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Where Smart Home Killer Was Filmed: Unveiling the Shooting Locations and Cast

The Lifetime thriller “Smart Home Killer,” directed by Meeshelle Neal, follows a mother and daughter as they are attacked by the very technology that is supposed to protect them. After a girl (Natalie Brown) breaks up with her lover, he still becomes involved in her life and harasses her. Finally, desperate to be rid of him, she files a restraining order against him.

But he was a home security expert who had set up her smart home security system, and he gets furious when he gets the court order. He forces his ex-girlfriend and her daughter to fight for survival within their own home by breaking into the smart home system. You may be wondering where the nightmare scenario takes place and which site the director selected to produce a story like this, as it plays out in the protagonist’s own house.

Smart Home Killer Was Filmed in Ontario


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The whole filming of “Smart Home Killer” took place in and around Toronto, Ontario. June 1, 2023 marked the start of principal photography, which concluded on June 18 of the same year. As the filming comes to a finish, the actors and crew appear to be thrilled with the job they have completed. Actress Natalie Brown expressed the thoughts of all of them when she said that it had reminded them of the original reason they had started making films. Let’s examine the places that were used to film the film in more detail.

Toronto, Ontario

Located on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario, the provincial capital served as the primary shooting location for the Lifetime movie. Toronto is a vibrant city that makes for an intriguing backdrop for the urban thriller. The city provided the filmmakers with an excellent backdrop to portray a high-stakes, suspenseful story because of its blend of modernism and urban gritty, as well as its large number of filming locations and diverse population. The city is becoming a more popular choice for Lifetime movies due to its filming infrastructure, which includes a large pool of seasoned crew members and reasonably priced production solutions.

Lifetime shoots most of its films in Vancouver, British Columbia, but some of its earlier films, such as “I Won’t Let You Go,” “How to Fall in Love by Christmas,” and “Ghosts of Christmas Past,” were also shot in the seaside city. The city offers filmmakers a rich tapestry of backdrops for narrative across genres with its diverse selection of filming sites, which range from modern cityscapes with recognisable landmarks like the CN Tower and financial sector to historic neighbourhoods like Old Toronto and Distillery sector.

Known as the Hollywood North, Toronto’s diverse environments, strong infrastructure, and encouraging film community have made it a highly sought-after centre for the international film industry. As a result, several well-known films and television programmes have rolled their cameras throughout Toronto’s favourable scenery for their scenes. “Reacher,” “The Boys,” “Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie,” and others are among them. “Gen V,” “Black Mirror,” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Smart Home Killer Cast

Natalie Brown and Anwen O’Driscoll’s mother-daughter portrayal is the main focus of the suspense thriller. Natalie Brown is a seasoned actor most recognised for portraying Sarah in “Dark Matter” and Kelly Goodweather in the television series “The Strain.” Additionally, she has demonstrated her acting abilities in the films “Dawn of the Dead” as a CDC reporter, “Nightmare Alley” as Lilith’s receptionist, and “Sophie” as Sophie Parker.

Anwen O’Driscoll has prior experience working on Lifetime films, having landed major parts in “The Good Father: The Martin MacNeill Story” and “Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story.” The actress is also known for her roles as Sophie in “American Gods,” Cathy MacDonald in “October Faction,” Jaime in “You Can Live Forever,” and Taylor Matheson in “Burden of Truth.”

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