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My Son Didn’t Do It: Investigating the True Events Behind the Lifetime Movie

Lifetime’s “My Son Didn’t Do It,” directed by Soran Mardookhi, is a crime thriller drama that centres on a single mother with a flourishing job who attempts to lead a balanced existence by making time for her family as well. Her idyllic existence appears to be ruined when her shy teenage son is charged with killing a young woman he met online. She must now do every effort to establish her son’s innocence and track down the true offender.

The suspenseful film includes several real-life issues, such as the false allegation of a teen, and boasts outstanding onscreen performances from a collection of gifted performers, including Gina Holden, Jason Cermak, Zoe Christie, and Stephanie Izsak. This makes your inquiry, “Is ‘My Son Didn’t Do It’ Grounded in Reality?” logical. So allow us to provide you a thorough response in that scenario!

Is My Son Didn’t Do It a True Story?

‘My Son Didn’t Do It’ is not based on a genuine story, to be precise. Instead, the plot was developed by screenwriter Jan Libby, who has worked on “Sev7nth Circle” and “Lonelygirl15.” He was able to bring his vision to life and create the exhilarating yet believable screenplay for the Lifetime movie because to his extensive industry expertise, an innovative mind, and great writing abilities.

Unfortunately, it happens frequently in real life for someone to be falsely accused of committing a crime. There have been instances where someone has been charged with a crime, received a sentence, and then had their innocence established years later. For instance, Cedric Dent served time in prison in 1997 for a murder that never happened. It took more than 20 years to establish his innocence, and his conviction ought to be overturned.

In addition to the numerous real-life examples, the concept of false accusations may sound familiar to you because it has been in a number of films and TV shows over the years. ‘Mommy, I Didn’t Do It,’ a 2017 crime thriller from Lifetime, is one of the most appropriate examples. In the Richard Gabai-directed film, Danica McKellar plays Ellen Plainview, who is eager to spend time with her daughter once she graduates from law school.

Sadly, Ellen’s preparations are unsuccessful when her daughter is charged with killing a teacher. She must now put her legal education to good use in order to safeguard her family and learn the truth about the case. As a result, there are many similarities between the two films’ plots and some of their characters. Therefore, ‘My Son Didn’t Do It’ may contain certain true-to-life components, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a work of fiction, as shown by all the aforementioned considerations.

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