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Twisted Metal End Credits: Easter Eggs and Clues

Michael Jonathan Smith created the action-comedy series ‘Twisted Metal’ from Peacock for television. It is based on the same-named video game franchise and features Anthony Mackie (‘Altered Carbon’) and Stephanie Beatriz (‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’) in the starring roles. The show centres on milkman John Doe, an amnesic with a motormouth who is given an almost impossible delivery job. John meets a number of fascinating folks on his search and discovers more about his past. A bonus sequence, however, discloses the fate of a beloved character once John’s journey is completed and the titles start to roll. Here is everything you need to know about the “Twisted Metal” end-credits scene if you’re looking for an explanation. Spoilers follow!

Twisted Metal End Credits: How Is Sweet Tooth Alive?

Twisted Metal’s first season opens amid the post-apocalyptic wastelands that followed the Fall, the event that led to the collapse of society. The first several episodes of the series depart significantly from the original material. The story revolves around John Doe’s struggle to accomplish a very impossible delivery in order to obtain housing in New San Francisco and have a quiet existence. The show, however, connects with its video game counterparts in the conclusion by setting up a vehicular combat competition that is run by the mysterious antagonist Calypso.

twisted metal roadkill,twisted metal endings,twisted metal 4 endings,twisted metal backstories,twisted metal black sweet tooth story,twisted end movies,twisted metal ending

When Agent Stone locks John Doe and Quiet in a demolition derby in the climax, they are forced to battle Stone’s soldiers. Even though they both survive, John and Quiet must part ways because only the former is allowed entry into the city. Later, John discovers his past and the forthcoming competition he must drive in. Sweet Tooth, the most well-known character from the source material and the game mascot, is likewise killed off during the demolition derby in the film’s climactic scene. But Sweet Tooth’s true destiny is revealed in the post-credits sequence.

A tranquil drink on the beach is enjoyed by Stu and Mike, two lawmen who initially sided with Agent Stone before switching to Sweet Tooth, in the closing credits scene. The idiotic pair takes pleasure in fleeing with their lives as Sweeth Tooth causes mayhem during the decisive battle. As Stu shot Sweet Tooth to save Mike’s life, the two betrayed Sweet Tooth. Stu and Mike accidentally run over an injured Sweet Tooth as they flee the battlefield. However, Sweet Tooth is shown to be alive in the post-credits scene and uses his machete to murder Mike. Then, perhaps as retaliation for betraying him, he carries Stu along with him. The sequence does not reveal how Sweet Tooth survived, though.

Sweet Tooth is kept in the narrative by the post-credits sequence, and reiterating his survival is significant given the character’s significance to the source material’s backstory. Sweet Tooth is probably going to participate in the upcoming Calypso event as well. Sweet Tooth has access to supernatural abilities in the video games, which may be how he was able to heal his wounds and avoid certain death. Since Sweet Tooth is one of the greatest drivers among the Outsiders and might be a wildcard in the competition, it is also likely that Calypso rejuvenated him in anticipation of the next competition. The post-credits scene thus suggests that, should the series return for a second volume, the fan-favorite serial killer clown will be a pillar of the future.

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