The Amazing Race Season 16: Where Are They Now?

Eleven teams compete in a challenging race across the globe on “The Amazing Race,” which incorporates back-breaking tasks and mind-numbing challenges. The reality television series’ 16th season, which debuted in 2010, featured a gruelling race across nine nations and five continents. The Phil Keoghan-hosted programme features its fair share of drama and rivalry. Many viewers are curious about the participants’ location years after the show debuted on television. We have all the answers here, so if you’re also interested in learning how their lives turned out, look no further!

Where are Dan and Jordan Pious Now?

These two brothers became one of the youngest male teams to win the race, winning despite their incessant teasing and fighting. Dan and Jordan were in college when they made an appearance on the programme. The couple has made great progress since then in both their personal and professional lives. Dan has ascended the corporate ladder by using his business degree. He is presently Reebok CrossFit’s operations manager. The celebrity also got married in 2018. As vice president of performance and growth at the Neiman Marcus Group in New York, Jordan has advanced to the position of industry leader. The dynamic pair enjoys spending time with their friends and family in addition to their careers.


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Where are Jet and Cord McCoy Now?

Jet and Cord quickly rose to prominence on the show thanks to their consistent gameplay. The team finished in second place, however despite that, they were given a second chance on “The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business” and “The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars.” The Cowboys have experienced fame outside of their appearance on reality television as well. Cord continued to gain recognition for his accomplishments as a professional bull rider and his work with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.


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The reality star retired in 2016, and since then, he and his wife Sara have been breeding and raising livestock for rodeos. Additionally, the couple welcomed a daughter in 2018. He is still a well-known figure in the business and is invited to many functions and rodeos. When the reality show was over, Jet continued to have success as a bull rider. 2014 saw the theft of cattle valued at $100,000 from Jet. The next year, Jet ran for a seat in his area but eventually lost. He now prefers to spend time with his friends and family and appreciates life away from social media and the spotlight.

Where are Steve and Allie Smith Now?

The father-daughter team aggressively entered the tournament and excelled at the difficulties. As baseball players and coaches with years of experience, Steve and his daughter Allie were able to control their ferocious energy throughout the run. Despite being ousted, the pair nevertheless advanced in their own careers. Steve coached the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds after leaving “The Amazing Race.” In 2014, the technocrat eventually retired. Allie had gotten married to Luke Munson the year prior. In 2018, she gave birth to their twin girls. Allie teaches first grade at Aspire Public Schools and enjoys spending time with her loved ones.

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Where are Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder Now?

Jordan and Jeff joined the cast of “The Amazing Race” in 2010 after becoming well-known for their involvement on “Big Brother” and winning the competition. The pair participated in ‘Big Brother 13’ once more after leaving the programme. When Jeff proposed to Jordan in the Big Brother house in 2014, he made a significant move. After getting married, the team entered “The Amazing Race 26” once more. The two also made a brief appearance on “The Price is Right” in 2016.


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Jordan and Jeff welcomed their son Lawson the same year. The couple welcomed another baby named Layton in 2018. The renowned chat show “Daily Blast Live” is now hosted by Jeff. In addition, the pair is starting a podcast called “Togethermess” where they discuss their experience filming reality TV. The pair also maintains a sizable social media following and an active YouTube channel where they frequently upload new content.

Where are Dana and Adrian Davis Now?

Dana and Adrian Davis, who were best friends in high school, were the first couple to be eliminated from the competition after a height concern. However, they have continued to enjoy their relationship. In the Texas real estate market, the team had already established a solid reputation. Adrian and Dana now spend more time together after a successful career. They explore new things as well as spend time with family and friends.


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Where are Jody Kelly and Shannon Foster Now?

Shannon and Jody, a grandmother and granddaughter, took on their journey with a joyful approach that permeated their entire time on the show. The pair has still made more memories even if they were the second team to exit the show. The contented granny has carried on spending her retirement years with her loved ones.

