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10 Best Horror Movies Like Megan Is Missing (Latest Similar Movies To Megan Is Missing)


This list will be just up your alley if you appreciate horror movies. Megan Is Missing was a movie that we all liked. Megan is Missing becomes a fantastic film to watch due to the unexpected horror twists and turns, and is thus a must-see for those who haven’t watched it. However, if you want to see more films like this, you’ve come to the correct place. We’ll talk about the ten best movies Megan hasn’t seen yet.

This should be on your radar if you enjoyed Megan is Missing or horror in general. This is why we suggest going through the list until you find the film you wish to see. So, without further ado, here’s where we’ll begin:-

The top 10 movies that are comparable to Megan is Missing are listed below.

An American haunting

The story follows a family who is haunted by an evil spirit, which eventually leads to the death of one of its members. This video, which is based on a true story, perfectly depicts the fear of family members and passers-by, making it a must-see. We strongly advise you to see this film if you haven’t already. All of the previous flicks come to a great finish in this film.

Blair witch project

This is yet another cam-recorded horror flick that delivers all of the raw elements of fear and horror to the audience. The Blair Witch Project is a film that was released in theaters in 1999 about three students. The fact that these three youngsters decide to embark on a vacation to the black hills outside Burkittsville in search of the Blair witch, an urban legend, is what makes them so intriguing.

Blair Witch, according to legend, resides in these hills and murders everyone who dares to defy her, therefore this isn’t a joke. Three filmmaking students, on the other hand, make their way through the hills and are never seen again.

A year later, locals discover their footage and camera equipment, which is eventually scrutinized to reveal the tragic events of the Blair witch project. If you’ve just seen Megan is Missing, this is a terrific film to see because it has a lot of thrilling twists and turns that you’ll want to see. For everyone who hasn’t seen it yet, this is a must-see film.

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The third film on the list is creepy, and it will give you the creeps, as the title suggests. This film, on the other hand, isn’t like the other horror movies you’ve seen. The cam recorded feel of the film gives you goosebumps, which is exactly what you’d expect from a horror flick. Things, on the other hand, are not limited to that. But, before we get into the specifics, let’s take a look at the overall story.

The story revolves around a videographer and his client. This client found this filmmaker via a newspaper ad and asked him to create a video for his newborn child. However, as the video progresses, it becomes clear that this oddball customer is hiding a lot of secrets.

The events that unfold make this picture unnerving, making it an excellent choice for fans of Megan Is Missing. If you haven’t already seen it, we strongly urge you to do so. This film will provide you with a slew of jump scares and unexpected turns, making it well worth your time to watch.

Friend request

This film, unlike the others we’ve studied so far, isn’t totally filmed on film. If you’ve just finished a book, A Friend Request is one of the best films to see. Megan isn’t there because the plot is intriguing and the setting is professional. This film is a must-see for Megan is Missing fans because the plot revolves around Megan, who goes missing after meeting an internet friend.

Laura, a socially popular girl, receives a friend request from Marina, a socially awkward person who no one notices, in the film A Friend Request. Laura, on the other hand, is a lovely young lady who adds her on Facebook and introduces herself to her on campus.

But, unaware of the strange events that are going to happen, she purposely does not invite Marina to her birthday celebration, and everything falls apart. As a result of the events shown in the film, Laura loses all of her friends and popularity. Instead, people start to dislike her. Everyone who has seen Megan is Missing should see this film since it has a beautiful ending.


The next film on the list is the most recent release and is highly recommended. This film follows a group of friends as they prepare for a seance with a medium who has been suggested by a mutual acquaintance. Things, however, do not go as planned. Having a friend who is wildly funny offers a significant challenge for everyone else in the meeting.

When one of their pals is asked to talk with a spirit, he fabricates a story about a young boy who committed suicide. The medium reveals that any ghost can pass through the disguise that one of them has created because this story is a fake. Then, much to their amazement, a terrifying apparition appears.

