My Happy Marriage Episode 8: Highlights and Conclusion

The romantic animation “My Happy Marriage” from Netflix is based on the Akumi Agitogi and Tsukiho Tsukioka light novel series of the same name. The tale is on the growing romance between Kiyoka Kudo, the head of the Kudo clan, and Miyo Saimori, a teenage member of the Saimori clan, set in an alternate history of Japan’s Meiji Era. Miyo was tortured and neglected as a child while coming from one of the nation’s most wealthy and influential families. When her engagement to Kudo is planned, her life is changed. When she realises he is not as cruel as the rumours imply, her first anxieties vanish. Instead, he is considerate, kind, and dependable.

In episode 8, titled “Nightmares and Ominous Shadows,” Kudo’s elder sister Hazuki begins to teach Miyo the proper manners for women. Arata moves while Kudo looks into the influx of the Grotesqueries. Here is all the information you might need on the conclusion of episode 8 of “My Happy Marriage.” Spoilers follow.

My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Recap

An explanation of the Grave, which was discussed in the last episode, opens this one. The Grave is the resting place for the gift-users, and it is situated deep within the forbidden zone. The vengeful ghosts of the gift users change into Grotesqueries there. To prevent them from escaping and making their way to the capital, they are kept in enclosed facilities. Because supernatural prowess in this realm is correlated with spiritual strength, escaped Grotesqueries are capable of wreaking havoc on a large scale. Okaito is curious about the identity of the person who opened the Grave as he and Kudo make their way to meet with the Crown Prince.

It appears that Takaihito, the Crown Prince, had a revelation regarding this, which leads Kudo to conclude that it is not a coincidence. We learn more about how powers work in this scene as well. Takaihito’s powers remain erratic, but Okaito says that once he assumes the throne as Emperor, he would be able to access the whole potential. Due to this, the series emphasises Kudo’s status as the family’s patriarch numerous times.

Following the removal of his father, Minoru, Kazushi Tatsuishi, the new family patriarch, runs across Kudo and Okaito while they travel. Kudo escorts them to the Prince’s audience chamber, where Kazushi disassociates himself and the family from his father’s deeds and vows devotion to the crown and the Kudo family, despite making it apparent that he doesn’t approve of his rather casual clothes.

Hazuki, who has been depriving Miyo of love and affection since her mother’s passing, continues to train her in both Western and Japanese manners in the meantime. However, when Hazuki advises that Miyo stop using honorifics while addressing her and instead call her sister, Miyo appears to briefly experience a traumatised reaction to the term “sister”. She suggests that she will address Hazuki by name as a result. Even though Hazuki is unsure of what is going on, she gladly accepts Miyo’s offer.

Kudo’s worries grow as Miyo’s nightmares continue to torment her. Miyo experiences yet another nightmare as he leads his crew to the Grave, where they deal with many Grotesqueries. Particularly as a result of her straining herself to the maximum during training, her health begins to suffer. Miyo passes out while out and about in the town with Hazuki and Yurie, perhaps from weariness. She imagines Kudo catching her when it’s actually Arata Tsuruki.

My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Ending: Why is Arata Tsuruki Interested in Miyo?

The other families with supernatural abilities view Miyo as a very significant bride-to-be because of her relationship to the Usuba family through her mother, Sumi. The Usuba family has members that have the ability to read minds and possibly even manipulate them. Although the anime has yet to provide an explanation, it appears that the family’s talent made the Emperor uneasy, which led to their seclusion.

In this episode, Arata Tsuruki appears as an emissary from the Ministry of the Imperial Household to Kudo’s workplace. Even though he is there to talk about the Grave and the Grotesqueries, he keeps bringing up Kudo’s personal life, particularly his engagement to Miyo, without necessarily raising Kudo’s suspicions despite the fact that the latter is a naturally cautious guy. Later, after Miyo faints, he practically appears out of nowhere on the street to catch her.

Arata is a cousin of Usuba and Miyo in the light novels. The family has been using the Tsuruki surname for many years, probably in an effort to conceal their true identity from the Emperor and other supernaturally gifted families. Areata’s motivations are still a mystery to us, but it’s possible that he genuinely cares about his cousin and wants to support her and her fiancé as they become embroiled in the risky politics of the capital.

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