Is Scarlet Witch Dead? 8 Signs That Suggest That She’s Alive!

A favourite character experiences a startling turn of events at the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. A dead-looking Scarlet Witch is shown sacrificing herself to obliterate Wundagore Mountain and all multiverse iterations of The Darkhold. It would appear that Wanda Maximoff’s life is over after this horrible event, yet the movie and the comic books show that she still has a long way to go.

If she passed away, it would be a terrible tragedy for the Scarlet Witch’s story in both the Marvel Comics and the MCU. She merits better as a figure and an inspiration to millions. But there are too many signs that she survived for admirers to worry too much. The absence of a body and the abundance of unfinished plotlines and connections Wanda would leave behind if her MCU journey were really coming to an end provide important hints.

Agatha Harkness And The Scarlet Witch Have More To Do

Fans of comic books are aware that Agatha Harkness taught the Scarlet Witch magic. WandaVision’s version of their MCU connection played out very differently, but reversing the comic book history the two have is evidence that the Scarlet Witch is still alive.

In her own series, House of Harkness, Agatha makes a comeback that could inadvertently feature the Scarlet Witch. Wanda may live to see how the teacher and student interaction plays out in the MCU, cut off from The Darkhold and seeks instruction for the great power Agatha forewarned her about.

Earth-838 Scarlet Witch Survived

There is no genuine death because of the multiverse. The fact that the Scarlet Witch survived serves as evidence. Planet Earth-838 A door is left open for the MCU to investigate if the Earth-616 version of Wanda is actually dead because she survived her trauma.

Many MCU fans were probably disappointed when the original Wanda passed away, but 838’s survival at least makes it possible for her tale to continue in some fashion. Numerous strong Scarlet Witch variations can be found in the greater MCU cosmos, providing the franchise more options.

Elizabeth Olsen Expects Wanda’s Story To Continue

Nobody informed Elizabeth Olsen if the Scarlet Witch perished in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Regarding a potential contract extension for her after the release of the upcoming film, Olsen said to Collider, “I don’t think of this as the end,” providing some evidence that the Scarlet Witch is still alive.

In the conversation, Olsen indicates interest in extending the Scarlet Witch’s saga and sounds reasonably confident that fans haven’t seen the last of her. During the press tour, Olsen obviously didn’t act as if this was the last time, which is another sign that she intends to make a comeback.

No Resolution With The Vision

At the film’s conclusion, The Scarlet Witch finds some peace with her identical twin boys, Billy and Tommy. The Vision, who left Westview in his present all-white form and is still looming somewhere in the MCU, lacks such a closure.

The best Avengers comic book plots from the late 1980s, including “Vision Quest,” use this heartless Vision. After this pivotal story, The Vision and Scarlet Witch finally make up, providing a hint as to their potential MCU future and adding to the evidence that the Scarlet Witch survived.

The Energy Burst

When she uses her abilities to bring the temple on Wundagore Mountain down on her, the Scarlet Witch surprises her supporters. As she moves, a huge scarlet flare bursts from the rock and dust avalanche. Wanda’s shield is probably represented by this energy jolt.

When other individuals use magic or traditional methods to harm Wanda, similar explosions take place. The intensity of the flare is undoubtedly explained by the enormous amount of material that hit Wanda at once, and it may have been Wanda defending herself from the collapse.

The Scarlet Witch Can Defeat Kang The Conqueror

The Scarlet Witch’s ability to take down Kang the Conqueror is a key indicator that she is alive. Thanks to his capacity to manipulate the multiverse and obliterate whole timelines, Kang is probably the franchise’s next major antagonist after Thanos.

The Scarlet Witch subverts Kang’s ability for destruction by interfering with reality on a cosmic scale. In order to defeat Kang, the Avengers will undoubtedly need her, and given that she previously worked with Immortus—a formidable Kang version from the comics—they may eventually appear in the MCU.

The X-Men

At the time of the Brotherhood’s initial appearance, Magneto, Toad, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Mastermind were present.
There are too many ties between The Scarlet Witch and the X-Men for her to be gone when they first appear in the MCU. Wanda debuted in Marvel Comics in X-Men #4’s The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. For a long time, she thought Magneto was her father.

These links affect how she will fare in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially as her darkest connection might be how the X-Men enter the MCU. Since there are no mutants on Earth-616 as of yet, Wanda might perform the opposite of what she did in the sad House of M narrative and will them into being.

There Was No Body

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there are numerous corpses. Not one of them includes the Scarlet Witch. In fiction, it’s a golden rule that if a body isn’t on display, the character isn’t really dead. Since Wanda’s body is never seen by viewers, she is probably still alive.

The movie makes a point of portraying the dead Illuminati in what Wanda left standing of their sacred chamber, thus it answers the issue clearly with a single shot of Wanda’s body among the wreckage of Wundagore Mountain.




Wanda Deserves Better

The Scarlet Witch consistently loses. Wanda’s terrible path in the MCU echoes that of Marvel Comics; she lost her parents, her brother, her lover, her children, and now it seems her life. The iconic character deserves better than what she appears to receive at the end of the film.

Wanda’s transformation into evil closely resembles the plot of her comic book origin tale, to the point where both take a strong and inspirational figure and turn her into a monster in ways that feel worn out and clichéd. Wanda merits the opportunity to experience happiness since both the characters and the audience get bored of it.

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