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Shirlie Holliman, Dee C. Lee, and Helen Pepsi DeMacque Now

‘WHAM’ on Netflix charts the development of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley from close friends in their youth to world-renowned musicians. We are introduced to other people who had an influence on George and Andrew’s musical career because the show uses old footage and interviews to explain how WHAM rose to prominence. The programme also discusses backing vocalists Helen “Pepsi” DeMacque, Dee C Lee, and Shirlie Holliman, who first met WHAM. Now that readers are interested in learning more, let’s find out where Shirlie, Pepsi, and Dee are at the moment.

Who Are Shirlie Holliman, Dee C Lee, and Helen “Pepsi” DeMacque?

In the 1980s, Shirlie Holliman, Dee C Lee, and Helen “Pepsi” DeMacque were three of the most in-demand background singers in the UK. Shirlie, Dee, and Pepsi all began as backing singers for several 1982 hits, including “WHAM Rap,” “Young Guns,” and “Club Tropicana,” before Pepsi joined them. These songs introduced the three to WHAM. Dee departed the band after that and joined the British band The Style Council.


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Shirlie and Pepsi took over as the main support vocalists at that point, lending their voices to a number of international songs, including “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” “Freedom,” and “Last Christmas.” Additionally, they grew close to George and Andrew, and it was said in stories that Shirlie dated Andrew for a considerable amount of time. She was also present when George came out as gay to him, he added when discussing their relationship in the documentary.

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However, by 1985, George Michael had already begun to fantasise about starting a solo career and had even stated that he wanted to write songs for a more adult audience. WHAM therefore called it quits in 1986 after performing one last time at Wembley Stadium. The backup vocalists reemerged as the pop duo Pepsi & Shirlie shortly after WHAM’s breakup and started pursuing their own musical endeavours. They even had quite a few chart-topping singles as a pair and were regarded as being fairly successful.

Dee, on the other hand, debuted as a solo artist in 1984 with the publication of “Selena Wow Wow,” but she didn’t really come into her own until the following year, when “See The Day” became the number-one song in the UK and Australia. She also released her debut record, “Shrine,” in 1986. In 1991, she formed the duo Slam Slam with guitarist Robert Howard. Before releasing two additional albums in the 1990s, Dee has since contributed as a backing and secondary vocalist on a number of well-received tracks.

Where Are Shirlie Holliman, Dee C Lee, and Helen “Pepsi” DeMacque Now?

Dee C Lee fell in love with singer Paul Weller after leaving WHAM to become a vocalist with The Style Council, and they eventually got married in 1987. At first, they seemed to be quite content with one other, and the husband even urged his wife to pursue a career in music. On top of all that, they were proud parents of established musician Leah Weller. The couple chose to separate in 1998 despite the fact that things were going well at the time. Trouble quickly crept into their marriage.

Since that time, Dee has opted to remain anonymous, despite the fact that she has tried her hand at acting and even joined Level 42 for a concert in London in 2009. Despite the fact that she presently resides in the UK, Dee still has a close relationship with her daughter and keeps in touch with her other WHAM friends, such as Pepsi, Shirlie, and Andrew. In contrast, Pepsi went on to wed James Crockett. She later reconnected with Shirlie for a number of performances in and around the UK in 2000 and 2011, but according to accounts, the singer had previously called Norwich, England, and later New Zealand home.

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Pepsi presently resides in Saint Lucia, an island nation, where she and her husband own a charter sailing company. Martin Kemp, a former bassist for Spandau Ballet, and Shirlie allegedly started dating after Shirlie fell in love with him. George Michael is credited with facilitating their relationship. Following a lovely wedding ceremony in St. Lucia, the couple got hitched in 1988. They are now the proud parents of Harley Moon Kemp and Roman Kemp. Shirlie has also been spotted on a few reality TV programmes, such as “Celebrity Gogglebox,” but despite this, she and Pepsi have kept an incredible friendship with Andrew Ridgley and continue to pay tribute to George Michael to this day.

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