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Park Na-rae: Zombieverse Participant’s Journey and Whereabouts

The Netflix original series “Zombieverse,” created by Park Jin-kyung, merges the ideas of reality television and the zombie apocalypse in a way that has never been done before. The cast of this Korean television show is what really draws us in, keeping us riveted to the screen while simultaneously rooting for them to triumph in any challenges they encounter. Without a doubt, Park Na-rae was one of the most fascinating participants. Despite numerous difficulties and a less-than-happy conclusion, Park Na-rae made an enduring impression. We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering where the accomplished comedian is these days.

Park Na-rae’s Zombieverse Journey

As one of the potential judges for a made-up reality show called “Love Hunters,” Park Na-rae first encountered Ro Hong-chul, Lee Si-young, DinDin (Lim Cheol), and Fukutomi Tsuki at the beginning of her “Zombieverse” journey. Naturally, the zombie attacks that began during this specific circumstance took her on an incredible journey. Keep in mind that Park was at the time recovering from an ACL surgery, which had a significant impact on the on-screen action.park na rae variety show,park na rae friends

The survivors stopped at a petrol station while attempting to flee the initial epidemic, where they not only learnt a lot about the zombies’ behaviour but also came to know one another better. Park and Ro Hong-chul do, however, start to grow a little bit of a rivalry at this point. Things started to become interesting when the gang inevitably sought refuge at a grocery store and reunited with the other survivors (Kkwachu Hyung, Dex/Kim Jin-young, Jonathan Yiombi, Patricia Yiombi, and Yoo Hee-kwan).

It was determined that Park would be coupled with Jonathan and secured in between two shopping carts in order to gather groceries because her leg injuries greatly limited her mobility. However, things didn’t go as planned, causing Park to become trapped between a group of zombies and Jonathan to flee. Yoo Hee-kwan attempted to distract the zombies in order to aid her but was “killed” in the process.park na rae variety show,park na rae friends

The survivors had to find a suitable vehicle to escape the zombie-infested area as they were stuck in a parking lot for the next leg of the adventure. However, the team quickly realised that in order to move cars, they needed a forklift. Although Park had a basic understanding of forklift operation, her leg disability prevented her from using one. Ro Hong-chul declared that he will follow Park’s instructions exactly as a result of their pairing.

The undead assaulted Park and Ro, with the latter forcing the former towards the zombies, but only after other cast members’ distractions failed. Whether or not it was deliberate, the zombies scratched Park and Kkwachu Hyung equally. The zombies were not at that interested in the two people they had previously infected, which let the group leave quickly.

Despite the fact that Park and Hyung had cleared a route for them, the others were wary of them because of the inevitable change they would go through, turning into zombies themselves very soon. The two people who had been scratched were asked to sleep in different rooms, and even made fun of, due to this particular pattern of behaviour. As the voyage carried on and the party moved from one location to another, Park and Hyung gradually began to show more signs of turning into zombies.

Park and Hyung realised that they would probably not be officially alive by the time the group of survivors were trapped in separate Ferris Wheel cabins while waiting for a rescue boat. They had begun to lose their vision. Park made the decision to at least carry out one act of retribution, either against DinDin or Ro Hong-chul, both of whom had caused her a great deal of frustration throughout the journey. Park was full of regrets about how her life had progressed up to that point. In the end, Park confined herself to Ro’s cabin on the Ferris Wheel while she awaited her change so that she might also infect him.

Where is Park Na-rae Now?


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Park Na-rae, a very gifted artist, never ceases to astound the public with her comedic and acting abilities. She currently appears in the casts of the television programmes I Live Alone, Comedy Big League, DoReMi Market, Sound of Grazing Grass, and Saturday Meals Love. In fact, she took up the Best Couple prize at the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards for her performance in “I Live Alone.” Interestingly, her work in “Late Night Ghost Talk” and the aforementioned programme helped her win the Entertainer of the Year honour from the MBC Entertainment Awards in 2021 and 2022.


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Nevertheless, Park is involved in a variety of other endeavours, such as “Taste of Dating” and “My Mad Beauty 3.” She is currently 37 years old and appears to be unmarried, a situation she lamented on the Netflix episode, adding that she had even frozen her eggs in case she found a suitable match for herself. The news that the celebrity appears to have recovered well from her leg injury following the rupture of her cruciate ligament sometime in August 2022 would please her followers. We hope for the best for The Park and her family and look forward to seeing her in additional entertainment endeavours.

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