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Pamela Mastropietro Autopsy Photos Revealed The Horrific Truth

Pamela’s body was dismembered “in a scientific fashion,” according to the coroner Mariano Cingolani, and washed with bleach to remove all signs of her, according to grisly details revealed during the autopsy.

Oseghale, the murderer, chose to kill them by enclosing Pamela’s body in two trolleys.

He travelled with a taxi driver friend to the outskirts of Pollenza on the evening of January 30 where he left his suitcases containing Pamela’s body parts.

When he was taken into custody, Oseghale denied using violence and defended himself by claiming Pamela had overdosed on heroin.

After a few days, Oseghale was captured on camera by a surveillance system, leading to his eventual arrest.

The image, which captured Oseghale pursuing the girl, was acquired from a security camera set up outside of a pharmacy in Macerata.

Then, at the man’s home, Pamela’s clothing and blood traces were discovered. Up until the summer of 2018, Oseghale attempted to provide numerous versions when the investigators approached him.

In front of Giovanni Giorgio, the prosecutor, he acknowledged that he had dismembered the body of the girl who he claimed had overdosed and died, but he denied having raped her.

The police determined that two knife wounds “penetrated at the base of the right chest when the victim was still alive” would have been deadly following a number of scientific investigations of the girl’s body.

Prior to that, Oseghale allegedly mistreated her when she was in bad physical condition from using heroin, according to the investigators.

The investigations into Oseghale were completed in June 2018, and his trial, which began in 2019, came to a conclusion today with a life sentence.

The murder of Pamela Mastropietro

On January 30, 2018, the 18-year-old was slain in Macerata. Oseghale is the only one charged with the girl’s rape and murder; he entered a not guilty plea and only admitted to dismembering her body.

He was put on trial in February 2019. He was given a life sentence on May 29, 2019.

The Ancona Court of Assizes of Appeal also upheld the conviction on October 16, 2020. Charges brought against the defendant included willful homicide aggravated by sexual violence, contempt, destruction, and hiding of a corpse.

Several sources claim that Pamela escaped the Pars recovery community on January 29, 2018. The following day, a different cab driver observed her at the Diaz Gardens, a Macerata drug selling square, where she had spent the previous night.

Here, the girl paid Desmond Lucky for a dose of narcotics with a silver chain that she had received as a gift from her mother.

Oseghale’s friend Desmond Lucky initially took part in the primary probe before being exonerated.

The detectives concluded that Oseghale would have persuaded Pamela to ascend to his apartment through Spalato at this moment.

He might have r*ped her and then killed her in exchange for a heroin dose, stabbing her in the liver in a fit of wrath because she wanted to contact the police.

Victory for Italian mother, who wore a T-shirt showing Pamela’s dismembered body to a court hearing

After five years, the final verdict was delivered, confirming Oseghale’s life sentence. He was charged with raping, killing, and dismembering Pamela Mastropietro, 18, in Macerata in January 2018.

The girl’s parents were in the courtroom when the sentence was read, but the defendant was not.

The mother of Pamela Mastropietro struggled for years to have the aggravating factor of sexual violence taken into account in his sentence.

Oseghale could have received a less sentence if the aggravating element had been removed.

The bis appeal process, which was sent to Perugia for procedural reasons, only involved the offence of sexual violence.

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