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Is Lifetime’s ‘My Husband’s Worst Mistake’ Based on a True Story? Unraveling the Facts

‘My Husband’s Worst Mistake,’ a thriller-drama on Lifetime, is centred on Brad Collins and Amy, a married couple who appear to be content with their union on the surface. In truth, as he tries to exert more control over his wife with each passing year, Brad’s love for her has morphed into an obsession. Brad is stunned and distraught when he finds out about Amy’s romance with a work colleague, and things quickly get worse.

When a heated disagreement breaks out between Brad and Amy, she pushes him, and out of impulse, he does the same, accidently killing his beloved by causing her to trip and suffer a major head injury. The Matt Wells, Sarah Cleveland, Scott Gibson, Jinesea Bianca Lewis, Nicole Moller, and Derick Agyemang-led Roxanne Boisvert film is a part of the network’s ‘Unhappily Ever After’ schedule. Many viewers are likely to question whether “My Husband’s Worst Mistake” is based on actual events due to the realistic themes of jealously and murder. Let’s examine it in greater detail now, shall we?

Is My Husband’s Worst Mistake a True Story?

‘My Husband’s Worst Mistake’ is not based on a genuine tale, to be clear. David DeCrane, known for “One Small Indiscretion,” “Pretty Little Addict,” “My Life as a Dead Girl,” and “The Girl He Met Online,” and Elizabeth Stuart, known for “Psycho Sweet 16,” “The Perfect Wedding,” “A Daughter’s Revenge,” and “Double Mommy,” actually contributed to the film’s captivating and compelling storyline. The two screenwriters combined their mastery of the written word with their extensive professional expertise to create a gripping and believable screenplay.

One of the reasons you have doubts about the validity of the Lifetime movie is because cases of envious husbands taking certain hasty and unpleasant measures against their wives are not unheard of in real life. For instance, Pairoj Singthong, 44, was detained in October 2022 for allegedly using a hammer to kill his wife Sararat Ratchasin, 31, at their home in the Nonthaburi province, close to Bangkok. According to reports, he arrived home enraged because he suspected his wife was having an affair. He then reportedly let his blind anger take control.

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The fact that many films and television programmes have addressed the topics of jealousy, adultery, and murder throughout the years is another reason why “My Husband’s Worst Mistake” appears familiar to many of you. One of the best examples is undoubtedly the 1998 film “A Perfect Murder,” directed by Andrew Davis. The crime thriller, which is a replica of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 film “Dial M for Murder,” stars Michael Douglas as Steven Taylor, a successful businessman who learns of his wife’s illicit affair with David.

Steven offers David a substantial sum of money to kill his wife while devising a complex plot to make it appear like a flawless murder in a fit of fury and envy. As you can see, ‘A Perfect Murder’ and ‘My Husband’s Worst Mistake’ have a number of themes. Overall, the Lifetime movie is a work of fiction and has little to do with reality, although containing a variety of topics and components that are true to life.

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