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35 Ullu Web Series With Lots Of Love Making Scenes | Ullu Web Series Video


Ullu App has made a separate fanbase for itself. A lot of people watch Ullu web series in the dark corner of their personal space. Why in thr dark corner? It is mainly because most ullu web series video are for adult viewing only. Pick any Ullu movie and you’ll find that the story revolves around sex only. Ullu App is an Indian on-demand streaming platform, owned and maintained by Vibhu Agarwal. The Video on Demand platform is currently available for Android, iOS. The portal Ullu has been chastised for advertising obscene and B-rated content. The Ullu contained adult and explicit content during the COVID-19 epidemic, according to media reports from 2020. In 2019, the creators of D-code accused the platform of failing to take steps to prevent the show’s piracy after intimate excerpts from the series appeared on porn sites. Kajal Shankawar views the situation for improperly edited personal moments as “on-screen molestation.” Vibhu Agarwal, the CEO of Ullu App, was accused of sexual harassment by a woman in August 2021. Ullu actress name have been used wrongly on more than one occasion. When the Indian government published new criteria for OTT and digital platforms, Ullu withdrew pornographic content and several series containing explicit content. . Ullu app is so secretive with their content that you can’t find new ullu web series name list or ullu sex movie even on Ullu Wikipedia Page.

If you are looking for a ullu webseries to watch online, this list will help you sort out your priorities. The following are by far the best ullu web series with most sex scenes :

Navel of love

Debo, who is obsessed with women’s navels, marries but never sees his wife Mouni’s face. Debo’s older brother, Ranjit, advises her to use her Navel to attract Debo. She does, however, fall for Ranjeet. Mouni suffers a horrible end as a result of this unintentional error. This ullu hot series is definitely not for 18 below, some people even compare it with Hotshots web series.


Rajveer finds solace in peering into the spicy lives of his neighbours through a telescope after failing at several attempts to lose his virginity. Here he meets Bobita, his professor’s two-faced wife, and Aara, a lovely married woman who is forced to live with her hot-headed husband. This Desi web series is for adults only.

Madhosh Diaries ( Good Wife )

Fate brings two couples together, one whose marriage is in trouble and the other a complete contrast. The first pair finds the immoral fantasies of the other during a work meeting. So, mesmerized by his friend’s wife, the husband begs his own darling wife to swap partners for the night. If you are just looking ullu hot video with no story appeal, this ullu web series is the perfect fit

Lovely Massage Parlour

Rakhi, who is having financial difficulties, seeks assistance from her friend Juhi, who works at a massage parlour. Rakhi had no idea that Juhi is only able to make money by offering intense physical enjoyment to her clients. In “Lovely Massage Parlour,” see what happens when Rakhi’s career as a masseuse takes a turn for the worse. This ullu web series hot scenes are more  about intimacy than just raunchy sex.

Breast Tax

The narrative of Nilu, a tribal girl whose companion is severely beaten for covering her breast without paying the infamous breast tax, is unusual and off-putting. Nilu is also mocked for covering her breast with an earthen pot, and her retaliation earns her a ten-mudra punishment. Witness Nilu’s defiance against this heinous rule in “Breast Tax,” which will haunt you for days! This ullu new web series is only for those who are looking for steamy scenes in the name of story.


Ullu’s sexual web series is one of the most popular. Each of the ten episodes of the series has a unique plot. The heroes are confronted with lifestyle issues and find themselves in personal relationships. This ullu web series sex scenes will haunt your wet dreams for a very long time.
While a few episodes are well-framed with a good storyline and a good balance of recent and bold sequences, others are just there for sexy scenes that make no sense. With a little monthly fee, all episodes are available on Ullu and Mx Player App. If you’re looking for a variety of sensual stories in one web series, this one might be the one for you.

Riti Riwaz (2020– )

Riti Riwaj is one of the most eagerly anticipated pornographic web series, focusing on a woman’s sexual wants, which we rarely discuss openly in our society. This web series depicts how rural areas are still afflicted by water scarcity, and how a man is able to satisfy his sexual needs by marrying many times. However, he is unable to satisfy the sexual desires of one of his wives, and she will go to any length to satisfy her sexual desires. This ullu sex web series is full of intimate scenes in every single episode.

Size Matters (2020)

Manpreet and Akash, a young couple, are getting married in this story. Manpreet’s pals persuade her that the size of a man’s penis is extremely important in gratifying a girl’s sexual desire. So she inquires about her fiance’s penis size. Unfortunately, Akash lacks the requisite characteristics, so he sends her photos of his cousin’s penis. Now Akash must face the consequences of his deception during the showdown (suhag-raat). Ullu’s creators didn’t waste any time in presenting anything sexy to its audience. I hope you enjoy the plot, which is as simple as it can be for a web series.

