My Hero Academia Fans React To Toru Hagakure AKA Invisible Girl’s Face Reveal

My Hero Academia’s Invisible Girl, or Toru Hagakure, has become a crucial part of the manga’s plot in recent issues after having a very minor role for the most of the series. The question of whether she was the long-supposed U.A. High School traitor attracted a lot of that interest at first. However, the manga employed a typical “bait and switch” plot, showing that the genuine traitor to many in their midst was none other than Yuga Aoyama, after aggressively implying to fans that Toru was truly the traitor.

At that point, it appeared that Toru’s prominence was set to fade and that she would revert to her previous status as a supporting character. But what transpired subsequently thrust her back into the spotlight of the My Hero Academia debate. Deku confronts Aoyama about his hypocrisy, and Aoyama lashes out, aiming a navel laser blast at Deku. Toru, who is standing next to Deku, deflects the explosion with the use of her light-reflecting skills. What wasn’t anticipated was that when she diverted the blast, the light refracts in such a manner that it partially reveals Toru’s face. Her defensive action wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy, but it is what fans have come to expect of members of Class 1A.

This is the first time since the manga’s 330 chapters earlier introduction of Invisible Girl that readers have had the opportunity to get even a brief peek of Toru’s appearance. It goes without saying that supporters did not hesitate to express their true feelings at the reveal.

Many fans started to speculate what a sharper, more complete photograph of the face would look like since it was only a partial facial reveal.

Others have created fan art depicting what a visible Toru might look like using the partial face reveal.

However, not all fans were wowed, especially in light of the fact that the announcement came right after it was discovered that Aoyama was the traitor. Making two significant revelations at once, in other words, lessens the impact of both.

One fan felt that the announcement was quite underwhelming and was an attempt by manga creator Kohei Horikoshi to dispel the notion that Toru was the traitor despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Undoubtedly, during the majority of the manga’s publication, it was widely believed that Toru was the traitor. This supposition held that the fact that she was invisible and had received training to improve the things she could do while unseen made her the ideal All for One subordinate. Who could predict where she would be at any given time?

Nevertheless, most characters in My Hero Academia appeared to be delighted and excited in general upon seeing Toru’s visage. In fact, as one fan claimed, the discovery piqued his interest in the manga once more.

Naturally, now that her face has been fully exposed, admirers are wondering if they will ever be able to see it again, possibly in a more complete and distinct image. My Hero Academia would undoubtedly become more popular if more of Toru Hagakure’s Invisible Girl were seen, judging by the amount of support and excitement that the brief glimpse of her face has sparked.

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