she realizes that Jessica (her competitor) has taken her dream job.
As the rejection letters mount up, she tries to come up with a new strategy for her life with the support of her best friend and a neighbor. Ryden rapidly discovers that life does not always go according to plan, and that life sometimes has a better plan in mind for us.

Penelope (2006)

Penelope Wilhern lives at home because she was born with a pig snout. She was taught that the only way to break her curse was to marry someone who looked precisely like her. To her dismay, all of her so-called suitors reject her.
Two shady characters send a man to pose as her true suitor. Complications arise when the man falls in love with her for the first time, and she begins to bid for her freedom.

Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

Melanie, a New York fashion designer, discovers that she must resolve unresolved issues from her past before moving on with her life after becoming engaged to one of the city’s most gorgeous bachelors.
Despite the fact that she is still legally married, her “ex-husband” refuses to sign the divorce papers. Melanie decides to take matters into her own hands by returning to her hometown of Alabama and demanding that Jake sign the forms.
Instead of fulfilling her wish, he takes her on a trip down memory lane. Mel unconsciously begins to love her ex-gestures, husband’s and she must decide whether she wants to let go of her prior life forever.

The Princess Diaries (2001)

Melanie, a New York fashion designer, discovers that she must resolve unresolved issues from her past before moving on with her life after becoming engaged to one of the city’s most gorgeous bachelors.
Despite the fact that she is still legally married, her “ex-husband” refuses to sign the divorce papers. Melanie decides to take matters into her own hands by returning to her hometown of Alabama and demanding that Jake sign the forms.
Instead of fulfilling her wish, he takes her on a trip down memory lane. Mel unconsciously begins to love her ex-gestures, husband’s and she must decide whether she wants to let go of her prior life forever.

The Holiday (2006)

Iris from England is upset and depressed after the gentleman of her dreams announces his engagement to another lady. Amanda from California needs to relax after finding out that her boyfriend had an affair with his secretary.
Iris, wanting to get away from her ex-lover, posts an ad to trade houses with someone for a trip. When Amanda reads the ad, she applies immediately away, and the two agree to stay in each other’s homes.
Iris and Amanda each gained more when they consented to meet people who seemed to be the missing puzzle parts in their life.

The Other Woman (2014)

When it comes to intimate relationships, Carly Whitten is a ruthless New York lawyer who follows the rules. Her norms are instantly broken when they meet the savagely beautiful Mark King.
Carly decides to surprise him one night at his house, only to discover that Mark is a married, cheating scumbag who has deceived her as well as his miserable wife, Kate King. Carly is questioned about the affair by Mark’s wife, and she admits that she had no idea he was married.
When they realize that he is also cheating on them with a lovely blonde bombshell, the three of them form an unexpected bond. They intend to track down Mark and wreck his entire existence in retribution for messing with their emotions and shattering their hearts.

TiMER (2009)

A TiMER is a wrist-worn device that clocks down to the precise moment when the owner will meet their life partner. Oona O’Leary’s TiMER has yet to be implanted, hence hers is blank.
She becomes irritated as she realizes she is not growing any younger, so she abandons her ambitions and falls in love with Mikey, a very young, charming grocery cashier with only four months remaining on his TiMER.

The Proposal

Margaret Tate, a powerful Canadian book editor, is on the verge of being deported. She must design a strategy for acquiring a permanent domicile in New York if she wishes to remain there. She sees a way out by informing her superiors that she and her assistant are getting married, something she badly wants to happen.
Her bosses are relieved and request that the agreement be formalized; else, she would be deported. Margaret is spirited away to Alaska for the weekend to celebrate her grandmother’s 90th birthday, and Andrew agrees to the plan in exchange for a job as a book editor.
The suspicious immigration officer is keeping an eye on two persons he believes are crooks. Will their plan keep Margaret from being deported, and how long can they pretend to be in love?

Win A Date With Tad Hamilton (2004)

Pete is a down-to-earth grocery store manager in love with Rosalee, his coworker and best friend. Pete is forced to behave as if his feelings for her are unimportant when she wins the date of a lifetime with her all-time favorite actor, Tad Hamilton.
When she returns home from her date, Pete tries to reveal his feelings for her, but Tad Hamilton shows up in her little town looking for a relationship with the one female who has ever refused to rush into bed with him after meeting him in person.
Pete, who is heartbroken, tries everything he can to persuade her that he is the one she must choose, but things do not go as planned. Will he be able to win Rosalee’s heart before the hunky actor, or will he spend the rest of his life as a friend?

17 Again

When Mike O’Donnell was a high school basketball standout, his future seemed bright and promising. But life got in the way, and he had to give up basketball in order to marry his pregnant adolescent sweetheart. Mike’s marriage is crumbling, his employment prospects are bleak, and his children perceive him as a failure after twenty years.
He mysteriously changes back into his 17-year-old self after an encounter with a high-school janitor, and he is granted a second chance at a better life, or so he believes. He rapidly realizes, however, that mending his past may jeopardize his present and future.

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