This spirit assassinates every single individual in the meeting, bringing the film to a finish. If you liked Megan is Missing, you’ll enjoy this movie as well. This film will appeal to you since it contains numerous surprising twists and turns.

Open graves

This isn’t really a horror picture, but it is an excellent thriller. The film Open Graves, based on a board game, stars Jason and his surfing buddies. After discovering a bizarre game called mamba somewhere, Jason and his buddies begin to play it. However, as the dice are rolled and the game comes to a close, they discover that the losers will suffer a terrible fate. The winner, on the other hand, is granted a desire.

Paranormal activity

Because Paranormal Activity is one of the most well-known horror film franchises, it has to be included on this list. The film series Paranormal Activity is around a family who is afflicted by a demon who haunts and murders several members of the family as well as bystanders. This is terrifying because paranormal activity has a visceral quality to it.

Because the entire film is shot on camera, it will send chills down your spine as if it were happening right in front of your eyes. This film feels incredibly real because no professional set is used, which is why many people have nightmares after seeing it. Although there is only a passing resemblance to Megan in terms of paranormal activity, we still recommend seeing it.

Paranormal Activity is a film that you really must see. We’re convinced that if you liked Megan is Missing, you’ll appreciate paranormal activity. If you haven’t already seen it, you should do so right away.

The taking of Deborah Logan

Another documentary-style horror film that will give you the creeps is next on the list. Mia, a graduate student, as well as Deborah and Sarah, a mother and daughter, are essential to the story. While documenting their life, Mia notices certain weird behaviors and concludes that Deborah is being influenced by an unknown force.

This film should be on your radar if you appreciate slow-burning horror thrillers that nonetheless pack a punch. Megan’s whole camera sequence, which is missing, has the same vibe as the movie’s cam recorded feel. People who liked Megan is Missing would appreciate this film, which has a terrifying persona. We strongly suggest you to watch it if you haven’t already.

The Invisible

This next film is a new take on horror films that you may not have seen before, and it addresses the topic of death. The Invisible is a film about a star high school student who is assaulted by a troubled adolescent girl.

Following the attack, this child hangs by a thread on the verge of death, and it is up to his ghost to provide the proof to the authorities, allowing him to be spared and the offender to be proven guilty.

However, while researching as a ghost, the child realizes that the attacker is not beyond redemption and asks for her help in resurrecting him. This video presents an intriguing notion that has never been seen before, and as a result, we strongly recommend that you see it. The Invisible will surely appeal to fans of Megan is Missing.


This film will surely give you the chills, and it is therefore one that we strongly recommend you see. Unfriended is a film with a plot that is quite similar to the one we just examined, although it differs somewhat in several ways. Unfriended follows six girls who are late one night video chatting when they get a Skype message from a dead friend who committed suicide a year ago.

However, they disregard it at first as a prank perpetrated on them. The girls are terrified that this seventh creature will reveal their innermost secrets. Many horrible things start to happen to them, culminating in a lot of drama and jump scares. This film, which was shot entirely on a computer belonging to a young teen girl, lends new meaning to the term “found footage” horror and is a must-see for Megan is Missing aficionados.

This film is disturbing since the events appear natural and might happen to anyone, which is why we recommend it to you as well. If you haven’t seen this film yet, you should do so immediately; you will not be disappointed.

Jason’s sole chance of winning is to keep the dice rolling and win the game before anything happens. As a result, he keeps playing with his girlfriend while striving to reconnect with his friends. Due to an unexpected turn of events, this film is a must-see for Megan is Missing fans. We strongly suggest you to watch it if you haven’t already.

The ten films listed above are the best films that are similar to Megan is Missing and are thus included in this list. This collection of films is ideal for you to watch if you enjoyed the latter and want to learn more about the genre. We’re positive that you’ll find something on this list to your satisfaction. Until then, keep scrolling!

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