Who Is Tony Revolori’s Character In Willow? All About Graydon Hastur From Disney’s Willow

One of the most captivating shows for fans of fantasy adventure plotlines is the new Willow series, which is available on Disney+. While it’s true that Willow is named after him, there are other players in this epic journey who are equally significant to him and have their own tales to tell. Graydon Hastur is one of these figures. In Willow, who is Graydon then?

Prince of Galladoor, one of the nations that Bavmorda previously sought to subdue during her rule, is Graydon Hastur. Graydon, who will marry Princess Kit to reunite the kingdoms of Tir Asleen and Galladoor in the Willow series, is the son of King Hastur and Queen Arianna.

Graydon may recognise the significance of his position as the prince of his realm, but he is similar to Kit in that he has never wished to get married for the purpose of convenience. In this epic trip, he also has his own tale to tell, which we have yet to witness. But don’t worry; Graydon’s own narrative will be revealed to us.

Who Is Graydon Hastur In Willow?

One of the things we learnt when the Willow series was revealed as the sequel to the shockingly underappreciated 1988 film Willow was that it will chronicle the stories of six primary characters who are embarking on a journey together. Of course, Willow was the main focus of the film. But the show aims to tell the stories of a total of six protagonists, including Willow.

It was already obvious from the beginning that Kit, Jade, and Dove, a trio of strong women, would be the subject of most of the series (Elora Danan). The other members of the questing team, however, are also crucial to the plot. Graydon Hastur is one such individual that is anticipated to play a significant part in the events of Willow. In Willow, who is Graydon then?

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In the beginning of the Willow series, it was revealed that Kit’s mother made her go to a banquet where they were expecting the king and prince of the Galladoorn country. Galladoorn was one of the kingdoms that Queen Bavmorda assaulted during the events of the Willow movie, so it should go without saying that those who have been following the Willow series are familiar with it.

However, after Galladoorn was rebuilt and Bavmorda was vanquished, the kingdom was ruled by King Hastur and Queen Arianna. And throughout the events of the Willow series, Galladoor was the second-most prosperous of all the kingdoms in the Mother World, after Tir Asleen.

Princess Kit was due to wed Prince Graydon, so Queen Sorsha and King Hastur planned their children’s marriages to ensure that the two wealthiest kingdoms were united. Kit naturally assumed that she would be getting married to the other brother, but Graydon took his place after the other one fell off a tree. In that sense, the wedding was scheduled for the day following the banquet.

Given that Kit loved Jade and was compelled to marry Graydon, she wasn’t exactly pleased about the situation. The princess reacted angrily to Graydon and even discreetly told him that she didn’t want to marry him and that she wanted the freedom to decide her own fate when Jade informed her that she would soon be going to start her knight training. Although Graydon and his family felt humiliated, the prince didn’t appear to be very moved by Kit’s remarks.

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Later that evening, the Gales, who were the Crone’s soldiers, stormed Tir Asleen and abducted Prince Airk. Graydon, who witnessed one of the Gales take the prince from Tir Asleen, was, of course, the only eyewitness to the abduction. The journey to save Prince Airk started when he revealed to Sorsha what had occurred to her son.

What Is Graydon’s Role In Willow?

Prince Airk’s rescue from the Gales was mandated by Queen Sorsha, as was previously mentioned. Primarily, Kit, Jade, and Boorman made up the party. Graydon was never much of a warrior, so at first he didn’t want to go on the quest. He was, however, persuaded that he also needed to be on that mission after hearing his father say something to him in a whisper.

Kit, Jade, and Boorman, though, are all excellent fighters in their own right, but Graydon isn’t. He didn’t even participate in Tir Asleen’s defence when the Gales attacked the country because of this. He may or may not have received fighting training, but what is certain is that he prefers to read and discover new things about the world. He even claimed to be fluent in several languages and to be quite knowledgeable about the arcane.

Graydon spoke to Kit during the quest and told her that while he thought she was very attractive, he didn’t want to marry her. They consequently concurred that they didn’t want to get married, but were only coerced into it. In addition, Graydon assured her that once they assumed control of their countries in the future, they would be able to find a different way to reunite their kingdoms. In that sense, it was obvious that Graydon also wanted to march to the beat of his own drum.

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Graydon was one of the few people who actually made the prodigal empress feel better about herself when the questing party was able to enlist Willow, who wanted to join the team so that he could train Dove (who happened to be Elora Danan the entire time). When Elora confided in Graydon all of her self-doubts, the prince remarked that she was a very special person and that the only person who didn’t believe this about herself was Elora.

Although he was never a great fighter, Graydon is one of the more pragmatic members of the expedition. He has always been more of a scholar than a fighter, which suggests that he is the most intelligent person among the party’s members. That implies that he plays more of a brain than a brawn role on the team, and we all know that this team already has plenty of brawn.

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