Not only this, but Jody has continued to exercise her daring attitude even off the set of the show. She enjoys water sports like canoeing on a daily basis with her family and friends. Shannon’s granddaughter has since started a family of her own. At The Doctors Clinic in Washington, Shannon serves as both a doctor and a paediatrician. She is a wife and the mother of four kids.

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Where are Monique Pryor and Shawne Morgan Now?

Monique and Shawne were close friends as well as respectable mothers and lawyers when they appeared on the show. They were a trailblazer due to their strong position and unwavering will, but an abrupt change in the programme resulted in their unanticipated elimination. The pair earned popularity outside of the programme and took part in numerous interviews with prestigious periodicals including Hollywood Life and The Gazette.


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Monique and Shawne have become well-known in various fields. Along with supporting her kids at every turn, Monique and her husband Eric G Pryor have contributed to society. Eric is currently The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts’ CEO and President, while Monique also contributes to society in various ways. In addition, Shawne has kept up her practise pace and continued to spend time with her family out of the public eye.

Where are Joe and Heidi Wang Now?

The married team kept overcoming challenges but were ultimately eliminated when a knee ailment ruined their plan. The parents’ perceptions on the path to success have not changed since they first appeared on the programme. Currently, Joe represents American football in China. Along with managing South Bay Youth Sports, he also works with Core AG as an Investment Professional.


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The reality television personality Heidi has also progressed up the success ladder. She currently works for El Camino College as the Foundation Development Officer, and she and her husband run South Bay Youth Sports. Joe and Heidi continue to show Jameson and Herason nothing but love and adoration in addition to having successful jobs. Not only that, but their older son Jameson plays quarterback for Cornell University and is a football player as well.

Where are Carol Rosenfeld and Brandy Snow Now?

orientation, had to endure many difficulties during their tenure on the show. Carol and Brandy continued to advance in their careers despite finishing the race early. Brandy investigated the possibilities of design and has since made a name for herself as an entertainment stylist. She has contributed to numerous productions, including “Paradise,” “Everwood,” and “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.” Not only that, but Brandy also runs a company called Brandy Snow Styles that specialises in clothing, makeup, and hair.


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Even though Carol and Brandy ultimately split after the show, they are still moving forward in their lives. Susan Peterson and Brandy are now dating, and they frequently post updates about their lives on social media. Carol keeps up her relationships with her friends, family, and dog. She is a connoisseur who shares on social media how much she appreciates various artistic mediums.


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Where are Louie Stravato and Michael Naylor Now?

Louie and Michael, the two detail-oriented detectives, quickly and methodically overcame several obstacles, both mental and physical. The pair finally came in fourth place for the season, though, due to a minor error. Nevertheless, Louie and Michael have accomplished a number of career milestones. Despite a brief setback caused by an inquiry into the sale of cocaine, the couple has continued to make new memories with their loved ones and advanced their careers.

Louie founded Safety Management Solutions after leaving the police, and he has also worked as a private detective. He is a boxing coach in addition to parenting his children and grandchildren. Michael afterwards rose to the position of Police Captain. The reality star and police officer also finds time to spend with his family in addition to being a decorated officer.

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Where are Brent Horne and Caite Upton Now?

Lack of geographic knowledge led to a confusing response that served as the show’s prelude to Caite and Brent’s voyage. Caite had already established her reputation as a past pageant champion, but because to an infamous response in the Miss USA pageant, her fellow competitors on “The Amazing Race” made fun of her. Caite and Brent advanced throughout the race despite their rivalries. After forgetting their cash and passports, the pair came in third.


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Brent and Caite eventually relocated back to their homes after the season was over. The models’ relationship did not endure their separation, and they eventually called it quits. Caite married Charlie McNeil in 2016, but the couple later divorced three years later. Later, she met Danny White, and the two of them are now parents to two sons. Caite is a model and a host who works professionally. Regarding Brent, the reality star wed Cathy in 2018; the couple welcomed a son in 2022. Brent is a realtor that is currently based in South Carolina.


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