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Where and When Does ‘One Piece’ Take Place? One Piece Map Explained

The fantasy adventure series “One Piece” on Netflix centres on Monkey D. Luffy and his band of pirates, the Straw Hat Pirates. Each crew member has a dream, and unforeseen circumstances have brought them together. The fabled treasure known as One Piece, which has been missing for more than twenty years, is Luffy’s ultimate goal. As they get ready to sail into unexplored waters, where the world turns out to be more perilous and the waters more difficult than they could have imagined, he is joined by Nami, Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji. The television programme invents a distinctive world that is very dissimilar from ours. Here is all the information you require regarding the ‘One Piece’ universe on Netflix. Spoilers follow.

One Piece Timeline

one piece map,one piece timeline episodes,one piece setting map timeline pdf,one piece setting map timeline explained,one piece setting map timeline anime,one piece timeline arc,one piece year 1524,one piece setting,one piece mappa studio,one piece mappa style,what timeline is one piece set in

The major characters of ‘One Piece’ are introduced to us in the first se ason, and their origins as the Straw Hat Pirates are explained. We follow Monkey D. Luffy in the current timeframe as he sets out to locate a trustworthy ship and crew so that he can set sail towards the Grand Line and find the riches.

Gol D. Roger, a notorious pirate, is executed in front of the public 22 years prior to the current situation. But before passing away, he shares with everyone where he has hidden his treasure, which he has amassed over the years and is located somewhere along the Grand Line. Many people turn to piracy in an effort to find this treasure.

Over the course of a few weeks, Luffy encounters the individuals who would later become his crew and pals. We also travel through time to see their origin stories, though. In his backstory, Zoro describes how the death of a comrade seven years ago set him on the path to becoming the greatest swordsman in history. Luffy first met Shanks, a pirate he admired, ten years before he actually started being a pirate. Shanks gave Luffy the idea to become the King of Pirates. Similar to this, the show uses flashbacks to offer viewers a deeper understanding of the characters’ stories.

One Piece Map, Explained

One Piece on Netflix is set in a universe that is not like ours. The action takes place on an unknown planet where the oceans make up the majority of the surface area. The Red Line, a swath of land that cuts across the centre of the ocean like the Prime Meridian on Earth, divides the ocean in half. The Red Line, which is made up of mountain ranges and is mainly desert, has not yet been mentioned on the television programme. Most people reside on the islands in the four oceans instead than along the Red Line.

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The Grand Line, which runs parallel to the Red Line and serves as the world’s equator, further divides the halves into four quadrants. North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue are the names of the four oceanic quadrants. East Blue is the location of most of the action in “One Piece’s” first season. This quadrant contains every location mentioned in the first season. In Loguetown, where Gol D. Roger is executed and makes the declaration that One Piece exists, the story opens.

Windmill Village, Shimotsuki Village (Zoro’s residence), Sixis Island, Shells Town (the location of the 153rd Marine Branch), the Baratie restaurant, the Gecko Island, and Syrup Village (the setting for Kaya and Usopp’s story) are among the other locations that appear in the show.

The Grand Line

Although it hasn’t yet appeared in Netflix’s “One Piece,” The Grand Line is a significant plot point. Luffy wants to go to this location because it is where Roger’s secret treasure resides. The Grand Line is dangerous since it is home to the most notorious pirates, who are all there in search of the loot. The location is ideal for adventure because the weather is erratic, the monsters are more dangerous than anywhere else, and the compasses frequently malfunction.

Being there is difficult enough, but getting into the Grand Line is a very different problem. The Calm Belt, a stretch of tranquil ocean on either side of the Grand Line, is so named. Its name comes from the fact that there are never any ocean currents or winds to make sailing easier. Additionally, the Sea Kings, some of the sea’s deadliest monsters, have their nests there. It becomes quite challenging to cross over into the opposite quadrant with the Calm Belt on each side of the Grand Line.

The Reverse Mountain is another, to which Nami alludes at the conclusion of Season 1. Here, the water enters the Grand Line by first flowing uphill and then descending. The Straw Hat Pirates must use this route in order to reach the Grand Line, despite the fact that the location’s danger is obvious from the description alone.

The All Blue

The location of one site in Netflix’s “One Piece” is still unknown, despite the other locations being visible on the maps. Sanji mentions it and calls it the All Blue. According to a tradition, the convergence of the four oceans creates spawning grounds for hitherto unseen species of fish, making it the ideal location for any chef worth their salt in the globe. Sanji’s desire is to find this location, a fantasy he shared with his father-like figure, Zeff, a pirate who was also looking for the All Blue. Sanji decides to leave Baratie and join the Straw Hat Pirates because he wants to find the location.

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