In Pics : Meet Weird Al” Yankovic’s Daughter Nina Yankovic – How Old Is She?

It’s understandable if “Weird Al” Yankovic’s admirers find it difficult to picture him as a father or a husband. He simply sort of comes off as a charming goofy after 40 years of parodying pop culture songs and finally emerging as a cultural legend himself. Just another “Weird Al” Al Yankovic actually has a daughter and has been happily married for more than 20 years. It transpires that he is more than simply his music and enduring devotion to Hawaiian shirts.

“Weird Al” fell for his wife, Suzanne, on the phone.

Musician Bill Mumy arranged for Suzanne Krajewski, a television and film executive, to go on a date with Yankovic. Before meeting in person, the two spoke on the phone for several weeks, and Yankovic admitted to Wired that he already had a crush on her. He admitted in 2000 that he was hoping she was attractive when he met her on their first date since he might end up marrying her.

Before they even met, Yankovic was prepared to walk down the aisle, but Suzanne was hesitant because of his reputation. “I therefore concluded that it was really shallow of me to only be considering a persona. People are frequently very different from how they seem, Suzanne said in 2014 to Rolling Stone. “And we hit it off right away.”

The couple got married in 2001.

When Yankovic and Krajewski got married in 2001, she immediately started making significant adjustments in his life, such as donating some of his old clothing to Goodwill. He revealed to Vice in 2018 that “she ended up wearing a number of the clothing I wore in high school, which I still kept in my early 40s.” And she looked fantastic; they fit her well. She helped me quit collecting things.

Marriage made Yankovic “happier.”

Yankovic talked candidly to Rolling Stone about how he was more happy after getting married later in life. Although none of us had previously been married and neither of us expects to get married again, I suppose we did get married a little later in life. I relished my single status. However, I discovered that being married and having a child made me more happy.

Hi daughter Nina was born in February 2003.

In 2003, Yankovic’s daughter Nina was born, making him a parent. Nina, who is now 19 years old, is not on social media, but her father’s Instagram account lets us know that he dropped her off for her freshman year of college in September 2021. Instead of sharing new pictures of her, he prefers to write birthday cards utilising memories from when she was a young child. Or even vintage videos for special events.

Nina is funny like her dad.

A humorous video of Nina as a little child wearing her pet gecko on her nose was posted on Twitter by Yankovic in honour of Nina’s 18th birthday in February 2021. Have you seen my gecko, please? As the lizard climbed up her face, she remarked, “I looked everywhere. Daughter is just like her father.

His wife and daughter attended the premiere of Weird: The Al Yankovic Story with him.

At the debut of Yankovic’s new biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, which stars Daniel Radcliffe as the musician himself, both Suzanne and Nina were at his side. (Suzanne even made a quick cameo in the film, sitting next to the person Yankovic played, at an awards show that Radcliffe’s Weird Al attends.)

Even though Nina prefers to avoid the spotlight, she always makes an appearance for her father, beaming with pride.

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