8 Meaningful Movies Like Father Stu You Should Definitely Watch

Rosalind Ross’ film “Father Stu,” about a boxer-turned-priest named Stuart Long, is inspired by his life. He begins his career as a boxer, but an accident forces him to change directions. So, in search of money and a secure career, he relocates to Los Angeles. Soon later, he notices a lovely woman and immediately changes his mind. Stuart begins attending church for the woman Carmen and ultimately discovers his true calling: becoming a Catholic priest.

The Mel Gibson-led film, starring Mark Wahlberg, Teresa Ruiz, and Mel Gibson, explores numerous facets of self-discovery, rekindling faith, and steadfast human belief. Additionally, it emphasises second chances and how to take use of them. The drama movie explores every aspect of Stuart’s life in great detail. The following films are ideal for you if you want to view ones that deal with comparable themes. The majority of these films like “Father Stu” are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Calvary (2014)

This John Michael McDonagh-written and -directed film centres on an upright priest who adores his work. After receiving a stranger’s death threat, he is forced to contend with a hostile and spiteful town. The drama film, which has Brendan Gleeson, Chris O’Dowd, and Domhnall Gleeson among its star ensemble, does not hesitate to highlight some of the less favourable characteristics of organised religion.

In addition to the obvious religious comparison, both “Father Stu” and “Calvary” explore challenging family dynamics from the viewpoint of their respective characters. The problematic relationship between Father James and his daughter in the 2014 film is another example of this, as both parties try to quickly find real forgiveness for past wrongdoings.

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Chariots of Fire (1981)

The 1924 Olympics are shown in the cult classic film “Chariots of Fire,” which also follows two British runners named Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell. After going through a lot of hardships in their lives, they focus all of their attention on athletics and give it their all at every opportunity. Since its debut, the Hugh Hudson-directed film has moved a lot of spectators with its themes of faith, damaged relationships, and human devotion to sports. These themes are also remarkably reminiscent to those in “Father Stu.” Additionally, athletics are a major theme in both films, as is the effect that faith has on athletes’ lives as a result.

Dead Man Walking (1995)

This 1995 crime drama film chronicles the life of Matthew Poncelet, who kills a young couple and spends his entire life behind bars. He appeals to Sister Helen Prejean for assistance. The latter then comes to know the criminal as the movie concentrates on an emotional portrayal of the death penalty. Tim Robbins’ film “Dead Man Walking” is the best possible illustration of the spirituality of humanity. similar to “Father Stu,” in which Stuart Long believes that even those who have committed the darkest sins can be forgiven.

First Reformed (2017)

The pastor’s life is followed in the thriller-drama film starring Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried as it through a sequence of terrifying events. The Paul Schrader-written and -directed film “First Reformed” examines the innermost thoughts and sentiments of a man of faith when life has nearly robbed him of everything. Similar to “Father Stu,” this film analyses how people today view religion and faith. The two films’ related themes of navigating through challenging relationships and the past are further emphasized.

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Soul Surfer (2011)

In “Soul Surfer,” Bethany Hamilton, a talented surfer, experiences misfortune and loses an arm to a shark in the water. The world-class surfer restores her faith in God and resumes surfing with the unflinching help of her friends and family. Professional surfer Bethany Meilani Hamilton’s autobiography, “Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board,” was made into a biographical film in 2011.

The drama film, which Sean McNamara directed, effectively conveys the importance of personal strength. After a horrible event, Bethany recovers, just as Stuart does after a motorbike accident. The genuine narrative behind “Soul Surfer,” which is also based on “Father Stu,” is one of self-discovery and second chances.

The Survivor (2021)

The Survivor is a narrative of courage, perseverance, and survival of an Auschwitz prisoner of war, as the title of the film suggests. Harry Haft competes in boxing to establish himself after suffering through the worst life situations imaginable. The drama film, directed by Barry Levinson, features Ben Foster, Dar Zuzovsky, and Billy Magnussen in significant parts. Additionally, “Father Stu” and “The Survivor” represent the strength of character and resiliency of the human spirit. A brief boxing career for each of the protagonists prompts them to consider issues of love and faith.

Walking With Herb (2021)

In the film “Walking With Herb,” which Ross Kagan Marks directed, the life of a novice golfer dealing with a devastating event is examined. As a result, he has internal conflict and battles to maintain his faith. He suddenly realises that, as the one chosen, he must inspire the entire world. The film focuses on very real aspects of interpersonal conflict that raise doubts about faith. In addition, the comedy film use humour to deliver its argument. The protagonist’s struggle to rediscover their faith and flourish in it is shown in both “Father Stu” and “Walking With Herb.”

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Woodlawn (2015)

Taking place in 1973 amid a backdrop of racial discrimination, Tony Nathan, a high school football player, battles to triumph over a hostile environment. When a sympathetic foreigner lights a fire inside them, his teammates and the locals as a whole overcome the animosity. To make room for kindness and optimism, the underlying resentment and wrath are eliminated. The sports drama film, which was directed by Jon and Andrew Erwin, shows the sports team overcoming a battle from their most tenacious foe. A message of harmony, optimism, and peace is at the heart of both “Father Stu” and “Woodlawn.”


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