Kasak (2020)

When a nurse who had helped many people bravely objected against unethical medical techniques, she had to fight for justice. She was brutally raped and asphyxiated, resulting in a lifelong illness and confined to a bed. Who was the perpetrator of this heinous crime? Will she keep protesting or will she give up? Part I of “KASAK” now available to view. A spine-chilling tale of morality and justice!

Kavita Bhabhi (2020-)

Kavita is a young erotic woman who makes phone calls to guys and cures them sexually by telling them her bed stories. I believe that the majority of Erotic Web Series creators exclusively focus on (a) Either a guy or a woman sitting on the Top and humping, and (b) All of the world’s abusive dirty languages.

Kavita Bhabhi takes it a step further and discusses a woman in the Phone Sex industry. She receives a Phone Call in each episode, during which she delivers an Erotic narrative with a flashback. This one, according to what I’ve heard, is based on a true story of a real-life phone sex prostitute. The irony is that many members of the New Generation are unaware of the Phone Sex industry.  Without Kavita Radheshyam’s outstanding performance, this web series would have been severely lacking. Her portrayal of Kavita Bhabhi is flawless. If you’re seeking for Erotic Series on the internet, this is the only site that contains everything you’re looking for. This is definitely worth watching, Kavita Bhabhi.

Mona Home Delivery (2019– )

Mona, a prostitute, is at the center of the story. Her interactions with people from various disciplines will provide her with thrills, passion, joy, and tears. This web series performed admirably. Kangana Sharma in particular, as well as the rest of the cast, perform admirably. This ullu hot web series does not offer anything new.

Palang Tod (2020– )

The plot revolves around the lives of two young females. He develops feelings for the young girl, which alters the equation. He is unsure who to accept as love has taken over the relationship. Is it possible for everyone to find the love they desire? This ullu web series videos are very viral on all social media platforms.

Khul Ja Sim Sim: Ullu Series (2020– )

The story centres around a newlywed couple and the dreams of a young woman who enjoys experimenting and having fun in her marriage. Nikhita Chopra, Kundan Kumar, and Devesh Siwal feature in Ravikant Singh’s comedy series Khul Ja Sim Sim.

The series is described as sexual comedy, but believe me when I say that it is neither funny nor erotic; it is pure torture. The performance is pitiful, and the language writer has attempted to make the film funny by using inane one-liners that will not make you laugh. The screenplay is terrible. The plot is predictable to a fault. There are a plethora of low-budget series to choose from that are enjoyable to watch. Please stay away from this nonsense.

Panchali (2019)

On her own volition, a woman chooses a road of compromise. She proceeds to start a family with four spouses and one child. Why is she so desperate to go to such lengths to save her life? Four brothers, Yogi, Nandu, Jinu, and Balli, are married to the same woman, Bhoomi, in a rural village. She has a son, Anshu, with whom she has a physical relationship. But no one knows which of the four men is his father. Kshitee, their younger brother who lives in the city, arrives, and he, too, must marry Bhoomi according to family tradition. He declines, though, because he is well-educated and does not believe in such traditions. Yogi, the older brother and a more spiritual person, believes that by doing so, Kshitee is offending their deity, which could result in negative consequences. Bhoomi tries to seduce Kshitee as a result. This ullu web series cast is quite popular with names like Aman Verma and Anupriya Goenka.

Bribe (2018)

Padma is a widowed woman. Her brother forces her to bribe her body in order for her Widow Pension to be approved. She sleeps with a lot of powerful and wealthy men. A young guy arrives in the village to start a new factory, but he notices that many of the people are sick, and many have died as a result of it in the last few months, and no one is willing to talk to him about it. The man notices that someone has been following him for a long time and discovers that she is Sundri, a prostitute who knows he is not here to set up the factory but for another reason. Sundri tells him that everything was normal until Padma became a widow, and that the man is a medical officer who has come to investigate fatalities in the hamlet. Padma lost her spouse when she was young and needed a pension to exist, but she was forced to sell her soul by wealthy people like Pradhan and government officials in order to complete her task.

Games of Karma

Chanchal became stuck in a bizarre loop in which she couldn’t trust anyone. She fights back and does everything she can to overcome this temporal evil. However, when karma plays its game, even the most powerful player crumbles. This web series on Ullu has some good episodes and some terrible episodes. I guess you have to watch this Ully series to decide for yourself.


Shalini, Divya, Maya, and Ratna embarked on a trip to find freedom and happiness in order to be independent and break free from the conventional culture. They bravely lifted their voices and said that they would no longer be victims of male chauvinism and marital abuse. But fate had something else in mind for them. You’ll definitely search for ullu actress name after watching this series.


Due to his owner’s infidelity, a dependable and innocent house help divagates. He tries to reveal his owner at first, but he eventually discovers a technique that suits his needs better. Three people’s lives are bludgeoned, blackmailed, and exploited in every manner possible. “INNOCENT” reveals the truth of today’s reality.

