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Quantum Leap 2022 Characters And The Actors Who Are Playing Them


Here is a guide to each of the new characters and stars in the 2022 Quantum Leap revival. The sequel series, which airs on NBC and Peacock, follows up 30 years after the events of the infamously unresolved finale of the first Quantum Leap series. This implies that the new Quantum Leap has a completely new group of characters who revisit Doctor Beckett’s experiments rather than recasting the roles of Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) and Al Calavicci (Dean Stockwell).

The 2022 Quantum Leap has a format that is strikingly similar to the first season of the show. The main character, physicist Dr. Sam Beckett, journeyed through time every week by leaping into the bodies of various historical personalities. While there have been minor changes for a contemporary television audience, this is essentially the same format as the 2022 revival. In order to try to unravel the enigma of what occurred to Sam Beckett all those years ago, a new team of scientists restarts the Quantum Leap accelerator in the resurrection, with expected outcomes.

Sam’s time-jumping adventures were the main emphasis of the original Quantum Leap, which also featured frequent encouragement from the hologram of Sam’s best buddy Al. The 2022 revival places a lot more emphasis on those who are on the other side of the Quantum Leap accelerator as they work to aid Ben Song, a new quantum leaper, in his attempts to travel through time. This implies that the Quantum Leap franchise’s 2022 rebirth features a wider, more varied cast of characters. Here’s what viewers should know about each of the characters and the people that play them.

Caitlin Bassett as Addison Augustin

Caitlin Bassett plays Addison in the Quantum Leap sequel in place of Dean Stockwell’s Al. Ben sees Addison as a hologram, just like Al, and she gives him instructions on how to start his next leap. Ben and Addison’s relationship is a lot more romantic than Al and Sam’s, which is more of a fraternal bond. Caitlin Bassett previously worked as an archive intern on Burn, Motherfucker, Burn!, a Showtime documentary on the LAPD’s problematic history with race. Playing the role of Addison is her first significant cinematic role.

Ernie Hudson as Herbert “Magic” Williams

Scott Bakula won’t be coming back to Quantum Leap, but Herbert “Magic” Williams will. Christopher Kirby first portrayed the role in the first season three episode two of Quantum Leap, “The Leap Home, Part II (Vietnam)”. Williams served in Vietnam alongside Tom Beckett, the brother of Sam Beckett (David Newsom). As Herbert, Sam eventually saved Tom Beckett’s life, and he continuing to travel through time, he earned the nickname “Magic” Williams. Williams is now in charge of the Quantum Leap project in the sequel series, bridging the gap between scientists and Pentagon-based American military intelligence.

Ernie Hudson, who is most known for playing Winston in the first and subsequent Ghostbusters films, portrays the older Herbert Williams. As a result, Hudson is familiar with the realm of adored sci-fi series. Ernie Hudson also starred as Lily Tomlin’s romantic interest Jacob in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie and as the Duncan family patriarch in the criminal drama The Family Business.

Mason Alexander Park as Ian Wright

The artificial intelligence that helped Al and Sam in the first Quantum Leap series, Ziggy, is being rebuilt by Ian Wright, the principal programmer on the new Quantum Leap project. Mason Alexander Park, a non-binary actor, who most recently portrayed Desire in the Netflix adaption of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, plays Ian Wright. Additionally, Park portrayed Gren in the hastily shelved live-action Cowboy Bebop version on Netflix.

Nanrisa Lee as Jenn Chou

Jenn Chou, the project’s head of digital security who is also working to determine why Ben Song entered the Quantum Leap accelerator, completes the core crew for the 2022 science fiction series Quantum Leap. Nanrisa Lee, who plays Jenn, has had a number of guest parts on television programmes like Star Trek: Picard, where she portrayed one of the FBI agents who detained Picard and Guinan. CSI: Vegas, NCIS: Los Angeles, and American Horror Story’s season 7, episode one, “Election Night,” have all featured Lee in their respective episodes. Before Quantum Leap, Nanrisa Lee was most well-known for her four episodes of Bosch as Tiffany Hsu.

Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song

Dr. Ben Song enters the Quantum Leap accelerator 30 years after Dr. Sam Beckett vanished, carrying on the quantum work of Sam. The Beckett of the 2022 revival will be Song, a talented physicist who can transform into a variety of historical figures. The NBC clip demonstrates his leaps into the forms of an astronaut, a female rock star, a soldier, a boxer, and an escape driver from the 1980s. Raymond Lee, who previously played Lt. Logan “Yale” Lee in Top Gun: Maverick, now portrays the sci-fi TV character Dr. Song. He also portrayed Sam in the controversial comedy Kevin Can F**k Himself, starring Annie Murphy of Schitt’s Creek, and Duc Bayer-Boatwright in the film Six Feet. HBO’s brief comedy-drama Here and Now, created by Alan Ball.

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