The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2 Ending Explained

The anime series ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2’ or ‘Nanatsu no Taizai: Ensa no Edinburgh Part 2’ is a high fantasy action-adventure series based on the manga series ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ written and created by Nakaba Suzuki. The second installment of the two-part film picks up where the first one left off, continuing Suzuki’s original plot. Lancelot, the son of Ban and Elaine, is revealed to be Tristan, the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth, the fairy companion of his trip. Together, they confront Deatrhpierce, a former Holy Knight who has now become the enraged King of Edinburgh. Deatrhpierce wants to wipe out every non-human clan in order to get retribution. Here is all the information you might need to know on “The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2’s” conclusion. Spoilers follow.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2 Plot Synopsis

Where part 1 ended, the second part starts virtually immediately. The mysterious fairy learns that Tristan and the other horrific monsters assigned to stop him and Tristan were also caught and fused together to create entities devoted to Deathpierce after beating Mage, one of the terrible beings. When he tries to warn Tristan about it, he learns that the Lioness Prince is still holding back out of fear of harming Tristan. Before taking down the other monster, Knight, who changes into demons and giants, he turns into his human form.

Tristan suddenly understands why the scar on the fairy’s forehead looks so familiar as the others thank him and depart. When the powers he inherited from his father began to surface, he was the one who placed it there. He quit his training to be a Holy Knight because he was so terrified of that aspect of himself.

Tristan is unaware that Lancelot has harboured animosity towards him ever since that day, and not just because Tristan injured him. Tristan believed Lancelot was vulnerable to injury, which damaged his dignity more than the real injury or the grownups’ worried expressions. This is why he was upset with Tristan. Lancelot is distant about it, although Tristan still views the other young man as his friend.

The biggest issue is still getting the curse off of Elizabeth. Thousands of Empties confront the boys as they continue to make their way towards the castle. As usual, Tristan shows little concern for his own safety, summons his horse, affectionately known as Escanor, and charges into battle. As a result, a frustrated Lancelot decides to pursue him while taking the appearance of a fairy in order to protect Tristan from being impaled by the Empties’ spears. A woman in armour has been keeping an eye on the action. She fashions an ice bridge, encasing the empty and assisting the guys while entering the palace. They meet Deathpierce and Priest there; the latter is the one who cursed Elizabeth.

The majority of the other sins, meantime, return to Liones after hearing Gowther’s broadcast about what has happened to Elizabeth. King is able to reduce Elizabeth’s fever and lift a portion of the curse by using nectars from flowers that blossom close to the top of the Sacred Tree. The remainder of it is still hidden away in Elizabeth’s thoughts, as King explains.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2: Does Tristan Save His Mother from the Curse?

Elizabeth is a member of the Goddess clan and possesses the ability to quickly erase curses, but she is unable to do so because the curse is keeping her unconscious. Because Deathpierce was a former Holy Knight and was familiar with how her powers worked, he gave Priest the order to curse her as she slept. She can break the curse if the heroes can even briefly wake her up. Tristan, who also inherited his mother’s abilities, tried but failed, leading him to depart Liones without informing his father of his plans. Meliodas learns that his son has left for Edinburgh with Gowther’s assistance, and he requests that Diane throw him, Gowther, and Ban in the direction of Tristan’s whereabouts.

Lancelot finally convinces Tristan to let go of his anxieties and accept who he is in Edinburgh. Tristan unleashes Hellfire in response to Deathpierce’s use of his Chaos Staff to imprison Lancelot, taking down both of them along with Priest. Deathpierce warns that the young heroes will be killed by the hundreds of thousands of Empties that he still holds. When all hope appears lost, the two boys’ fathers show up and swiftly decimate Deathpierce’s army. Tristan and Lancelot chase Deathpierce as he eludes capture and travels to another reality. When Priest tries to curse Elizabeth again once she awakens, she effortlessly beats him and releases the five Grey Demons he was comprised of.

Who Gave Deathpierce His Chaos Staff? Why?

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh’s epic conflict takes place in a distant realm. When the Chaos Staff fuses with Deathpierce and turns him into a terrifying creature, Tristan and Lancelot realise that he is not wholly himself. Tristan is about to use all of his powers when he mistakenly believes that the monster has slain Lancelot. However, when he watches the two fairies chained to the monster’s chest writhing in pain, he holds back. At this point, Lancelot informs him that he is still alive and declares his desire to put an end to the conflict they started all those years ago. Finally persuaded, Tristan uses his Demon clan talents to easily defeat the monster, and Lancelot is successful in knocking him unconscious, which allows the other youngster to control his powers.

The Chaos Staff was given to Deathpierce by Arthur Pendragon, the King of Chaos and Camelot, in order to make him one of his Holy Knights, it was later discovered. Arthur, who saw his kingdom destroyed in the New Holy War, came to the conclusion that mankind will always be subordinate to other clans until those clans were wiped out. This is the fundamental justification for his behaviour, and it harmonises him with Deathpierce’s viewpoint, who holds that all non-human clans should be despised because of the deeds of Derieri of the Demon clan and Ludociel of the Goddess clan, who both perished in the conflict.

Who is the Woman in Armor Following Lancelot?

The woman in the armour is identified as Jericho, a former Holy Knight of Liones and a supporter of Ban, towards the end of the movie. In the epilogue chapter of the original manga series, she served as Lancelot’s mentor. She departs the Kingdom of Benwick with Lancelot eleven years later. She grows attached to her student, and when she finds herself at Camelot, Arthur assures her that there is a place where she may be with Lancelot. The events in “Grudge of Edinburgh” appear to occur after the original manga’s epilogue and possibly during the first few chapters of the follow-up, “Four Knights of the Apocalypse.” Tristan and Lancelot will both turn into the Knights of the Apocalypse and contribute to Arthur’s demise. In one way or another, Jericho will probably take part in that future conflict.

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