Dubey Ji and the Boys (2018)

Four failing actors, short on cash and unable to pay their landlord, Mr. Dubey, rent, decide to make a living as male gigolos until their sugary nights turn into a terrifying nightmare.

Wanna Have Good Time 2 (2019)

Roshan, a young businessman with a handsome and enticing personality, dates Rena, a spoil brat. They organize a date and a fantastic evening. Rena and Chirpy, who are both noisy, are taken aback on their special night… To find out what occurred, watch Wanna Have Good Time 2. If you are looking for ullu hot sex web series, this one will be perfect for you.

Anniversary Surprise (2018)

A murder occurs at the resort; who is the assailant? Is it Priyanka Malik, Raj’s wife, Mahi Malik, Raj’s secretary and cum lover, or Raj himself? The identity of the assailant is unknown. Because something appears to be amiss with everyone’s story, several people are accused. This  hot ullu web series is for those who love spicy content.

Tandoor (2021– )

Tandoor is an investigative thriller in which Rashami Desai plays Palak, an aspiring politician who secretly marries her sweetheart. She intends to inform the media as soon as possible, but because her spouse does not return her love, she gradually drifts away from him and seeks refuge in another man. Bagicha restaurant is open for business as normal, but the restaurant manager, Keshav, abruptly requests the customers to leave much earlier than expected, causing everyone to be annoyed, and also tells his crew to spend the night at his residence.

Inspector Abdul Rashid finds smoke rising from the restaurant and a large fire emanating from the restaurant’s Tandoor. Soon after, he notices a piece of human body poking out of the Tandoor and notifies the restaurant’s administrators. While the cops retrieve a burnt skeleton from the Tandoor and enlist the help of forensics to track down Sahil, who has gone missing, Keshav is arrested for the crime and reveals that the restaurant belongs to a politician named Sahil Sharma. Aiyaz arrives at the police station to identify the body and discovers it is Palak’s. He believes Sahil killed her because he felt Aiyaz and Palak were having an affair.

Prabha ki Diary (2020)

A dissatisfied wife tries and fails to earn her husband’s love until a stranger enters her life. Her initial instinct is to keep him out of her life and conceal her emotions, but she couldn’t hold back the blaze of fire for long . A closed door that is gradually opened becomes a metaphor for the investigation of female desire.

Shubhratri (2019)

The plot centres around a bashful husband and his sensual wife’s relationship. She has tried to have sex with her spouse since the day they married. He, on the other hand, continues to reject her. After telling a close friend about her circumstances, the wife begins to brainstorm ways to spend time with her husband. She continues to experiment with them on a regular basis. Finally, the thoughts convert the husband, and he begins to develop feelings for his wife. Seema, a newlywed, is yearning for her husband Param to have sex on their first night together. During the evenings, they both have a terrific time. Seema, on the other hand, is yearning to be intimate even throughout the day. Param, on the other hand, believes that it should only be done at night. Seema enlists the assistance of her sister, who informs her that Param may be possessed by a witch.

Virgin Suspect (2021– )

Another wound has been inflicted on the Capital City, this time putting the country’s image in jeopardy due to the rape and murder of a Russian girl. A little child has been arrested as a primary convict, but he neither acknowledges nor is able to reveal his true whereabouts on that vengeful night. Will he prove to be the true criminal? Is he merely a “Virgin Suspect”?
When the pursuit for truth finds its course, the dark night will give way to the dawn. A lawyer’s never-ending efforts will eventually take the veil from the buried truth. Chandan’s dreams are shackled by legalities, but he gains traction when his lawyer decides to break the law. What is going to happen to Chandan? Is he a true convict or a guiltless soul? “VIRGIN SUSPECT – PART 2” is the sequel to “VIRGIN SUSPECT.”

Cat Lady (2021– )

A Soul Collector, who feeds his hunger for innocent girls by capturing their souls, is about to meet a young lady of his own ilk. She invites him on a romantic date night with her alluring aura, but her peculiar preoccupation with cats will determine who prowls and who is prey. In “CAT LADY,” you’ll see the gripping story of a convict encountering a feline.

Dance Bar (2019)

Dhanraj Shikhawat, a successful businessman, declares his love for Ayesha, a bar dancer. Soon after, he finds himself in an unusual predicament when Ayesha presents him with three criteria that must be met before she will be placed.

Virgin Boys (2020)

Another wound has been inflicted on the Capital City, this time putting the country’s image in jeopardy due to the rape and murder of a Russian girl. A little child has been arrested as a primary convict, but he neither acknowledges nor is able to reveal his true whereabouts on that vengeful night. Will he prove to be the true criminal? Is he merely a “Virgin Suspect”?
When the pursuit for truth finds its course, the dark night will give way to the dawn. A lawyer’s never-ending efforts will eventually take the veil from the buried truth. Chandan’s dreams are shackled by legalities, but he gains traction when his lawyer decides to break the law. What is going to happen to Chandan? Is he a true convict or a guiltless soul? “

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