The Marriage App (2022) Netflix’s Romantic Comedy Movie Ending Explained

The married couple Belen and Federico are played by Luisana Lopilato and Juan Minujin in the Sebastián De Caro-directed Spanish film “The Marriage App.” The married life of Belen and Federico is the main subject of the Netflix romantic comedy. To keep track of their efforts and work toward a successful marriage, the couple uses an app. When they do something that makes their spouse happy, they receive miles, and when they do something that makes them unhappy, they lose miles.

It touches on a number of topics, including marital problems, the need for intimacy, and honesty in a happy relationship. The plot of the movie follows the difficulties Belen and Federico’s marriage encounters. The inner workings of contemporary marriage and how it affects the lives of the partners are depicted in the movie. Look no further if you want to delve deeper to understand “The Marriage App’s” climax. Spoilers follow!

The Marriage App Plot Synopsis

In a tragic accident, Belen and Federico become romantically involved. Their daily lives are surrounded by two kids, credit card bills, and everyday household duties. Equilibrium, an app, helps Belen’s sister and her husband rescue their failing marriage. Belen advises that they also use the app. On the outside, the couple appears content. They don’t actually feel much passion or fire in their romantic life, though.

Federico is seen at home disoriented and lost in the interim. He doesn’t assist Belen with tasks or pay attention to her needs. Even though it’s very pricey, Belen and Federico eventually change their minds. Even the most mismatched couples might find a happy ever after thanks to the app. Federico initially agrees to use the programme because he believes it will help him improve his marriage and make Belen happier. After completing this, though, Belen will be more likely to permit Federico and his friends to travel to Cancun for an amateur cooking competition.

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Federico starts to focus exclusively on accumulating miles. To keep her content, he exerts every effort. In other words, he turns into the ideal husband. There is fresh passion between the couple. Federico and Belen go above and above to show their love for one another. Belen’s discovery of Federico’s hidden agenda causes events to spiral out of control. She learns that Federico is merely acting in a self-serving manner in order to win his trip with pals. Belen makes the decision to take the offensive and work toward accumulating 1,000 miles, which is the goal to take a trip with friends.

Thus, the preoccupation with accumulating miles and disparaging one another starts. The love and affection that motivated the charade are replaced by Belen and Federico’s competitive and impatient temperament. In the process, they ignore their children and even go to great lengths to get miles. In the movie’s climax, the couple’s ultimate fate is made clear.

The Marriage App Ending: Why Do Belen and Federico Separate?

Belen and Federico make outlandish plans in an effort to outdo their spouse by a thousand kilometres. In order to identify ways to boost her miles and decrease Federico’s miles, Belen studies the Equilibrium manual. She has very intricate preparations to realise Federico’s wildest dream. She invites a friend over and sets up a scenario in which a threesome between the couple and the friend of Belen appears likely. Federico passes out before anything happens, but Belen tricks him into thinking that they actually did it.

Federico believes he had sex with Belen’s friend as well when he awakens. He feels remorseful and betrayed. To top it all off, he finds out that his kilometres were taken away because he was aroused in front of his wife by another woman. Federico tells his pals about the incident, and they all vow to go large to rack up more miles.

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Federico hopes to win Belen’s admiration by becoming a hero with the aid of his pals. In a last-minute attempt to save Belen, he schemes a phoney mugging. Gonza, a buddy of his, does the mugging. Nevertheless, Belen uses her pepper spray to save herself. She first takes note of Gonza’s tattoo on his sleeve. Belen is saved by Federico, who arrives late but manages the issue.

Belen and Federico are also present at the Equilibrium Annual Party, which Gonza is catering. Belen rushes off after learning the real reason for the mugging. The marriage of Belen and Federico is strained due to the rivalry and lack of honesty. As the race for miles becomes out of control, they shove one another away. They both experience something really terrible as a result of the very programme that is supposed to help them rekindle their lost love.

Federico makes a nice supper and tries to make things right, but to no avail. Belen feels betrayed and worries that she can’t trust him anymore. Belen finds that being mugged is a stressful experience, and she has trouble processing it. To clear their heads, Belen and Federico live apart for a few days. They take some time apart from one another to reflect on their course of action. The pair loses sight of their love for one another along the journey and instead becomes preoccupied with racking up miles.

In any case, the couple learns that life would be terrible without the other. They have no one to share their delight with even though they are successful in their professional lives. Belen and Federico start again and clean the slate during Antonio’s basketball game. They relive their first encounter and find their lost passion once more.

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Are Federico’s Efforts For Belen Real?

The goal for Federico is to accumulate enough miles to book a trip to Cancun with his friends. He started using their app with ulterior intentions from the start. Federico, though, seemed to be having a great time with Belen. He even tells his buddies that the couple is truly meeting thanks to the app. Federico realises all the things he has been missing out on, including the journey to the resort and all the breakfasts in bed.

We think Federico’s attempts to pay attention to Belen and be present for his kids are genuine and honest, even though he arranges a trip behind Belen’s back. He enjoys spending time with Micaela and Antonio. Federico enjoys preparing great meals for his family, and he does so virtually every night.

Belen admires his cooking and exhorts him to do it more frequently. Federico ultimately appears to be the one who genuinely wants to mend the relationship. To get Belen back, he goes above and beyond. Federico even leaves Belen alone to allow her room to think. All of these actions and endeavours demonstrate Federico’s sincere love for Belen and his sincere desire to keep their relationship going.

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