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Patrick Macon My 600 lb Life Update: Where is He Now?

Since it debuted in 2012, Jonathan Nowzaradan’s reality series “My 600-Lb Life” on TLC has captured viewers’ attention. The viewers have always found inspiration from the weight loss journeys of numerous Americans who were 600 pounds or more when they initially appeared on film. The public is always interested in hearing about the lives of the cast members, given how much work some of them have put into their bodies. The same is true with Patrick Macon, who debuted in the eleventh season of the show and instantly drew the audience’s attention. We’ve got your back if you’re wondering what he’s up to right now!

Patrick Macon’s My 600 lb Life Journey

Patrick, 42, began the TLC programme motivated to make a change in his life and achieve his future objectives. He weighed about 657 pounds at that time. Patrick needed help with every household task because of his large belly fat and weight. In addition, he needed assistance to live a better life independent of others because of his weight and was in agony. Patrick discussed the issues he has with his weight in the show. He declared, “My weight is hurting me, so when I wake up and see daylight, I’m shocked to be still alive. I hate it every day. I’m hurting. I detest how my body is giving up on me.


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Patrick turned to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for help because he hated how much of a burden he had become to his wife Amanda and daughter Haley. After making only a token effort to follow the diet prescribed by Dr. Now, he gained even more weight over the course of six months and was forced to hear the harsh reality from his doctor. The doctor therefore set Patrick’s goal weight loss for three months at 130 pounds. In order to qualify for weight-loss surgery, he needed to shed the necessary amount of weight.

Patrick, unfortunately, only lost 40 pounds. He had made strides, but Dr. Now said that in order to be a candidate for the procedure, he still needed to shed more weight. Patrick had two more months from Dr. Now to lose 100 pounds, but he gained 25 pounds instead. He was told that unless he started taking things more seriously, he should cease making the 11-hour commute from Houston, Texas, to Columbus, Georgia, where he was from.

Because of this, the doctor advised Patrick to visit a local clinic to have his weight loss monitored. After two more months, having lost 51 pounds, he weighed 591 pounds. After he underwent a gastric sleeve treatment and kept losing weight, Patrick and Amanda moved to Houston. At the end of the episode, he weighed 531 pounds after losing a total of 126 pounds.

Where is Patrick Macon Now?

Since 2002, Patrick and Amanda Macon have been wed. The Columbus, Georgia, resident has been avoiding posting about his personal life on social media right now. Tragically, after his appearance on the show, his condition took a terrifying turn. Patrick’s wife informed him that he had gallbladder cancer in February 2023. You are not alone, baby,” Amanda wrote in a post. An army is standing by you! The gallbladder and bile duct cancer is the formal diagnosis.

Obesity, according to the American Cancer Society, raises the possibility of getting the illness. This is because being overweight increases your risk of developing gallstones, bile duct stones, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. We wish Patrick well in his forthcoming health battle, which is this one against cancer. Hopefully he will soon make a full recovery.

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