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Where Was Netflix’s Soulcatcher Filmed? Diving into the Fantasy Series’ World

Daniel Markowicz co-wrote and directed “Soulcatcher,” a Polish action thriller on Netflix, which centres around a military contractor named Kiel who formerly fought terrorism for Polish forces but is now employed by a private military firm. He accepts a mission in a nation under the control of a local warlord along with his brother Piotr. Their goal is to obtain a weapon that can convert users into ruthless killers.

Unfortunately, when Piotr is harmed by the device, Kiel seeks retaliation and sets out on a difficult quest. The action film takes place in a variety of settings as Kiel goes to several locales for his mission, and has outstanding performances by Piotr Witkowski, Jacek Koman, Jacek Poniedzialek, Mariusz Bonaszewski, Aleksandra Adamska, and Vansh Luthra. So, if you’re wondering where “Soulcatcher” was shot, we’ve got you covered!

Soulcatcher Filming Locations

According to reports, “Soulcatcher” was shot entirely in Poland in a variety of settings, including in the countryside and mountains. The expansive and adaptable Polish landscape makes the European nation an ideal location for filming a variety of projects, including “Soulcatcher.” So let’s visit each of the specific places mentioned in the Netflix film!


Nearly all of the crucial scenes for “Soulcatcher” appeared to have been shot throughout Poland, with the production crew setting up camp at various locations to film extra scenes against appropriate backdrops. The scenes involving the verdant mountains, the airport runway, and other scenery may have been filmed primarily on location. However, the filming crew might have made use of one of the Polish film studios’ resources to shoot a few critical scenes.the soul catcher,netflix soil,netflix the soul,does netflix have soul surfer

In July 2023, the Indian actor Vansh Luthra, who plays one of the movie’s key roles as a Sikh soldier, sat down for an interview with Indulge Express. After discussing how he got the part despite having to compete with hundreds of other actors in Warsaw, he discussed how he prepared for the important part. I underwent rigorous warfare and firearms training since I had to portray an elite soldier, he claimed. The months leading up to the filming were also months of intense exercise for me.

“I had a lot of action scenes, and I mostly carry a gun throughout the movie,” Vansh continued. In addition, I had to leap into a running aeroplane on a runway without a harness so that it would ultimately take off. We most likely performed the take seven times in all. In order to portray the Sikh persona as accurately as possible, I didn’t shave or otherwise alter my body’s hair.

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