Netflix's Department Q Series: Scotland as the Setting

Netflix’s Department Q Series: Upcoming Filming in Scotland

Jussi Adler-Olsen, a Danish author, is the author of the “Department Q” crime fiction series. Netflix will release a live-action television adaptation of the books. The television series, which will follow the Danish film series as the second live-action Adler-Olsen novel adaption, was first confirmed by the streamer in April 2023. It’s anticipated that ‘Department Q’ on Netflix will begin filming its first season in January 2024. Scotland will serve as the primary location for filming, primarily in Edinburgh. In contrast to the source material, which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, the city will also serve as the show’s main setting.
Netflix's Department Q Series: Scotland as the Setting

Carl Mrck, a former top-rated detective who is transferred to the main unit in the investigative thriller books, is the main character. Carl is the main character in the first novel, who struggles with his guilt over an incident that left one of his partners paralysed and another police officer dead. Carl sees a chance for redemption when he is given a cold case, though. The first book, titled “The Keeper of Lost Causes,” will likely be covered in the first season of the Netflix adaptation. The first season’s actual number of episodes hasn’t been disclosed, though. Additionally, no casting announcements for the project have been announced.

T he show was created by writer-director Scott Frank, who has received two Academy Award nominations. While serving as executive producer, he is also anticipated to direct a few episodes. The ‘Department Q’ novels by Jussi Adler-Olsen were initially licenced for US television adaptation by Frank in 2014. The Queen’s Gambit, written by Walter Tevis in 1983, is Frank’s best-known adaption and was published by Netflix in 2020. Additionally, he contributed to the writing for James Mangold’s 2017 superhero drama film “Logan.”

Frank has expressed his enthusiasm for the Adler-Olsen book series, especially the author’s character development. He has also expressed interest in turning the entire ten-volume series into a television series, with each book serving as a season. Earlier, it was claimed that Frank had planned to work with Left Bank Pictures in 2020 on a Boston-set US adaptation of Adler-Olsen’s books. The show’s setting has now been changed to Edinburgh, Scotland, suggesting that the producers have changed their minds.

‘Department Q’ television series scripts are being written by Chandni Lakhani. For her work on programmes including “Black Mirror,” “Dublin Murders,” and “Vigil,” Lakhani is well-known. The series’ executive producers are anticipated to be Rob Bullock and Andy Harries. The series is being produced by the UK-based film and television production company Left Bank Pictures. ‘The Crown,’ ‘White Lines,’ and ‘Behind Her Eyes,’ among other well-regarded episodes, were produced by Netflix thanks to the production company’s collaboration with the streaming service.

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